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How effective is 7 star Mantis as a self defense system?

I know that any system trained by a good teacher can be effective, but how effective can this system be? I know almost nothing about the art. Thanks|||If you are going for a real self defense style,take up an old existing proven system.Krav Maga is truly one of the best out their.This system teaches you life or death situations.The Elite Military Special Forces uses this to train.|||Conceptually, you could develop a martial art around pencils, and say it could be effective as a self defense system.

Look, a style should only go as far as to teach the fundamentals and spirit with which to defend you. Once it becomes about you doing the style, it%26#039;s not really effective anymore because the style now limits you. Styles are a springboard and a stepping block to being able to completely defend yourself due to your integration of mind, body, and spirit.

So yeah, if trained properly, 7 Star Mantis can be extremely effective as a self defense system. But so could a system based around throwing haymakers or sand in someone%26#039;s face. Do you catch my drift? Worry less about the system, and more about what the system is based upon:

THE DRIVE AND SPIRIT TO FIGHT AND SURVIVE. Cultivate and research that and you%26#039;ll be way beyond these fools jumping around in Kung Fu pajamas.|||perhaps you should go to a class and find out. if the instructor has a good amount of emphasis on free sparring his particular class will probably be good. if it is all form and no contact sparring then his class could get ya hurt.|||it all depends on the instructor.

but generally it is very good. but dont just go and continue going because people here said u should go try it if you like it continue if you dont quit.|||Learn it and then you tell us.

Why does an occupying power need to offer self defense as an excuse?

Does anybody actually trust and believe %26#039;God%26#039;s own chosen%26#039; cowards? Killing women and children as an excuse for occupation. Looks like Iran%26#039;s president was right.|||Just like the ridiculous notion that the Corporate media and the American people bought when President Bush said the U.S. was starting a Preemptive War against a %26quot;growing threat%26quot; (Iraq). It would be laughable except hundreds of thousands of people died.

Even though Israel first broke the Truce on November 4th by bombing Gaza, U.S. Officials and their compliant Corporate Media always frame the Middle East conflict as Israel retaliating in %26quot;self-defense.%26quot;|||Yeah I don%26#039;t see how you can defend yourself whist you are occupying another nation. it%26#039;s illogical.|||They offer such an excuse so that the media can use it to keep enough people in their spell.

And turn them against the occupied.|||Arabs are a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel.

-- T.E. Lawrence|||You are so right they should set back while those savages fire rockets into their home land, Israel should wipe the Gaza clean.!~!|||LOL, how on earth does anyone other than an ignorant child think that land won in a DEFENSIVE WAR is %26quot;occupied?%26quot;|||got you a one way plane ticket to Iran. you got the guts?

What do you think of the new Texas Self Defense Gun Law?

This new law goes into effect Sept 1st. You can shoot to kill someone that threatens you in your car or office. (Before it was just your home)

From what I understand, the use of lethal force is allowed for violent crimes like rape, or if your life is threatened, someone unlawfully trying to enter a protected place or removing someone from a protected place.|||The new law is certainly a step in the direction to prevent victims from being victimized at the expense of letting the thugs have more rights than the victim.

None the less, the law is still very specific that one must be certain in their actions that a weapons use is only within the guidelines of the law.

Hopefully, criminals and their lawyers will get the message...crime won%26#039;t be tolerated!

Best wishes.|||well it sound good, but their going to be some use it as a way to kill|||It%26#039;s common-sense.

You have a right to be secure in your person and property wherever you go. If threatened, you have the right to protect yourself, wherever you are.

Just like the founding fathers intended.|||Florida adopted this law about a year ago, and as a handgun owner, and a conceal carry permit, this law makes me feel a bit more comfortable as a citizen who has his life threatened by some thug who wants to take something that isn%26#039;t theres. It also makes those thugs think twice about trying to harm you or take your vehicle. I think you will be happy with the new law.|||Sounds good to me.|||I think it%26#039;s great. I already have a conceal-carry permit and, while I haven%26#039;t made the decision to carry outside my home yet, I like that I would be able to defend myself. These boneheads have many more rights than law-abiding citizens do, thanks to the aclu, and in some instances, if you don%26#039;t handle a break-in at your house %26#039;just right%26#039;, you can be SUED by an intruder, for defending yourself! I think people are sick of being scared and bullied by lawyers who, for some reason, want to give criminals more rights than people who do contribute to society.|||louisiana passed one similar,car jacking fell to almost zero

i think we need to go back to the wild west,every one who can legally carry one SHOULD|||I like that Idea it will make criminals think twice before doing any thing stupid|||I like it alot. With all the criminals coming here from mexico, american%26#039;s better arm themselves and defend thier property and well being.|||I endorse any self defense law...|||scary|||Whatever.

Gun-happy people.

A bunch of innocent people will get hurt.

How much danger do you need to be in to justify killing another person in self defense?

If someone comes after you with a baseball bat, does shooting him with a gun equate to murder? How about attempted rape? How about a drunk swinging a bottle at you?|||As I understand it, you can use equal force to defend yourself. This does not mean if someone comes at you with a knife, you cannot use a gun. Someone attacking you with a knife is using deadly force, and you are allowed to use deadly force to defend yourself. But, another issue is can you easily subdue that person without using deadly force. The drunk swinging the bottle at you is a good example. Sure, it can kill you, and could be considered deadly force, but can you avoid his attacks easily and disarm him?|||The question isn%26#039;t how much danger. The question is how much lawyer you can afford.

Also remember that there is self-defense, then there is going overboard. Once you subdue the person, if you keep attacking or don%26#039;t seek them help, you are responsible for the injury or death of that person.|||It changes from state to state.|||It varies state to state. Mississippi just changed their laws to allow self defense as a justification. Previously, you had to prove that there was no way that you could have retreated before fighting back, now you can defend yourself, others, and your property. Most of the time you only have to prove that you %26quot;felt threatened%26quot; not that you were actually in danger.|||generally if you feel that your in %26quot;clear and immediate%26quot; danger (i.e. someone pointing a gun at you) then you have a right to defend your self. If you kill the attacker after he has been subdued or incapacitated then that is murder II (i think) . however if you kill him while defending your self or another person that is in clear and immediate danger you were in the right and there is no legal course of action. hope that helps|||Some states do have a duty to retreat. Otherwise, you have to be in fear for your life. If you are a 5%26#039; 1%26quot; 105 lb 15 yr old girl, that standard is different then if you are a 6%26#039; 3%26quot;, 250 former Army Ranger. But if you are genuinely in fear for your life (and if a reasonable person in the same situation would be too) then you can claim self defense.|||If I asked someone %26quot;does my bum look big in this%26quot; and they said yes....surely thats good enough reason.|||diar.

If you kill in self defense than leave the person there for dead is that illegal?

If you kill to save someone else%26#039;s life and than leave that person there and flee the scene is that illegal. Its a mock trial for the outsiders for school. I need help finding a legal term for this if you know.|||I%26#039;m pretty sure it is - but I can imagine a lot of good reasons for doing it!

I think the difference would be if the person felt unsafe or feared for their life where they were.

Nobody would expect you to stand around and talk to gang bangers or something or in an unsafe area with people threatening you.|||;s not illegal but you definately have to contact the authorities because then you could get in trouble for just leaving a body their and not telling anybody about it.|||it needs to be|||If the person is dead, walking away is not a separate crime, but it might be evidence that a jury could use in considering whether you really felt you were justified at the time. There is no standard legal term for leaving the scene of a homicide.

What is the best self-defense style for a lady?

I went to Tae Kwon Do classes for 2 years. I made brown belt. Last weekend we were playing around like being attacked from behind by my brother. 3 of us from that class could not get my brother off and we were just playing. If that were real life all I could do is kick and scream my head off.|||First off, kicking and screaming when attacked from behind is a good stratedgy if you do nothing else.

I am recommending that you talk to your TKD instructor about this situation. He can demonstrate and have you and your friends practice self-defense moves that would most likely come from the Judo branch. Most TKD instructors that I know are versed in self-defense, but the classes are not geared toward this aspect. Current UFC middle-weight champion, Anderson Silva lists TKD as the martial art where he started so it is an effective base. So, don%26#039;t lose hope in the school where you have already invested 2 years.

However, if your teacher does not respond to your concerns, consider taking a self-defense class. They usually only run about 6 weeks and teach the basics of how to get someone off of you so you can get away.

I am biased toward Judo as that is where I started. But, if the first two suggestions fail, then look for a Judo class in your area. You will be flipping your brother off your back in a few weeks. I have also taught these basic techniques to my mother, sister, wife, and daughter, so I have a lot of faith in Judo and self-defense. Thank your brother for looking out for your best interest.

Added note- Ask your local law enforcement about carrying a weapon. They will advise against this because in most cases a weapon can be turned on you by the attacker. But, much better to ask your local police and not take my word or that of someone on YA without verification.|||Hi, I don%26#039;t know the best self-defense style or anything good of that matter but I did learn that if you pinch someone hard under the arm close to the arm pit it really HURTS! try it yourself you%26#039;ll see and hopefully they%26#039;ll let go of you and you can escape. ..|||JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO







That answer your question?|||SO MANY SILLY ANSWERS OUT THERE!!!

TKD is 60%-70% Kicking art full of fancy and flashy techniques, but not the most effective %26quot;fighting art%26quot;. Sorry if this offends any TKD practitioners, but let%26#039;s be honest, you don%26#039;t see any high ranking TKD practitioners winning any competitions that aren%26#039;t specifically designed around TKD style, rules and point fighting.

If you genuinely want a true %26quot;self defense%26quot; art then you need to look at what has actually worked over the generations. Particularly as a woman where strength against a male attacker is of concern cuz that%26#039;s the real world right?

