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What form of self-defense could a woman learn in a short amount of time that would be effective??

I%26#039;ve thought about taking boxing classes, or some form of martial arts, but both require close to a year of practice before I could use them to defend myself. Is that true? What form of self-defense could I use effectively, that wouldn%26#039;t take years to learn? What form of defense is best for a woman who needs to protect herself from a man? Thanks|||THE BEST THING TO TAKE IS A SELF DEFENSE CLASS, I DID WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE LAST YEAR, BUY THE WAY I AM 44 YRS. I LEARNED A LOT OF STUFF, IT WAS FOR TWO HOURS ONCE A WEEK FOR 5 WEEKS, NIGHT TIME. IT WAS PROVIDED BY MY LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT. CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT TO SEE IF THEY HAVE A SELF DEFENSE CLASS FOR WOMEN. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, ON THE LAST DAY OF THE CLASS WE PUT ON THESE RUBBER HELMETS KNEE PADS AND RUBBER GLOVES, AND WE GET TO BEAT TWO POLICE MAN UP, ONE OF THE POLICE MAN SAID THAT I HIT HIM A LITTLE TO HARD, BUT IT WAS SO FUN. CALL THEM AND SEE IF THEY HAVE SELF DEFENSE CLASSES. YOU WON%26#039;T REGRET IT, BELIEVE ME.|||I think the coolest thing in the world would be a woman defending herself with an extendible baton which would appear out of no-where like her sleeve or the side of her leg. Those things are easy. Kicking at the groin is also quite simple.

Defense throws to trick and confuse attackers would be good, too.|||How about a swift kick in the balls. That is easy to learn and very effective. It works on females as well.|||Jiu Jitsu is your best bet, (I believe it%26#039;s spellt like that) is based on self defense and how to defend yourself, and the techniques are all simple that most everyone can learn, and in a short period of time to learn the basics (which would probably be all you would need in your case)|||good u r thinking of this. i dont know which self defense program would be best at providing you w/ techniques that will work quick, but i can recommend an excellent book that you will thank yourself for for reading it. it was written by a man who was a councelor for abusive men who had to go to court appointed counceling. this man has heard it all. the name of the book is %26quot;Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men.%26quot; by Lundy Bancroft. it actually offers insight into why they do what they do and how they rope you in to give in to them even tho you know you shouldnt. this book could actually help your life choices and reduce the amount of time thinking, how could he do that, why did he do that etc. you will have answers. wish i could suggest a physical defense plan for you, but this is an Excellent emotional defense plan for sure!!!! best to you!|||You can get your conceal/carry permit in a one day class.

Would a wooden or aluminum baseball bat be my best option for self defense?

I want to have a nonlethal weapon for self defense purposes and have heard that baseball bats work quite well. Now my decision gets tougher, should I go with wood or aluminum? My gut tells me wood would bring the perpetrator to his knees more quickly but the aluminum would probably allow more bat speed.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.|||I%26#039;d go with a wood bat with a few screws in it so it cuts cuts em up when hit em.|||Aluminum is lighter, and virtually impossible to break, on the other hand, if you go with wood, you could always nail screws in upside down to it, but then you might have a hard time pulling it out of them in between swings.|||I%26#039;m kind of %26quot;old school%26quot; on this issue, I prefer the wooden %26quot;thud%26quot; to that ringing sound from a metal bat. Or perhaps a hickory axe handle would be better.|||A bat would work great...if there%26#039;s only one of them, and they don%26#039;t have weapons of their own.

Suck it up and buy a guy. You%26#039;ll be safer.|||Don%26#039;t forget the glove and some balls. If you just have the bat it is a weapon and can be charged with a felony. Crazy Ca. laws. Get the biggest mag light you can find.|||just use the butt of your shotgun. Carrying around both a shotgun and a baseball bat until you have determined whether your attacker is armed or not seems impractical|||Aluminum. A wood bat will break over a liberal head whereas the aluminum will just dent.|||Don%26#039;t bring a bat to a gun fight. Sure fire way to get killed.|||If you are a traditionalist, go with wood. Also, do you you want to hear a %26#039;crack%26#039; or a %26#039;ping%26#039;. These are important choices you need to make.|||Rock Island Armory 1911 .45 cal would do the trick cause the last time I looked bats didn%26#039;t stop bullets

I think the 200 bucks more is worth the money don%26#039;t ya think?|||A bat might work if they throw you a fastball. On the other hand if they are carrying 9mm you might want something else.|||myself, i prefer the%26quot;ping%26quot; factor of the aluminum, to the %26quot;thud%26quot; of the wooden~!!!|||I%26#039;d go with the wood bat.|||That or a gun with blanks, scares the crap out of burglars.|||Either one would hurt but aluminum won%26#039;t break as easy.The upside to breaking is now you have a wooden stake should it be needed next|||Nothing better for home defense than a 12 Gage pump shotgun. Preferably with a pistol grip and 18 inch barrel. Nothing sends fear into an intruder like the sound of a pump shotgun sliding in a new shell.|||I%26#039;m thinking wood.

