Sunday, April 26, 2009

How much are self defense courses and what type of non-leathal weapons are there?

(In the U.S) I%26#039;m young and I%26#039;ve been thinking about having my Mother and Sister take a self-defense course and then have them carry a non-lethal weapon (for self defense) in case anything were to happen.

What are some self defense weapons other then tasers and stun guns? and how much would a self defense course cost?

Thanks.|||Anything you carry on you can be used against you as a weapon. Things like pepper spray are fine if you know when to use them and have time to get away.

There are places that offer free self-defense classes to women. You%26#039;ll just have to call a general information line in your community or become more involved. Try asking the YMCA. My community offers them free (mostly for gays and lesbians) but *anyone* regardless of orientation can take them.

If you really want to protect your family, make sure they never have to defend themselves in the first place. I suggest, %26quot;The Gift of Fear%26quot; by Gavin DeBecker. He is the nation%26#039;s leading expert on violence, predicting it, and avoiding it. The book is for women.|||pepper spray, panic alarms would be good for your family. of course, nothing like a swift kick to the package to make sure they stay down. anything can turn into a weapon if the opportunity arises, the spine of a hard cover book becomes a mace, a ring of keys a jagged brass knuckles. but of course best to learn them from an expert.

check your local yellow pages for self defense courses.|||The cost varies depending on where you live but Yahoo also has a %26quot;yellow pages%26quot; service that will allow you to hunt phone numbers and adresses to local businesses like that. That way you can call and compare prices.

The best non-lethal weapons anyone can carry are their hands. WIth the right training and practice a potential victim can stop any threat short of a gun. And if the agressor is carrying a gun then nothing SHORT of a stun gun would be any help at all. Also, a stun gun is usually no help because it takes too much time to remove it and point it and fire it, the attack can be accomplished in that time.

The best defense, really, is just awareness. Get them into a good self defence class, sometimes the police offer them for a fee. Teach them what situations are inherently NOT SAFE.|||Depends on where you live. I%26#039;d check with community learning centers or community colleges if price was an issue. I take a karate course at a community college for about $30 a semester, but prices are going to vary from state to state.

As for weapons, there are quite a few, but some may not be legal to carry in your area. That%26#039;s a question you should ask a self defense instructor or law officer about.

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