Arts like Krav Maga, Aikido and Wing Chun. These 3 arts are at the top of my list because their foundation does not rely on strength as many other arts do. Wing Chun for example was actually created by a woman that wanted an art that was effective regardless of strength or size. I know a 4th degree Aikido stylist woman that is incredibly effective in her art and is gentle as can be at the same time.

So look for effectiveness and %26quot;reality%26quot; in martial arts.

I hope this was helpful.|||just kick the predator in the;ll be fine|||Anyone who tells you to kick him in the groin does not have the foggiest idea about women%26#039;s self-defense. No self-respecting self-defense instructor would tell a woman to go for his jewels, because it is an easily defensible spot, and men spend their entire lives practicing how to defend it.

There are classes that are specifically devoted to female self-defense. Police officers often offer it as a side deal. However, if you are looking for a proper art, my recommendation is Wing Chun. Wing Chun is the only martial art known that was invented by a woman, for women. In the words of that old deodorant commercial: %26quot;Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman%26quot;.

Wing Chun is different from the other arts in that emphasis is placed less so on brute force, and more on intelligent striking. It does not emphasis speed, nor strength. It emphasises subtley of motion, to use an opponents speed and strenght against him. Masters of Wing Chun are virtually untouchable, and practical. A Wing Chun practitioner would have told you how to target specific points on his head or body to cause injury, which is something that TKD, whose primary focus is on competitive striking, does not focus on.

With Wing Chun there are variations of degrees of damage, so you are taught techniques that are designed to inflict minimal injury, techniques that maim, and techniques that kill. While wrestling with someone (an environment that striking arts such as TKD wouldn%26#039;t prepare you for), such as your brother, you would know how to cause him pain without injuring him, while against an attacker you would use more deadly attacks to cause him to back off. This is why Kung Fu traditionally does poorly in competitions, because competitions forbid attacks that maim and kill. You can%26#039;t use an eye rake in competitions, but you would practice eye rakes because if it is someone trying to rape you, you have no reason not to go all out.|||Consider yourself priveliged that you learned this shortcoming at the hands of your brother just messing with you and not a rapist or a murderer.

Self defense is not about mixing it up with the bad guys, kicking azzes, or whatever other line of Bruce Lee Jackie Chan bull **** some snake oil salesman instructor told you. It%26#039;s about getting yourself out of a bad situation quickly and safely. Not to sound like a typical Male Chauvanist Pig but pound for pound your average girl is not going to realistically be able to scrap it out with a 6%26#039;2 300 pound thug.

In your case doing something quick like using pepper spray and then calling the police once you%26#039;ve gotten somewhere safer is the best solution. A good self defense program should teach not only tactics for use in a fight but also techniques to try and de-escalate or avoid altogether a situation.|||go with Aikido|||a good swift kick in the B***S a lady can use against a man in self defense, it works everytime. Try it sometime.|||Stay out of the ghetto and you won%26#039;t need your fancy self defense styles that would get you nowhere in a real fight..|||Best defense for a woman is being alert of your surrounding , never go alone and run and scream like hell when attack. A woman can not equal a man in strenght or speed. A man can take a woman punch, a woman can not take a man punch. Also there is the psychological aspect also, women worry to much about their look to become good fighters. Of course there are exception of women who look like men who spend 15-20 years of serious training who can fend off men but do you really want to spend 15-20 years training? or you rather buy a gun and just be alert of your surounding.|||You are not really skilled enough to defened yourself until you are at least a black belt, higher level. I suggest you finsh up your taekwondo training, earn at least a 1st or 2nd degree black belt.

After you is done with that try something else, try Krav maga or Rapido Realismo Kali.

Oh, and a word of advice. Kick him next time! Give him a front kick straight in to his balls really hard or just simply raise your knee if you is close enough.

When he goes to get up after that -- kick him again, kick him with a jump spining hook kick straight to the side of the head.|||Kick the male in the groin that will cause him to go down and he might not remember what happen. But don%26#039;t always kick the male there. because he might think of it has a game. Always use your skills when you are not in trouble.|||A 9mm will hold off anybody! Pepper spray or a taser is a good route.|||

She Is So Much More Than Beautiful

This is the style

been around and effective for thousands of years now.

I do not know any of these women , I know the art . But read what this Lady states herself;|||Two things:

1. You let your brother tackle you from behind (I assume) because he is your brother. Would you let a perfect stranger or someone in a dangerous situation get you into that position?

2. You might consider Aikido.|||DO NOT JUST ATTACK THE GROIN!!!! If that%26#039;s the only defense, you will just make them mad. Try looking into a grappling style and study with a sensei who knows what they are doing. Grappling styles, such as hapkido, teach leverage and balance techniques. Such as, keep my balance, take my enemies balance. It doesn%26#039;t matter how big or small you are. By the way, It takes at least 6 months of serious self defense training to get out of victim mode. Hope this helps.|||Look for a school that is known for teaching and working self-defense. Watch a few classes before making a decision. Or, tell your current instructor about the situation with your brother and demand that he/she teach more effective techniques. If they can%26#039;t or won%26#039;t do that then shop around. Personally, I like the multi-purpose techniques of Isshin-Ryu. In several years of security work they never let me down.|||I belong to an email group for women in martial arts. We have several different styles represented. One thing that I have noticed about TKD is that it is mostly geared to sport fighting. It isn%26#039;t necessarily geared to getting you out of a horrible situation. I choose to study Kung Fu because I needed self defense. My instructor teaches us how to give blows that will knock out an opponent as well as lethal blows. He also teaches us to use the opponents momentum against him. Kung Fu is not meant to over power an opponent with brute strength, but to be able to use your opponents strength and momentum against him.

We practice grappling as well. I have been grabbed from behind and I have successfully gotten out of it. Our instructor gives us tools so we can get out of situations, although the best thing is to not get into them in the first place.

Good luck with your search.|||A lady Smith %26amp; Wesson...

They make a great gun designed to fit into smaller hands.

Don%26#039;t fool yourself Martial Arts only gives you an edge over your opponent. In general a lady would have to be extremely good and experienced to over come even a mediocre male fighter. Again generally the woman is giving up strength and body weight. If you want self-defense get the Equalizer.

%26quot;Be afraid of no man who walks beneath the skies

As long as I am by your side I will equalize%26quot;

That poem was etched on each Colt revolver in the Old West.|||lol yea. traditional and sport martial arts such as taekwondo, karate, and kung fu take a pretty long time to be very effecient in self defence. for self defence, you would need a practical martial art like jeet kune do or krav maga|||I like Akido. I haven%26#039;t studied it yet, but I think I will start as soon as I find a dojo near me. I studied Karate for 5 years. I am confidant in my ability to defend myself because we practiced senarios like that.

You might have done better if you didn%26#039;t have to worry about hurting him. A good swift kick to the shins would loosen his grip. Then you could tuck your chin to the side and push up on his arms. Keep kicking him in the shins until you can get out. Once your out, turn around and break his knee. (in a real situation)|||A fair question.

What idiots ( i.e. answerers numbers 1 %26amp; 2) fail to realize is that not all attackers will be susceptible to such groin attacks- what if you%26#039;re attacker is a beefed-up midget (w/ a lower center of gravity), a butch lesbian, a eunuch, or a drug-up rapist? The probability of successfully debilitatng any attacker with such a kick is also low (I know I%26#039;d just catch your leg, off-balance you, break your ankle, and you%26#039;re hobbled).

Instead of leaving your physical (and mental) comfort and well-being up to chance with an attack that may work, choose a martial art that contains grappling, but also a strong stand-up game (as a girl, you don%26#039;t want to be ground fighting in a self-defense situation, especially since your rapist and or mugger may have rapist/mugger friends).

Just a thought.|||Its hard to find a place that teaches real martial arts. Try to find a legitimate class. If you want to travel you could go straight to the country of origin. Read about pressure points. If you hit in just the right place it could paralyze someone as long as you hold pressure there. My grandpa did that to my cousins when they wouldn%26#039;t behave as kids.|||Karate. The value is that it%26#039;s striking only, at a distance. Targets, from top to bottom, are eyes, ears, throat, male genitals (if attacker is male), mid-thigh and knee. A good sharp thrust or kick to any of the above will disable the attacker long enough for you to get away. As to attack from behind, if you have your ears open when you walk in dangerous areas, you will spin around before you are attacked. Then go to start of this answer.|||BJJ, BJJ, BJJ! Watch Royce Gracie fight Kimo or Akebono if you have any doubts.

For the last lime, groin attacks don%26#039;t work against a determined attacker. If he is expecting a fight, there will be to much adrenaline in his system to be debilitated. It will still hurt, but it will just make him angrier.|||jeet kun do or the grappling art (cant remember the name of it)

They both focus on hard hits and disabling your opponents, and getting out of tough situations.|||Wing Chun kung fu will be a good self defence style for a lady.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Wing Chun believes in using the least amount of required force in any fighting situation, describing how a small amount of force, correctly applied, can deflect powerful attack. This is achieved through balance, body structure and relaxation.|||first, you gotta understand that you are fighting an opponent with many advantages over you ie; weight, size, speed and coordination. Therefore, your only true weapon is the knowledge that your attacker will be overconfident and will not fear being hurt by you. To best defend yourself you need only a small knife [not a folder], and the guts to use it.

Conceal the knife in your hand and when you go to hit him/her they will assume you are trying to punch them and will not flinch [because they believe your weaker]. You must not fear hurting someone seriously if attacked[mercy].|||My top 5 self defense techniques:

1) Cleverness.

2) Groin Fu

3) Personal security gadgets

4) Judo

5) %26#039;Jugular bite%26#039;|||if you are not competing, plain and simple - Krav Maga, its an Israeli Martial Art used by the Israeli Defense Forces for counter terrorism, it%26#039;s main function is to teach you to escape a dangerous situation with minimal damage.

