Sunday, April 26, 2009

Self defense?

I am working female and want to learn self defense / Martial arts/ karate - anything. Any body know where are the classes in South Delhi (only for ladies/women or office going ladies and having evening timing). Please give reply.|||my teacher is a guy. the reason you should train with other guys is that girls arent the same as boys. Most attacker would be boys. My sensei gives us lots of very good lectures on self defence.|||Here you go........

School of Shotokan Karate-Do (S.S.K.)

Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal (President %26amp; Chief Instructor SSK)

H.Q. Address : 413/3, Mehrauli,

(Residence) New Delhi,



Pin : 110030

Phone : 011-26645765

Mobile : 9811655488

E-mail Address : rajeevsabharwal@schoolofshotokankaratedo...


(and another...)

Best of fortune and favour!|||Sorry dont know of any for you, but please try to train with a man! only because a woman is not attacking you but a guy is! At my school, we teach self defense classes for women but we have men students who are the attackers for just the reason a man is attacking you so you need to learn how to get them off you. also just cause you take 1 class dose not mean you have the skills, please keep going to classes and train and train and train. for one you will get into shape and two will have the muscle control to just do a move and not think about what you have to do.|||Doesn%26#039;t India have its own indigenous self-defense system?

That would be worth learning.

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