Aluminum bats are hollow and yeah...they would hurt...but solid wood is really going to take somebody out.|||You can get more swings per minute with an aluminum. But a wooden bat would take care of business in half the whacks.|||HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND !!


Several years ago a young bad guy wanna be decided to break and enter a home where a mother and her two young daughters were sleeping @ 3 am. What he found was calm, deliberate, and VERY WILLING father with a .45 ACP.

He was immediately %26quot;rehabilitated%26quot;. He will NEVER, EVER, break into another home, YOUR HOME again.

Get a clue!|||That%26#039;s a good way to get a jail sentence for assault with a deadly weapon. If you carry around a baseball bat and hit someone with it you can%26#039;t argue self defense because you could have gone home to avoid the situation. Carry pepper spray instead.|||either would do the trick, you should just get a BB gun?

Can a person own 2 self defense guns in South Africa?

With all these new gun laws in south africa, I would like to know if one can own 2 self defense weapons?|||the best way to get an answer would be to go to government printers in pretoria and order a copy of the firearms act, the new laws require gun owners to re apply for new licenses, since the passing of this law only about 15000 applications have been approved for re licensing and none for new license`s. the NRA in USA have a good quote %26quot;if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns%26quot; |||Actually under law you can have up to three,and one offensive weapon for hunting

Is running away after killing someone for self-defense legal?

Is running away after killing someone for self-defense legal? We are doing a mock trial in our class on the Outsiders and I was wondering if you just killed someone for self-defense, can you run away because you were too scared, or is there a law preventing this. If you know details, this takes place in California. |||NO is it legal to ask such silly questions?|||Can%26#039;t answer for Calif. But I am in Arizona and this happened in my family in April.

An in-laws boyfriend was shot point blank (killed him) by someone. The BF was backing down the young man with a knife (for about 60 yards). The shooter ran (along with my son in law, his brother, and my godson and his friend) He was caught and charged with second degree murder, but after investigation, the charges were dropped.

He did get in trouble for having an unregistered gun, and an old probation violation. (not sure where the gun came from)

|||In self-defense cases, the jury is instructed to put themselves in the place of the person who committed the homicide and then determine what a reasonable person would have done %26quot;under the circumstances.%26quot; If you can show that the defendant acted reasonably, the self-defense justification for murder should stand. |||It is illegal because the killing was not a justified homicide. If you run then you committed a crime. If your scared then run to the police dept. and turn yourself in. Only then would you not be a criminal who killed in self defense. If that%26#039;s really what happened.|||It%26#039;s called, %26quot;fugitive.%26quot; Self-defense or not, he/she must still be held accountable in a court of law for taking the life of another. It%26#039;s up to the law to decide to what degree.|||I%26#039;m not sure if it is legal, but if you do it it makes you look very gulity. I think its legal, its just harder to prove innocence.|||i love the Outsiders.


What type of self defense ammunition?

What type of round should I get for a 9mm to be used as self defense? I know everyone says hollow points but which exactly. Any suggestions/links would be helpful. Also if i plan on using one type of round for self defense would it be essential to practice with that exact round, or would just the same weight suffice.|||a good test for defensive shooting.... 7 yards, 9x11 blank paper target.

when you can put all rounds on the paper shot after the other... that is a pretty good start for what it takes to be a good defensive shooter. Practice with ball ... load the premium stuff for carry

I shoot about a box of my duty load over the course of the year...a mag or so to finish out each practice session.

Most 9mm are ramped so they will fire hollow points and ball ammo without problems... but I would test whatever ammo you choose to make sure it functions in your pistol correctly

most folks say that 9mm ...115-125 grain hollow points will have the best perfomance on human targets. Look up a book by Evan Marshall... he has compliled reasearch regarding one shot stops and actuall police department shooting using all popular ammo used over the years.