If you use some sort of self defense technique to defend yourself, do you know how to avoid future retaliation?

Say you are walking with a friend and two guys threaten you with a gun. This is a route that you two always take. In the process of this robbery, you use your knowledge of krav maga to defend the two of you. You then call the police and the two individuals are arrested. Is there any way to guarantee the safety of you and your friend if you continue to walk this route and they get out?|||Don%26#039;t overdo it. Don%26#039;t be excessive.

If jumped by multiple people, would it be self defense to use a knife on them?

If it makes any difference I%26#039;m asking about laws in the US, specifically MA

I know knives are considered deadly weapons and are only appropriate for defense against deadly force, but couldn%26#039;t one be killed by multiple people using only fists?|||It DOES matter where you are, but that is not enough to answer the question. It also depends on factors you will not know until you are actually attacked. this is a case where you should do what is NECESSARY to defend yourself, and deal with the legal issues later.

There is a reason someone said %26quot;I would rather be judged by 12 (jurors) than carried by 6 (pallbearers).|||Carrying a concealed knife is a violation of concealed carry laws in most states. The length of the blade is another factor. I believe a legal length is 3 inches or less. But you tell me, how much defense can you get with a 3 inch blade?

I now the cops tend to be jerks and will give you a hard time, but ask them. The only other option is to go to your local library and ask for help on conceal carry laws in Mass.

Now back to your question. Yes it would be considered self defense. But then it goes back to conceal carry laws. Were you in violation of the law although you have a right to defend yourself.|||If someone is attacked by a gang or more than two people I think it would be safe to say that you did not know their intentions and were therefore in fear of your life. In that case I would call it self defense to use whatever you could get your hands on. Knife, gun, bat, broken bottle or anything else.|||You can use up to a 50mm cartridge (and weapon) for civilian defence, although perhaps not for civilian self-defence, providing that the Department of Defence has not issued any regulations restricting the use of 50mm.

Hope this helps.|||I suppose it would depend on how you hurt them.

If it caused severe damage you%26#039;d be in a lot of trouble

It also depends A LOT on how the whole situation is presented to whoever you%26#039;re telling it to|||sure. here in Florida, a man shot and killed a guy for coming at him with a knife or gun or something.... as far as i heard, nothing bad happened to him.|||Yes, but only as a last resort.|||ya if you feel your life is threatened

Why does everyone falsely say the .22 is useless for self-defense and has no stopping power?

First, I am not talking about against bears, etc. I am talking about the .22 for personal defense against another person.

Everyone says that .22LR is worthless for self-defense, will just tick your attacker off, etc. I%26#039;ve heard it all. Yet, the .22 causes more homicides each year than any other caliber. Yet again today I pick-up a newspaper and a man in the city was gunned down with a .22 pistol. He was shot 3 times with a .22 and was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived. All you have to do is pick-up any newspaper to realize that the .22 is deadly and has pretty decent stopping power. Shooting after shooting is committed with the .22 Small caliber handguns are responsible for alot of deaths each year. Everyone bashes it and says it is too small, too wimpy, etc but the crime statistics prove otherwise. Why does everyone say it is useless for self-defense when it clearly is not?|||There are a lot of good answers here, and I would like to express my opinion. I believe the .22 is a good self defense weapon. If a person had a .22 and practiced with it, and got good with it..(ammo is cheap), they would be better off in a situation, than if they had a higher caliber gun that they could not afford to shoot. I have a .22 that I can buy 500 rounds for less than half of the price of 50 rounds for my .45. I am good with the .22 and would use it for self defense anytime. Only my opinion, so take it easy on me!|||I would rather err on the side of caution in contemplating using a 22 caliber Rifle or Handgun for self defense...... I would rather be a survivor than a victim that is why I think it is wise to use anything other than a 22 caliber...The odds are against you tremendously if you choose the 22 caliber.. My choice is at least a 357 Magnum, but I prefer the 45Acp Colt Combat Commander..It is much to risky to do anything else......|||I heard they are the best for actually killing the person with a head shot, since the bullet will ricochet around in the skull, instead of going right through. But other than that, bigger is better.|||I have only heard of death from a .22 when it was MULTIPLE wounds. Never heard of anyone dying from one shot. If you are a really good shot, go for it. If you are not OR have a little problem with the possibility of shooting someone, use a larger caliber. I have personally seen someone keep coming after being hit twice in the torso with a .22.|||You%26#039;re argument is flawed because you are confusing a fatal wound with stopping power. Someone dying because they bled out from 3 gun shot wounds or 3 shots to the head is not stopping power.

Stopping power is neutralizing someone with as few *center of mass* shots as possible. A 200 grain .45 ACP +P hollow point will transfer more %26quot;stopping%26quot; energy into the target than a .22, and thats a fact.

Some just-out-of-jail, 6%26#039;4%26quot; muscle man hopped up on meth isn%26#039;t going to feel that .22. Theres a good chance he may not even feel the .45. The point is, the heavier and wider the projectile, the better chance you have at neutralizing your attacker. Not everyone is going to go %26quot;ow%26quot; and fall down in pain when you engage them in self-defense. Stopping power is based on raw, pure, knock-the-bad guy-on-his-***, TRAUMA. Getting stung by a bee doesn%26#039;t put the body into shock trauma - getting hit by a truck will.

The only reason you see so many crimes committed with .22%26#039;s is because they are cheap and plentiful. Thats all. Most of these fatal homicides with .22%26#039;s were at point-blank range, as in right into the victims head.

Now I%26#039;m not saying you need a hand cannon for self defense. A .22 is better than nothing, as is a .32 ACP. The .380 ACP, 9mm, and 38 Special are fine. The .357 Magnum, .357 Sig, .40 S%26amp;W, 45ACP, .44 Special, are all just as well, as are calibers I neglected to mention. The idea behind a self defense gun is something you can handle and shoot accurately under pressure.

But saying the .22 has %26quot;stopping power%26quot; just simply erroneous.|||shoot, if i got hit with just about anything above a paintball, i%26#039;d be running the other direction! i dont think i would stop to check what i was just shot with, i would pretty much be thinking %26quot;AAAAHHH! i just got shot!!!%26quot;|||The .22 is lacking on energy on target and that is what is needed for self defense. The .22 is deadly with a head shot, but anything else death will be caused by the loss of blood pressure which will not immediately stop an aggressor. Death of the attacker is not the goal for defense it is to stop the attack and a .22 is just not up to the task unless you are referring to a .223.|||No ballistic trauma same as with the 9mm most who say they were shot with it did not even know it until they started feeling the burn now with a 40 cal 44 cal even 38 they know the second they are hit cause they may be taken off their feet by the tramma.There was a bouncer in my home town who got shot 7 times with a .22 and took the gun from the guy and allmost beat him to death with it he has arm problems today but I don%26#039;t think the outcome would have been the same if a larger caliber had been used.|||True, a .22 LR bullet would not be very effective against a large beast like a bear, or a wild hog.

I tend to agree with your point of view. Although the .22 does not have a whole lot of energy in terms of pound/feet, nor a whole lot of power in terms of penetration, if it is used properly, a .22 rifle or pistol can be an effective self-defense weapon. It depends on a lot of factors.

If your assailant is a small framed person, and you hit the individual in a vital area on his/her body, then it follows that the .22 will be effective and will have some degree of stopping power.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a large framed man who is high on illegal drugs (like crack), and you only cause a %26quot;flesh wound%26quot; to the assailant, then he is not going to be neutralized by the bullet. But if you have a repeating firearm, you are better off. I used to own a Marlin .22 caliber semi-auto rifle, and it could hold up to 18 shells.

The .22 is a deadly weapon in the right hands.|||Because if I ever get in a situation where I am having to defend my life, I sure as heck don%26#039;t want to be thinking %26quot;gee i hope this works%26quot;|||A .22 should be your last resort for self defense and only as a backup to your primary carry gun. The light bullet will not penetrate as much as some of the bigger ones and has very little thump when it hits something. The smallest caliber anyone should carry for self defense is a .40 S%26amp;W (in my opinion).

Yes, one .22 round can kill a man, a deer, a cow, or other animal with proper shot placement, but in a self defense situation, you dont want to rely on shot placement.|||The reason you see so many people use .22 for shootings is the guns are cheap, so there are a lot of them, they can carry a lot of ammo, they have little to no recoil, and they are pretty accurate. The stopping power and deadlyness of a round are not directly related. Obviously if you die from the gun shot it is effective, but a superior wound channel is desireable because not every shot is a kill shot. If you are shot in the leg with a .22 it is not the same as being shot with a .45. Everyone can agree with that. You have to factor in the preformance of the shooter in a high stress scenario. There may be a lot of people killed from .22 but there are also a lot more people that walk away after being shot by one. These stats are not reported though. Personally, I would feel comfortable with a .22 in my hand. I carried a Walther for a few years because it was small, light, and easy to opperate. I would also trust a 9mm in a heartbeat for home defense. I sleep with one every night. The simple fact is that most people do not know a damn thing about what makes a round effective and are all to happy to tell you that you need a .50 cal to be safe. I would bet that someone will tell you that you need a Barrett instead of a .22|||Americans have a tendency to overstatement. It%26#039;s also true, though, that a 22 is not a good choice for most. You%26#039;ve made your case for the lethality of the 22, but that isn%26#039;t the argument you were trying to make. You seem to have gotten side-tracked. The question is whether it%26#039;s adequate to stop an attack with immediacy, and the 22 has a poor track record. Whether you kill your attacker is quite beside the point if he has time to kill you between your shot and his death, and that is the point these people are trying to make.|||The .22 long rifle is an excellent round.

Take the larger .25 auto round and compare them...A .22 round will shoot through a 1/2%26quot; piece of plywood and when you find the projectile it will be mangled beyond recognition...The .25 however will barely dent the plywood and fall to the ground undented....

