Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is a good self defense style for a disabled person?

I have a minor disability that affects my balance somewhat and my ability to stand for long periods. I%26#039;d like to learn self defense. Would boxing be adequate? I don%26#039;t really care for participating in tournaments, I just want the self defense bit of it.|||Jiu jitsu if staying on your feet is your only problem this is perfect because you do most of it off of your back and all of the moves are super effective|||Boxing may work, however, I find it doesn%26#039;t focus quite as much on self defence. I would personally suggest looking into a martial art that focuses more on pressure points, as those are easy, effective, and simply depend on knowing where to hit.

Another style that may work is a mixed martial art. Mixed martial arts are usually a mix of the styles the head instructor has studied, so if you may be able to find one that works for your needs. For this however, you would have to do more research into martial arts studios in your area.|||Hmm... I%26#039;m not sure if there is really one good style for that. I would say try to learn something that focuses on blocks and short range strikes. Don%26#039;t go with boxing, it%26#039;s sloppy and the punches are slow.|||A Grizzly Single Shot 50 Caliber BMG - Based on a world war 1 anti-tank cartridge. just carry that in your clothes and whip it out when your in danger.

do google images on it! nice gun :o|||Yellowcelica said it.|||How about Drunken boxing, you might be a natural|||A 45 caliber pistol and a ccw permit would work fine.|||357 Magnum

12 gauge (sawed off)|||Smith %26amp; Wesson|||a bazooka. nobody would get within 20 feet of you!

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