A .22 doesn%26#039;t have the power of some of the larger rounds out there as far a knock down...But it will kill!!!|||most gun lovers think bigger guns add inches to their penis!

Do you need a certification to teach self defense?

I used to teach at a fitness center, but I didn%26#039;t need to have any certification at that time. I was wondering if things have changed.|||No rules saying you have to have certification, but experience helps.|||don%26#039;t think so|||It depends on what state you%26#039;re in. In CA, my husband has to have insurance and a certification of some sort (here, a black belt) to teach. The insurance usually requires the certification too.|||No there are no laws that require such certification, thank the Goddess. That would be just another way that the larger majority would force those of us who like doing things our way to conform to their way, which really dosen%26#039;t work so well, (in my view).

If there were %26quot;certifications%26quot; then who would dictate who was skilled and who wasn%26#039;t in such a field? Most, in my view, styles really do not focus on real life self defense anymore, should we allow those people to say who is certified? (hope not) The day there are standards and practices for martial arts as a whole that will be the day truth is finally eradicated from the martial skills.|||Just a loud..

HIE YAA!|||No.|||Sure do, if you have a formal school, or teach at a formal school.|||no just some training and marketing

some self defense courses and systems like the Israeli Self Defense system do not require it

Just great marketing, videos, etc. a Franchise program, word of mouth, etc|||different states, different rules. Check with licensing/secretary of state website/zoning|||Yes you do have to have certification to teach.|||I hope so otherwise I could start my own karate school and have myriads of clueless karate-wanna-bes wandering everywhere getting their arses kicked|||Unfortunately no! There is no current legislation stating you need to be certified to instruct self defense. However, it definitely helps drawn more students when you have credentials and have won hard competitions. I am a black belt in Goshin Jutsu Karate and before i got black belt ranking i was teaching some sparring classes because i have always excelled in fighting and two self defense classes to children. Whether or not a person has certification does not mean they will be any good anyways. Half of the instructors i run into couldn%26#039;t fight their way out of a wet paper bag which is pretty scary. The few percentage i have met that are actually worthy are very very good at what they do and definitely not into it for the money.|||at least you have proof that you can fight....|||Some states are trying to pass legislation that only 4th Degree and higher would be able to teach.

That means that if you are a 3rd Degree and have a school, you have to shut down.

I know of 6th and 7th degrees that aren%26#039;t worth a dungpile.

I believe that if this is going to happen, the state should appoint a board of true Masters and test the Teacher candidates for proficiency, experience and ability to teach.|||only if you want reconition

How long does it take to be able to effectively use Wing Chun for self defense?

I%26#039;m just starting to learn and will take 2 (1.5 hour) group classes a week and 1 (1-hour) private a week. I learn pretty quickly and study at home as well. I%26#039;ve trained in 7-animal style kung fu and tae kwon do, but Wing Chun is quite different so I%26#039;m not sure about the learning curve. Please, only Wing Chun practitioners. Thank you!|||Generally, you should be able to combat most anyone on the street within a few months -- though it may be faster. I%26#039;ve seen someone that had only been training for three months hold his own against someone else from another style that had much more training time put in.

Depending on who/what you%26#039;d be defending against, the time frame can shift but if you have a particular concern I%26#039;d advise speaking to your Sifu about it. Just as the answerer above me stated, Wing Chun has a lot to offer and I%26#039;m sure there%26#039;s an answer for your situation if you have one.

I would imagine that since you%26#039;ve trained in 7 animal prior to Wing Chun, you should pick it up fairly quickly as Wing Chun was based off of the original 5 animal kung fu.

Good luck and practice your Sui Lim Tao every day!

I%26#039;d also be curious to know where you%26#039;re training...I know the odds are slim, but maybe we%26#039;d see each other.|||hi|||I believe it%26#039;s common knowlege in the kung fu community that Wing Chun is a faster road to self defense than most, if not all other kung fu styles. Quite possibly all other martial arts as well. Ultimately though, it depends heavily on your personal training dilligence..of course. Very soon after i started learning WC (3 or 4 months) my sifu had me spar against a sihing in our class. He pretty much kicked my butt..but i left the kwoon feeling like i could mop the floor with an average guy on the street who didn%26#039;t know WC. It%26#039;s an art that just makes so much sense when thinking in terms of kinesiology and and the possible speed in application one could achieve with persistant study. So, to answer your question in brief terms.. I would dare to say that if you earnestly applied yourself to learning Wing Chun for as little as six months, you would be well prepared to take on the average %26quot;joe%26quot; on the street.|||Hi,

This seems like a decent amount of time to dedicate to learning the style assuming that you have a good teacher.

It will depend on exactly what you mean by how long will it take to be able to use it to defend yourself, realistically if you want to get street ready fast concentrate on the basic techniques like pak, garn and bil, with these you can pretty much deal with any conceivable strike, then combine foot work with this and some decent punches and you%26#039;re ready. Really everything from then on is just gravy.

Good luck with your training dude, and enjoy as Wing Chun has a hell of a lot to offer and you should never really get bored with it.

Where do you train if you don%26#039;t mind me asking?|||I studied it, and several teachers said it can be learned in about a year. Yes, a good pupil can master Wing Chun in a year, but it takes 15 years to learn just the basics of Tibetian Pak Hak Pai. It is quite simple and efficient. Bruce Lee originally studied it and said it was the best style, but he wanted to add flowery moves for movies. It was invented by a woman-Ng Mui, a Shaolin nun. Now, I have a question for you. You mention 7 animal style. Shaolin martial arts have 5 orthodox animals. There are some unorthodox ones too. Which do you mean? There is an esoteric 5 Venoms style, but it is hard to find anyone to teach it. Wu Shu means martial arts in Chinese. Kung Fu means literally Work Master. It can be applied to any field. I studied Chinese and Japanese languages as well as martial arts of these lands plus Korea and Tibet.|||You already seem to have a foundation in other arts.

Never give or ask a timeframe for something like this. Don%26#039;t be in a hurry.

I have never heard of the 7 Animal Style. Who teaches this?

As for the person who mentioned 5 Venom? Hmmm... is this based on the movie? What sources do you have to back this? I%26#039;m just curious.|||Wing Chun is designed to be picked up quickly. With a proper teacher it should take about a year to LEARN the 3 forms and 108 wooden dummy drills (book smart). To master them naturally takes alot longer... Sensitivity is the core of Wing Chun and that must be given time to cultivate and to really become second nature. Overall Wing Chun%26#039;s fundamentals are very simple- it is the sensitivity training that make it shine. This is where you get in the blindfolded Chi sao and the like- training with a partner is VERY beneficial in Wing Chun. The point of the style is to teach you to react before you think by feel and not sight. That takes a little time to master in totality. Good luck with your study.|||The people I knew who took Wing Chun were far more advanced already, so I%26#039;m not 100% sure. But, as they described it, it was a relatively quick form of Kung Fu to learn, due to the training style (wall bags and stuff bring about a level of effeciency pretty quickly) and short number of forms. 3.

If it%26#039;s anything like Karate though, if you get into a fight in the next 5 or 6 months, I%26#039;d just go with how you%26#039;d normally fight, and not necessarily try to use the techniques. Techniques take repetition to become effective.

How effective squeezing someone's testicles in self defense?

My guy friend and I were talking about it, and he said it would be hard to get your hands there because guys respond faster when that area is being threatened. He also said squeezing a little would just make the guy mad, but if you squeezed as hard as you could, the pain would disable him. Is he right?|||If he was naked or in his underwear then it would work a treat,but whilst wearing chinos,denims etc, then a punch or ridge hand strike would do the trick.

Best wishes :)***|||Q. How effective is squeezing someone%26#039;s testicles in self defense?

A. If you get a hold of them it easy to destroy a man even if you are very weak and he is very strong. It will be impossible for him to breath or talk and he will be paralyzed in pain. Eventually, he will lose unconsciousness in about ten seconds. Death sometimes results from the shock.

Most movie depictions actually understate the devastation of this type of attack.

Of course the caveat follows that clothing could get in the way. In that case a slap to the testicles will disable a guy for a minimum of a few seconds even if you barely make contact. A few seconds is a life time in fighting and you could finish with a testicle squeeze or eye gouge.

Of course, most strong and fast attackers will not give you the opportunity to do this or rape defense would be a simple matter. However it is good to know just in case you get the chance.

On a side note, what is special about this knowledge besides self defense in the intimacy involved between a husband and wife. A husband who is the protector of his wife gives himself in complete vulnerability to his wife when they make love. A wife holding her husbands testicles must be as gentle as a mother holding a baby.

|||Not very good. It can be hard to get a good grip- guys are evolved to protect soft spots like that, and that one is easy to defend with your legs. Not only that, but it puts the rest of you in a very bad position. And, like your friend said, it would generally just make him mad. If you did manage to apply enough force, which would be easier with a strike, you could disable him, but applying it with a squeeze would be much slower than you would like.|||Even if you tear them clean off, the pain may not register for several seconds. He can do a lot of damage, possibly even kill you, before he passes out or bleeds out.

This is not a show-stopper. To be effective at all it has to be the first of several well placed things delivered with prejudice.

If he is on certain types of drugs, he may not feel anything at all.|||It is very effective, but like your friend said it may be hard to perform. As a guy especially one that has some training. We are protective of that area.

But when i first began training i was told this is called monkey grabbing the peaches....LOL We used this to escape a bear hug from behind and the full nelson. A nice hard smack to the groins, grab squeeze, trist and try to rip the off.... Ouch!|||well first off, getting to the testicles effectively would be difficult if the aggressor is wearing jeans or a comparable material. also, after grasping the testicles, even if you did squeeze, the full effect can take anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes to experience. so it could possibly work, but not on an extremely determined opponent |||Everything is possible but nothing is as easy as it seems. When you reach down there, you will expose your whole side for a counter strike. You better off fake a strike down there and he will bring his hand down to protect his valuables then you strike his unprotected face.|||If you can find the time to do all of that while he%26#039;s striking you and trying to escape then go for it. It may be hard to get a good grip through jeans and other tough clothing. A quick smack or upward palm strike would be a better idea then grabbing.|||You squeeze and twist. And it is very affective. A sharp kick will make them dangerous in tell the adrenaline subsides. I found the answer to this question the hard way in high school.|||Let me tell you something, they will let go of any strangle holds they have on you at the time faster than you can say yeah!|||i say that its pretty affective but i also think it looks kinda gay,but a kick on the other hand is both affective and doesnt look sexual|||Well im a guy and i can just imagine if someone squeezed my balls and I%26#039;m certain they will get off of you|||if used in the %26quot;monkey steals peach%26quot; fashion, this technique can be deadly. squeeze away.|||if my nuts got cranked i would feel it straight away i am most certain of this. Be bold! Test this on your %26#039;guy friend%26#039;|||it would work

What is the point of buying an Assualt Rifle for Self Defense?

OK, you shoot a criminal or bad guy attempting to rob your house. It goes to a jury. Most of the people on the jury don%26#039;t own a gun. They see this machine gun looking thing and they look at you and think you are a nut. Aren%26#039;t you better off in front of a jury with a double barrel shotgun or .30-30 with a wood stock? Something that looks normal? And are you REALLY likely to have to shoot a whole bunch of people?|||My %26quot;assault rifle%26quot; is in my closet. If I need to shoot someone that is breaking into my house then I have been put in fear of my life or my family%26#039;s life. I am more likely to shot the bad guy with a handgun from my nightstand. However, if I do wind up killing a burglar it doesn%26#039;t matter if I do it with my Mini-14, my Glock, my shot gun, beat him to death with a can of Campbell%26#039;s soup, or stab him with my Kay Bar. If I have hit the level of lethal force then dead is dead.

I would hope my lawyer would get some gun owning fathers on the jury anyway.............all I need is one person on the jury to visualize the need to defend your family.

It%26#039;s not like the Prosecutor is going to argue that the deceased piece of trash was minding his own business, breaking into my house, trying to support his crack habit, when I just up and ventilated him. Most DA%26#039;s wouldn%26#039;t prosecute you for defending your family..........if your DA would then you need to move.|||The constitution states %26#039;The people have the right to keep and bare arms in defense of your life and your property and in defense of the constitution of the united states .

Any questions Whats the problem It%26#039;s the law according to our fore fathers our government|||Shotgun is better than an assault rifle.|||What would you want with an assault rifle anyway?I can tell you have never been in war.I have. leave it alone.|||It%26#039;s about INTIMIDATION! You may not even have to fire a round!|||You CAN kill a person in self defense with a MACHINE GUN, or ASSAULT WEAPON....or Assault Rifle

(if you dont know the difference, just dont even say anything!)

There is a thing called Castle Doctrine...which depending on which state you live in also.

Like in Tennessee, Texas and Florida....and Colorado i believe.

The law STATES, its PERFECTLY LEGAL to SHOOT FIRST....if someone slightly threatens your life or even steps foot on your property.

Its generally called a %26quot;shoot first, ask questions later%26quot; law.

So if someone breaks into your house, you come running out with a AK-47, and light them up with bullet holes, you ARE protected regardless.......since the guy was on YOUR property, and broke into YOUR house.

It DOESNT matter what you shot them with usually.

If you got castle doctrine and Shoot First law....your okay.

Now it%26#039;d be a DIFFERENT story if you lived in Maryland, New Jersey, Illinios, California, Wisconsin, DC, New York City....etc.....

I keep an AK-47 ready in my house...and also keep a Glock23 near my bed.

Because you NEVER KNOW if I may have a Gang with 5-12 guys break in my house.

I just grab my Glock, protect myself till I can get to my ak-47, then grab my Rifle and pin myself in the corner of a room and be ready to send 30+ rounds of Lead their way.


Also what if some of the members of the gang HAVE assault weapons or machine guns themselves!

I CANNOT be expected to protect myself with a pistol!

(unless I was trained ALOT, or been in shoot-outs.)

You HAVE to even up the scores.

Although 90% of bad guys WILL run when you open fire, or merely cock a weapon or Point it at them.

But there ARE people out there that ARENT afraid to engage in a firefight....and shooting at them may actually amp them up more!

(so why not be ready and have an AK-47 or AR.)

Id personally pick an AK-47, simply because of the distinctive CHATTER noise it has, people WILL run when they hear it....its a distinctive scary me.

You%26#039;ll have to clean up the brown stains off the floor AND the blood....|||dude,it all depends on the state of your residence.if you are in california or n.y- you are fkd.most states have laws that protect the victim not the perp.|||That%26#039;s not what you make the decision on. You%26#039;re more likely to be sued or charged for shooting the people in the next room or across the street because you used something with far too much penetration than was appropriate in the situation.|||You can%26#039;t have an assault riffle for self defense. A double barrel shotgun is different, but automatic weapons are illegal and using them in self defense just wouldn%26#039;t really fly in court.|||I prefer a handgun for self defense as they are more manueverable in a home. I%26#039;ve owned an ar-15 for 20some years and never shot anybody with it. I use mine for %26#039;plinking%26#039; and varmits.|||OK lets play devils advocate. The gun people believe that they have a constitutional right to bear arms. They do not tolerate any infringement on that right.|||You never know if a group of angry terrorists are going to try to suicide bomb your house. Better to be safe than sorry!|||Look at it this way:

If they rob you with a knife, you have a pistol.

If they rob you with a pistol, you have a shotgun.

If they rob you with a shotgun, you have an uzi.

If they rob you with an uzi, you have an assault rifle.

If they rob you with an assault rifle, you have a rocket launcher, nuke, grenade etc, etc.

Some people think they need to be a few steps ahead of the bad guys.|||My opinion: A rifle is not as good for self defense as a hand gun. A hand gun is easier to use in tight quarters.

You are making two assumptions: 1- most of the people on the jury don%26#039;t own a gun. 2-they see you as a nut with a machine gun.

The problem with using a high powered firearm for self defense is that all of your missed shots will go downrange and you%26#039;ll be negligently held responsible for any stray shots that injure or kill innocent people.

What are some pressure points that could be used as self defense?

I have been searching the internet for pressure point areas but can not find anything on them except about the eyes, throat, nose, stomach, and groin. I%26#039;m writing a fan fiction and could use this information for it. So does anyone know of any pressure point areas that could knock you out, inflict a considerable ammount of pain, or cause temporary poralisis?|||i don%26#039;t know about a pressure point, the if you poke someone right at the base of the neck between the clavicles it will take the breath out of them in a hurry. just feel it on yourself, apply slight pressure and you will feel where i%26#039;m talking about|||You mean temporary %26quot;paralysis?%26quot; And %26quot;amount.%26quot;

As a writer, you need to know how to spell.|||Hitting someone hard in their windpipe can make them throw up and even die.|||Have you considered the val kin grip. The one Spoke use when grabs a person between the neck and shoulder.

What items for self defense can be legally kept in my car?

Is it legal to keep a baseball bat near my car seat? Any other legal weapons to keep there?|||Wow.

Yes. You can keep a baseball bat (or any kind of club-like device)near your seat in your car. However, if that baseball bat is there for self-defense, there%26#039;s a good chance you%26#039;re going to get arrested for section 12020(a) of the Penal Code.

Same thing with some types of knives.

You can legally carry a gun as long as you have had a concealed carry permit issued to you. But please don%26#039;t.

I%26#039;d recommend you read through the section I quoted above, but even then you%26#039;re not going to be an expert on what kind of things might be considered an illegal weapon by law enforcement.|||It will depend completely on the state.

Next if you can reach such item in your car, your car keys are the best weapon, you drive away.

In most states if you have the opportunity to escape and don%26#039;t, then you can be charged with assualt since there was no reason for you to use a weapon to %26quot;protect%26quot; yourself.|||For the idiot who thinks because you didn%26#039;t run away, you will be charged with an assault, that IS the problem NOW! We have empowered the criminals!! If they get hurt during a crime, they can sue and WIN!

Here in Texas, you have the right to protect your property and the property of others from theft or damage. This right does include deadly force if needed. In other words, if I go outside and you have broken into my car and are about to drive off with it, I have the right to shoot and kill, which I will do! (There will not be any missed shot%26#039;s either) If someone tries to carjack me, there will be a body that will be getting picked up and it will not be mine.

Baseball bats and all are legal to carry in Texas, but be careful about how you display them or just wield them to show power or threaten. Those can be used against you. If you pull anything out, USE IT! Correct the problem and go on! If Laws in California are not like this, fire the liberal wimps who run the government and put some people in there that have some guts to do what is right for all to protect what is rightfully theirs!

Enough Said!|||have some cruise missiles, some nuclear war heads and some nukes.. i heard u ppl have many of those things..|||CHECK STATE REGULATIONS... OR JUST LEARN TO FIGHT LIKE A MAN.|||I live in CA too and from what I hear, it%26#039;s illegal to keep a baseball bat next to you in the car; you%26#039;re supposed to have it in the trunk with a baseball! However, the place where I live has no traces of crime, everyone respectfully greet each other with a smile, and help the elders walk across the street!! Okay, I%26#039;m exaggerating! =)

It%26#039;s just wishful thinking...|||Depends on what state you live in. Some states allow for loaded weapons, but I believe with a baseball bat, mace, or taser/stun gun you would be ok.

I want to become skilled at take downs and self defense. What martial art should I study?

I am not interested in being a MMA fighter, I work in a field that has a high risk of physical confrontation with people and I want to learn how to defend myself and take someone down.

What should I study?|||Judo


Now all you have to do is a find out which one you like best, and if you can find a good school in your area.

If you are just looking for mainly self-defense I would suggest Krav Maga, it%26#039;s great and really works no matter what anyone says. You did say you want to do take downs though, so that%26#039;s why I mentioned the other two.

Good luck, and stay safe.|||judo jujutsu krav maga systema|||Defiantly do aikido

it is an ancient Japanese martial art form.

It specializes in self defence.

It uses your opponents attack strength against themselves.

other martial art forms don%26#039;t compare. Aikido doesn%26#039;t do kicking though....for good reason|||Krav Maga. They have specialized course for law enforcement, vip protection, civilian self-defense, military field.

For take-downs, I would suggest judo. Note that judo alone will not give you complete skills and knowledge for self-defense.

BJJ is very appropriate for ground-work.|||Judo.|||All the aiki-jutsu branches, including: Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo, and BJJ. Probably also Hapkido, sambo, and a few others.|||we have a lot of cops in brazilian jiu jitsu|||Judo , Akidio, Krav Maga|||if you wonna do takedowns do judo, jujitsu or muiy taih.|||You should try Modern Arts... .45 Cal bullet tends to stop anything...|||Aikido definately. Judo if it%26#039;s traditionally japanese as opposed to the BJJ which is so commonly used in MMA. That%26#039;s no good against multiple attackers.

However, prepare for a really tough first year. It%26#039;s primarily learning to roll, break fall,and take a hit.|||for take downs nothing is better than wrestling|||Judo / Jujitsu|||Beany;

When you see stances in the kata of Okinawan MA, you are seeing leg traps and takedowns among other things.

Most instructors don%26#039;t have a complete understanding of their art as these concepts and theories were left out when Okinawans began to teach westerners.

As of late, the past 20 years, this information has been allowed among some chosen students.

If you find the right person, you can do well with an arsenal of grappling, vital points, atemi, takedowns/throws that the Okinawan arts art rich in.|||Judo|||Pecak Silat + Magic

anti pierce body, wall crawling, bullet proof

it takes long time to learn about 20+ years to master it

How can I practice by myself to teach myself self defense?

I am having trouble with other people and bigger people messing with me when I%26#039;m on the streets and i%26#039;m getting tired of it, and would like to know how to protect myself. I cant afford any expensive classes or people to teach me, but i%26#039;m dedicated and will do any thing that I need to do, in order to teach myself. So any advice would be good.|||Well, while I don%26#039;t advocate that people can easily learn self defense by themselves, if you must here are some tips:

Buy a manual or series of dvd instructional series.

Get a jump rope, a full length mirror, and a punching/heavy bag.

Get in and stay in shape

Practice the techniques you learn in the dvd/books in the mirror and on the bag

Focus on learning the techniques properly--this is a must

This is stuff I do by myself to supplement training. However, I fully recommend that you look for other sources.

There are places that offer free/cheap instruction, try the following:


-Local parks and city activity programs

-Your local city/cities activiy director

Often communites have free classes they offer to locals.

Also, you can always talk to a local martial arts instructor and explain your situation and that you can%26#039;t afford a high price. Many are flexible and will work with you.

I wrote an article on choosing a school that may help you:

Hope this helps! Train hard!|||It is possible to learn basic self defense for the most common attack situations on your own, you just need the proper learning system and discipline. Keep in mind you are not training how to be a pro fighter, but simply learning a few techniques that will stun/distract your attacker while you get away.

Know that you are not going to learn any fancy Jason bourne moves on disarming a man with a gun, or fighting a guy with a pen.

Also, being in shape and having good endurance and cardio will benefit you far more greatly than knowing some fancy, well-marketed %26quot;self defense secrets%26quot;.

There are many self defense systems on DVD right now, you need to do your research and determine which is the most simplistic, realistic systems for what you need.

You also need a dedicated friend to train with. You need to put in enough hours a week to actually ABSORB the system.

Good luck.|||Well i would say train yourself in endurance, strength, speed, and smarts, I say smarts because if you have the speed and you are smart enough, it doesnt matter if they are 6 foot 300 pounds and your 5,7 175 pounds, you will be able to defend yourself, first learn, you dot have to fight if you can get away without fighting do so, if you can then learn how to control yourself, dont let anger overcome you, be smart about how you fight

I know Krav Maga, its an Israeli self-defense, i want to show you this guy, he is 5,5, 150 pounds, no one can touch him, his name is Haim Gidon, look at his speed, and understand what i mean when i say size doesnt matter -(the older guy, the younger guy is his son);f...

YouTube - Grand Master Haim Gidon Of The Israeli Krav Maga|||um there are some places that do that for free or go to a do jang take some free classes just say your trying out or get a video i gues? and try slowly with a partner but yea some places only cost about 50 bucks a year for donation and i goes to a good cause so ya|||There are basic kicks, punches, and blocks that you can learn, and maybe a friend can help you practice them.

When I took a class at our church, the local police department came in and did it for free. May be something to look into!

What is the best form of martial arts for self defense, discipline, and exercise?

Just wondering. I am trying to lose weight and when I lose it I would like to start some sort of martial arts. Please list the pros and cons of each 1 please, if you don%26#039;t mind. I want to pick the one that will be the most beneficial throughout my life.

Thanks.|||Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Judo are all good. One big factor is whether there is a good school near you. You should check out the schools, see some classes in progress, and see if the teachers are quality people. Then decide...|||Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art that combines karate, tang soo do, judo, jujutsu, kenpo and kung fu. It was founded in 1947 in Oahu, Hawaii, at the Palama Settlements. The original purpose of the art was to deal with local crime, and to help the people defend themselves from U.S. Navy sailors who would drink and start fights. The founders were Sijo (%26quot;founder%26quot;) Adriano Emperado, Peter Young Yil Choo, Joe Holck, Frank Ordonez, and Clarence Chang, who called themselves the Black Belt Society.

Kajukenbo uses hard, fast strikes to vital points throughout the body, takedowns involving high impact throws and many joint and limb destruction techniques--usually as follow-ups to takedowns. There are also many blocks from attacks such as punches and defenses and disarmament of offensive weapons.

The name works in two ways: %26quot;ka%26quot; (%26quot;long life%26quot;), %26quot;ju%26quot; (%26quot;happiness%26quot;), %26quot;ken%26quot; (%26quot;fist%26quot;), %26quot;bo%26quot; (%26quot;style%26quot;) or %26quot;ka%26quot; (%26quot;karate%26quot;), %26quot;ju%26quot; (%26quot;judo%26quot;/%26quot;jujutsu%26quot;), %26quot;ken%26quot; (%26quot;kenpo%26quot;), %26quot;bo%26quot; (Chinese Boxing Kung Fu), leading to the art%26#039;s philosophical meaning: %26quot;Through this fist style, one gains long life and happiness.%26quot;

Please look it up you%26#039;ll be glad you did.|||For your situation i think you need something that is simple...yet complex. requires minimal time with maximum results. I recommend Krav Maga, Yoga and some meditation.|||The best Defense period would be a firearm. Get your CCW License and hit the gun range:)|||judo

What does the law require of me to keep a gun stored in my connecticutt home for self defense only?

I don%26#039;t want to carry a gun.Only to keep it at home to be used as a last resort.|||Here%26#039;s your state%26#039;s laws:|||well, they must feel its dangerous and isolated wher you live. you might also want a large knife or pistol as well as a machine gun or rifle

What are the laws with self defense weapons?

Weapons like is it illegal to carry batons, taser or pepper spray?|||Yes, the Liberal establishment in California believe that you should just cooperate with robbery, rape, and pedophilia and have made it illegal to posses any of the defensive weapons you have listed.|||I know nunchuks are illegal. And cane swords. So basically, very few options are left for self defense weapons that are also awesome. Hip-sheathed swords might be ok. I forgot.

Regardless of the weapon, I%26#039;d ask a cop and/or a lawyer before carrying it around, just to make sure.|||Certain amounts of pepper spray are legal in California. I believe you need a permit of some sort, and you need to take a safety class.|||Baton it is illegal, and a taser and pepper spray is legal|||depends what state. all those mentioned above are iffy in california. Pepper spray is allowed in cali but not tazer and baton. Law Enforcement only|||Depends greatly by state

What is the best INDOOR self defense tool for a female?

No taser, or gun, but something I can use from a distance. Obviously

no sprays of any kind.

Thank you!|||Fallacy about self defense is that you will have time to retrieve any sort of weapon.More often than not,any attack directed toward you will be completely unexpected.

Now that I have you totally paranoid;consider any of the following or a combination of them:

Alarm system with motion detectors,doesn%26#039;t have to be monitored but needs to be LOUD.

Medium sized indoor or Large outdoor dog.They will alert you when someone encroaches in their territory.

Motion activated outdoor lights that illuminate the entire perimeter of your home.

Take a self defense course,local police may offer one.

Make friends with all of your neighbors,in my town,we still look after one another.

Worse case and you are attacked:bite,scratch,scream,kick,as though your life depends upon it;it does.|||A 400lb A$$ and a but ugly face...

Yup, that%26#039;l do it everytime!|||A good, stiff broom. Club on one end, scratcher on the other.|||A big man.|||base ball bat..u should put it near ur bed|||A golf club, pepper spray or even a BB gun. Or you can do what I do , a golf club and two Pit Bulls.|||You have eliminated the only effective self defense tools. Good luck with your knife! All you have left is to beg for mercy.

In order of effectiveness:



Pepper Spray


All require adequate training and regular practice to be safe and useful but if you are serious about self defence they are your only real choices.

Bert|||Any weapon that fits all your criteria is going to be impractically difficult to learn how to use. So if you don%26#039;t want to learn some kind of martial arts and you%26#039;re sure you don%26#039;t want a gun - then I%26#039;d say a cell phone and a locked door is your best option.|||screeeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmmm darling !!|||A man|||An attacker can usually cover 12 feet in a second which is the typical dimension for a normal size bedroom, if you are talking about your house I would say a loud alarm is the only alternative to what youve stated. Also a well balanced carpenters hammer around 23 ounces and some throwing practice would be a good choice.,|||A dog any size will do|||Chinese star|||I used hot cooking oil! of course you won%26#039;t always have hot cooking oil sitting around but it was quite effective! Throw it in the attacker%26#039;s face! burns like helloooooooooo and for a good long time too!!! Scars for life!!! the attacker was definetly %26#039;marked%26#039; and will always remember that attack!!! was easy to find him too!|||pots and pans.|||Throwing knives.|||the only thing you can use from a distance is a tazer or gun. lets be honest. and as far as a baseball bat or golf club... i%26#039;m not trying to be a psycho or whatever, but thats not gonna stop a big guy thats determined. if you think about it you really only have one chance and you have two options, head or groin, and don%26#039;t miss.

What are some misconceptions you've heard of regarding Martial Arts/self-defense?

Yes, I%26#039;m asking this question again... and again, thanks to all the people who answered before.

I%26#039;m doing an essay called %26quot;Black Belt Myths%26quot; and I already have a few ideas but I would like to get some input from other martial artists. (non-martial artists are always welcome to answer, too.)

I got a lot of answers regarding BB%26#039;s, so I%26#039;d like to hear some more about martial arts in general and fighitng/self-defense as well.

So far, the ones I%26#039;ve got down are:

-Being a BB makes you invincible.

-The sole purpose of martial arts is to transform you into a killing machine.

-___________ is the best martial art ever invented.

-___________ is better/crappier than ___________.

and the best one of all....

-Upon becoming a BB, you must get your hands registered as a lethal weapon.

If you have another point to make about martial arts misconceptions that I didn%26#039;t mention here, feel free to include that in your answer too.

Thanks.|||The biggest myth about martial arts I%26#039;ve heard and have to correct non martial artists is when you become a black belt you%26#039;re finished with your martial arts training.|||Myth 1. Getting your Black Belt means you turn into the perfect Fighter (Randy C blended with Bruce Lee)

Myth 2. You can knock an attacker out from 10 feet away without touching them.

Myth 3. you can jump 20ft in the air and land on your attackers head.

Need i go on??? There%26#039;s alot of them out there.

Additionally, i would avoid making statements like %26quot;_____is the best martial art ever invented.%26quot; These is no one single martial art better than another, it%26#039;s the student that interprets what he/she has been taught|||Being a white belt automatically makes you a better fighter than any street thug.|||A Smart Person

Good To See

That Black Belts Can Dodge Incoming Bullets

I believe below rtyew intended to say Black Belt.

He is Correct amundo

but why not try to be your best prepared

When was the last time the US military fought a war in a legitimate act of self-defense?

What I mean is that people always say to you, %26quot;our boys are dying for you to sit on your *** and drink coffee!%26quot; But if you think about it, most modern US military actions(that I am aware of at least) have had very little to do directly with our freedom or security at all. Some perfect examples are Iraq, Vietnam, and Somalia.

Could you tell me conflicts in which the US military fought for preservation of the country against immediate threats?|||Operation Enduring Freedom|||WWII.....the Pearl Harbor attack from the Japanese.

Twin Towers attack in New York......led to the invasion of Afghanistan.|||Umm excuse me.. Wasn%26#039;t America targeted? 911 wasn%26#039;t a dream it was real and it happened. So this war on terrorism is just.|||I%26#039;d say the Cold War which ended with the fall of the Soviet Union.|||World War 2|||1812|||afghanistan, they were the ones who caused 911|||I%26#039;d say Afghanistan.

They invaded in retaliation over 9/11.

Before that WWII|||Sometimes it%26#039;s a case of defending your national interests.

Our nation runs on oil. Whatever your opinions on energy independence, or the environment etc.. this is a hard fact. What would happen to the US, or the rest of the world, if a tyrannical dictator, known for gassing entire towns of minorities in his own country, was allowed to control the flow of middle eastern oil?

Maybe a more accurate statement would be that the Soldier defends a protester%26#039;s ability to own the gas guzzler he drives to the anti war rally.

(Not necessarily directed at you personally)|||Not really an answer to your question, but certainly something to think about.

Common thinking is that the Confederates fired the first shots of the American Civil War, and that they started it when they fired on Fort Sumter. It is regarded as the first act of aggression.

But ponder this, Fort Sumter, occupied by the north were stockpiling military hardware and installing long range cannons capable of firing upon Confederate positions. Should the Confederates have sat back and waited till they started getting killed if the North began firing, or was the build up the actual first act of aggression?

What I am saying is that you can make an act of self defense before you get hit. An example is a person with a knife in their hand refusing to drop it at the command of a Police Officer. When that person gets tasered or shot by the Police, the Police Officer is doing so in self defense. You don%26#039;t have to wait until you receive a mortal wound to defend yourself. If the threat is there and it is real and apparent, it is self defense to shoot first.

What type of handgun do you recommend for self-defense/concealed carry?

I want a handgun with adequate stopping power, a relatively ergonomic grip, and as many worthwhile bells and whistles I can get for a relatively decent price. Any suggestions are welcome.|||Your choice depends a lot on your environment and your competence with whichever weapon you chose.

A friend of mine is a prosecutor for a large county. He gets threatened a lot and takes his personal safety seriously. He wears suits but often works in shirt sleeves. His carry gun is a S%26amp;W 640, a .38 spl., which he carries in a pocket holster. Some of the people that work in the office with him still don%26#039;t know that he carries all the time. He has a S%26amp;W 686, .357 mag. in his car (4 incher) and another 686 at bedside. Note that all the guns are revolvers and S%26amp;W. He trusts the absolute reliability of the revolver. He wants all his defense guns to work the same way, so they are all the same make.

Another friend works a large mountain ranch. He packs an old, well used Mdl. 29, S%26amp;W .44 mag. in a belt slide hip holster. His only concession to %26quot;concealment%26quot; is to throw on a light jacket if he is in town. It is the only hand gun he owns and he is scary accurate with it. He considers semi auto guns %26quot;gadgets%26quot; and does not want to learn another gun.

I have carried a handgun of some type all my adult life. My concealment guns were often snubby revolvers that I hid on various parts of my body. I still carry (on occassion) my S%26amp;W 940, a 9mm snub revolver, in a pocket holster. My usual carry gun is a Taurus 745, a .45 ACP compact, in a IWB holster. Which one I carry kind of depends on how hot it is outside. As long as I can cover the butt of the .45 it is the one I carry. However, the 940 is still a viable option.

Your concealed carry gun should be simple to use and absolutely reliable. %26quot;Bells and whistles%26quot; might be %26quot;cool%26quot; but often they are just things that get in the way at the worst possible time. Really, there are only two worthwhile options to put on your gun. One is a laser sight and the other is night sights.|||I recommend a S%26amp;W model 642 revolver. It%26#039;s 1 gun that can do it all. You can use it at home for defense. It is also small and lightweight and great for conceal carry. It is comfortable to carry and has adequate stopping power being chambered in .38 special. It is reliable and simple and requires relatively zero user maintenance. Unlike a pistol, it won%26#039;t jam and requires less thinking in a stressful situation. Just pick it up and pull the trigger. Some gun enthusiasts have called it the greatest conceal carry gun of all time. Here is a good link with more info:|||Your best choice for a handgun for self defense is the 357 Magnum %26amp; nothing less than that.* Its like getting two (2) guns for the price of one, because you can also shoot 38 caliber ammo in it.* I recommend either a Smith %26amp; Wesson, Colt or Ruger in a Revolver. Great value %26amp; Great handguns.* Deadly %26amp; Lethal for criminals.* New or used.* Its not what you pay for something that matters, its what you get for what you pay.*|||Any of the Sub-Compact Glocks will work just fine, And parts are never an issue with Glocks. They are cheap and available so you could keep a couple of extras on hand. Incase anything were to ever happen. Also For deep concealment Kel-Tecs makes some good guns, Although they may need a little bit of fine tuning to make the run 100%|||I love my Springfield Armory XDs. You can get any size firearm from the 3%26quot; sub-compact to a 4%26quot; compact with shorter grips for conceal carry to the full 5%26quot; tactical. I would suggest the .45ACP for stopping power. It is natural fitting to the hand and feels great on the wrist. Natural pointer. It comes with the grip safety similar to a 1911 and the USA trigger safety like Glock. It also has a striker indicator telling the gun is ready to fire and a load indicator showing a round is chambered. They come with three dot sights but can put Heinie on or fiber optics for that matter. The gun breaks down very easy for cleaning and comes in different color schemes. I have seen in my local shops the sub-compact go for around $520 to $550. Of course I live in IL in Cook County where the great state of Chicago determines how the rest of IL works so I am a little higher than other states. Good luck and happy and safe shooting.

For custom work on the XD:|||My all time favorites are the Colt. 45 auto, and the full size Glock model 22 in .40 S%26amp;W caliber.|||In all things we do we should remember KISS, aka keep it simple, stupid. There are many fine pieces available; I own more than I care to think about but cannot bear to part with any as they keep going up in value. But, for everyday carry I simply use a Kel Tec P-11; light little piece, ten round mag, double action only, easy to carry, simply made, in 9mm with serrated HP ammo it does the job, cost was 242 frogskins. The main thing is it is light and easy to carry and it is reliable. If they make you walk lopsided from the weight or gouge a hole in your side you get a little tired of it at the end of the day; the KT P-11 does not do that. Take a look at one.|||It depends on your level of experience, however because you asked this question I believe you are relatively new to handguns. If this is your first handgun I would suggest you get a revolver and this is why.|||I like the Ruger SP101 with the crimson laser grips

here is a link|||45 great stoping power|||Kahr K9, small conceilable, use corbon hollow point. You can get internal laser or mount with Trijicon night sights, total cost about 500 US

Next choice would be a small Glock 40 S%26amp;W or even a Glock 19 (9mm with same Corbon rounds)

You want more stopping power in a bigger frame, then I suggest the Glock 30 45 ACP but you better have big hands and a big belly to hide it, however, what (if) you hit, it usually stays down.

And don%26#039;t forget,......Practice practice practice.|||Not sure what a deent price is for you, The SIG SAUER P232 is a great handgun .You can have all the bells and whistles added by the factory|||this is one question that almost everyone will disagree. their gun is always the best.when you get a gun you have to look for a few things.reliablity,easy to clean, easy to take apart if necessary.that really limits the numbers.then can also look for guns who will fire when dirty if necessary.about the only gun that rates high in all catagories is the have all the calibers.the gun issued to most police departments in the glock mdl 22, is a great round with great stopping will also shoot under water.there is very little that will ever go wrong with a is a smaller body gun and will fit great in even a womans is also very accurate. it is a very ugly gun but do not get a gun for looks.

----retired texas deputy sheriff----|||You don%26#039;t need bells and whistles for a self defense handgun. Keep it simple...Get a revolver or a reliable and easy to maintain semi-auto. For revolvers, look at Ruger and Taurus. For semi-autos, look at Glock, Springfield XD, Sig Sauer, H%26amp;K, Kahr, or Browning Hi Powers. Sig will be the most expensive followed by Brownings, H%26amp;Ks, and Kahrs (get stainless steel not polymer when it comes to Kahrs). Glocks and XDs will be the cheapest. All are good. As far as caliber, get a .357 magnum revolver (it can also fire .38 Specials) or if you want a semi-auto, go with the 9mm, .40 S%26amp;W, or .45 ACP.

Here is an article on purchasing your first handgun:|||hehehe, adamk you are one funny dude!

Why dont you try that %26quot;mark%26quot; **** on me and lets see how effective you are?

Anything .357 or better is perfect. There are many an adamstopper that can be gotten for $350 or so.

Frankly, in a life and death it%26#039;s all about the man and not the gun anyway.|||Just a stupid question - ever think of the legal and financial consequences of putting a man down on the street?

Also, if I were to attack some one, my weapon would be out before the mark knew what was comming. Besides losing your cash and pantaloons I%26#039;d be off and running with your

600$ Watchamecallit. If you wanna shoot go to a shooting range where you won%26#039;t get into trouble that you don%26#039;t wanna be in.|||i dont think a gun but a pocket knife is good.|||you can get a special liscense for concealed pistol carrying rights, which pretty much means you can carry around a pistol in your pocket/bag/purse/holster anywhere you go legally. and you have to be a certain age in some states to own a pistol.

so after you meet these needs then just get a small .22 cal revolver, easy to clean and handle, you can get a box of 550 bullets for 10-20 bucks, small too, tiny recoil, the smallest caliber gun you can get,

What kind of a class is good for self defense?

Like for fighting, and for protecting yourself. So, you%26#039;ll have confidence that you%26#039;re a good fighter ... PLEASE HELP!|||Over the past 30 years I have been learning and teaching martial arts but for the last 10 years it%26#039;s been KENPO, you should check this art out. Kenpo was designed as a street self defense system against multiple attackers, even from different angles. This is nothing like any other I have been involved with in the past, do a web search or go to and watch some of those Kenpo demo clips.

I am not kidding here Kenpo has devastating self defense techniques, truly awesome.

If there is a Kenpo school within your driving distance go watch some of the classes and even ask of a self defense demonstration. You will be impressed.

I hope this information will become useful, good luck.||| for information of when there would be a class near you.It is a self defense class specially made for women. It was first created when an award winning Martial artist woman was knocked to the ground, and held down, could not get up, and was raped. The class is amazing! I have taken it, and now an going to be taking the advanced. It not only shows you the moves, and allows you to practice them on a full padded guy, using full force blows, but they also teach you verbal skills to help you stop a fight before it starts. To take the class, you do not need to be acrobatic, or in great physical health, but it does help.|||Studying Martial Arts is about personal choice, No one here (not me, or anyone else here) can tell you which Martial Art is going to suit you best. find out what schools are available to you where you live and make your choice from there.

Any Martial Art is good, There isn%26#039;t one that will give you MORE confidence than another. and there isn%26#039;t a %26quot;best%26quot; Martial Arts discipline. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, so not one of them will be better than another.

What matters is that you feel comfortable in the classes (and like the classes) and feel comfortable that the instructor (and the instructor%26#039;s TEACHING style and not the discipline itself) can properly teach you self defense without the %26quot;smoke and mirrors%26quot;.

Just research the schools that%26#039;re in your area and pick three schools that interest you most (check the phone book or internet search engines for websites of schools in your area)

watch a few classes at each school to really make your final decision about which school YOU liked best and then ask them about some trial classes; if you like the class then enroll in it.

that%26#039;s all you really need to do: find a school that will provide a safe, freindly, family like atmosphere for you.

again each person who studies Martial Art has to figure out for themselves what they want out of the discipline they choose, no one can tell them which discipline will work for them.

the fact is that when people ask %26quot;what%26#039;s a good Martial Art for me to learn?%26quot; or “what’s the “best” Martial Art to learn” has 2 major problems:

1st: the majority of people here that post answers will start blurting out names of disciplines that are probably not even available in your area. there%26#039;re only a handful that will tell you that will answer the way I am now.

2nd: Just because they recommend a Martial Art that they may (or worse MAY NOT) have studied and it just happened to become THEIR favorite Martial Art because they’re interested in studying it or it worked for them doesn%26#039;t mean that it%26#039;s going to work for you or that you’ll find it as interesting as they did.|||the best is ju jitsu and boxing. learn theese real well, and no one will toutch u.|||BJJ and Thai Boxing cross train in these arts|||Check with these guys! Even if you dont train there, they are very honest and up front!|||Any traditional Martial Art. What matters is to find a good instructor. It%26#039;s the artist, not the art.|||If you%26#039;re looking for a martial arts style, try kenpo...|||I agree Jiu Jitsu is probably the best style to learn with regard to protecting there a Gracie Jiu Jitsu school near you? If so, I suggest you check them out..a great family that has done amazing things for the art.|||If you go to your local gym a lot of them have defence classes specifically for women. They are very helpful and boost your self confidence. Try calling around or searching on the web for these classes near you. Good luck!|||like yupchagee said, there is no really best martial art. how good you are at the art is more important than how good the art is. also it%26#039;s about what youre most comfortable with. if you like fighting on the ground then take juijitsu. if you like striking then any martial art is good like taekwondo, karate, and kung fu.|||Martial Arts can be broke down into two categories, Hard arts and soft arts. Hard arts are anything that uses a strike or blow, and usually used in a distance of reach. (i.e. Tae Kwon Do, Karate ect. ) A soft art is a grab or move using leverage, throws, and usually used in very close contact. (i.e. Jiu jitsu) It boils down to what you would feel would most benefit your lifestyle and personality. Any of the ones named are good. But what kind of situations are you going to find yourself in, and which would benefit you. Go to several schools and check out what they offer, ask questions.

Now for my personal view. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is amazing and if you can find someone aligned with the Gracie family, then you have a good instructor.|||If you want to learn something that is simple and easy to learn and you should be able to hold your own within about 6months - 1 year of training I would suggest muay thai (depending how much you train i would reccomend 3-4 times a week)

I would suggest this if you are a female looking to be able to defend yourself against predetors and attacks, it is brutal and you will not be messing around with locks or holds, but if it comes down to your life in a situation (which I would wish on no-one) I would being a female prefer to be able to defend myself effectivly and just get outta the situation.. the training for muay thai is good as you spar alot and learn good %26quot;real fight situations%26quot; and the conditioning is good so punches %26amp; kicks tend to not hurt so much after a while.. excellent for self defence.. (but then again where I live guns %26amp; knives aren%26#039;t usually a threat)|||You are asking for two different things. Self defense is not about fighting. The purpose of self defense is not to beat up the other person, but rather to come out of the conflict relatively uninjured. That means you learn to practice awareness and avoidance and you learn to escape. This is rather different than learning how to fight.

Most places don%26#039;t teach you both. I%26#039;ve trained in several martial arts and none of them teach about even the basics of self defense. They don%26#039;t teach you to avoid risky behavior, they don%26#039;t teach you how to take steps to protect yourself when traveling or many other points that I feel are important when you dealing with self defense.

If you want to learn to fight, that%26#039;s something different. I guess I have to ask why however. If you are interested in competition, then pick a Tae Kwon Do school with a good instructor. My only reason for picking TKD is because there tends to more TKD type matches you can attend. Find a good instructor and work hard. Live, eat, breath, and sleep it.

Good luck.|||I%26#039;m sure there are womens%26#039; self-defence courses where you live. It%26#039;s nothing complicated; just joint manipulations, artery strikes (like the femoral artery), and teaching you the pressure points on the body.|||best martial art?you are a very silly man thereis no best martial art and you are clueless.

in answer to your question my dear,the only way to learn properly is to go to classes with a structured teaching method.a womens basic self defence class may help in the mean time.i would not suggest boxing or bjj.boxing is the art of pugalism and bjj is for the octogong.bbj is ok in street defence for women who want to be raped whilst attempting to defend themselves,is this what you want to lay on the ground for your attacker?i think that unwise?dont you?i would suggest karate,judo or ju jitsu or even krav maga. which is a sloppy imatation of the 3 i mentioned combined.