Remington golden sabers.. Winchester offers a JHP.. Hornady...most can be found at Walmart or a good sporting goods-gun shop.|||There are several brands that make decent defense rounds for the 9mm. For personal defense, I would strongly recommend sticking with a hollowpoint of some kind. Pistols in general are not really great at stopping someone dead in their tracks. Hollowpoints add some to the stopping power by creating a larger permanant and temporary wound cavity. The more trauma caused to the assailant, the less likely it is that they will continue to remain a serious threat. But remember that even persons who have been hit several times with well-placed shots, have been able to continue to fight. So seldom is a lethal force encounter ended with the first shot unless the head or spinal cord is hit. With all that said, there are several manufacturers that make reliable HP ammo for self defense. Hornady TAP ammo is decent as is Federal%26#039;s Personal Defense. Cor-Bon HP%26#039;s are always good as are the Winchester Ranger and Federal Hydra-shok. These brands have proven to give reliable expansion under various conditions.

Also, most brands have a web sight that will give you a %26quot;ballisically similar%26quot; list of rounds, if you want to practice. The bullet grain may be different, but %26quot;ballistically similar%26quot; rounds will impact in the same place as your defense rounds.|||I have carried concealed in Maine, Massachussettes and Alaska for 25+ years.

You need to put 350-400 rounds through your pistol with the ammo of your choice for it to be considered %26#039;ok%26#039; for self defense. This is the gold standard.

Full metal jacketed ammo is the most reliable in an auto pistol. It%26#039;s cheap. Glaser Safety Slugs are the Best for self protection in an apartment or home - but - at $2 each only the rich or somone in law enforcement with a big ammo budget can afford the $800 in ammo to cycle test each pistol. Although hollow points are cheaper than the Glaser - they have a blunt profile than can sacrafice reliability. You need to be darn sure that the improved design will fuction well in your defensive pistol.

Consider this. It is much better to get a good solid hit, and follow up hit, with a standard bullet than a jam or misfire with the pefect bullet.

What you can do is cycle 35-400 rounds of standard ammo and gain some practice. After that start to shoot a 25rd or 50 round box of %26#039;Self Defense%26#039; ammo in the gun. When you get to 350-400 in a year or so with the more improved ammo - then move to that. but - only if you were able to get that improved ammo to function flawlessly.

Hope this helps|||what else is there to do the job, you asked? Nothing is better than a good hollow-point.

what you want is good expansion, good penetration, large wound cavity and (most important) reliability! a LOT of hollow points plug up with clothing and do not expand at all or very little, especially when being fired through a jacket or thick clothes. search for ammo tests with clothing, you%26#039;ll be shocked!

the best round that has the least compromise is the corbon Pow%26#039;RBall! it has a soft plastic ball protecting the hollow cavity that almost guarantees great expansion every time, even through thick clothing. the ball also increases feeding reliability in picky guns.

don%26#039;t get too carried away with gel-tests because shooting jello is a lot different than shooting a clothed human with bones inside.

also, hornady will be coming out with a similar product so keep your eyes peeled. they already have it in .380 and that%26#039;s what i carry in my little kel-tec!|||Go here for some ballistics data and pictures and ammunition sales.


I run MagSafe JHP 84 Gr in my Glock23(.40cal), they cost around $2 per round.

But Ive ALSO shot ALOT of Lawman FMJ 165Gr ammo, and it fires AWESOME at the range, NEVER a single jam, fires hard but fires smooth....i can feel how perfect it shoots.(V.S. other brands and types)

So if I dont have my JHP homedefense rounds in the gun, I got the Lawman Training ammo....since I KNOW FOR SURE it will fire....and if I somehow miss my target, the muzzleflame will surely give them a heart attack.

9mm is good for penetration and accuracy, but its NOT generally an acceptable stopping round by most police departments,FBI etc,......

They DO make some good rounds for the 9mm, but you need to know what those are..(i dont, since i dont shoot 9mm, I just heard from some people)

If you want stopping power for a pistol, you Atleast want a .40 caliber pistol. Ive run ballistic test myself in the field, and it has incredible penetration and power at close range, and usually has MORE chamber pressure than a .45 caliber.

(well atleast in the Glocks)

Check out that website.|||Hydrashok|||Hornady TAP FPD|||not to be condescending , but 9mm hollow points , or you could buy just regular 9mm and make a x it the tip , close to the same result, a bigger hole in them.|||As far as I know it%26#039;s only one type of hollow pint for 9mm I don%26#039;t know.

How far does the definition of "self-defense" go until its considered murder?

Read in the paper that a girl tried to kill and rape a girl. When the girl started screaming, the boyfriend came in and killed the guy who tried to kill the girl. Apparently he shot him and then slit his throat? The guy who killed the rapist was charged with murder and the girl was charged with assisting the crime. How far does self defense go in this case?|||Well the answer to this question is simple, but complicated to explain, and somewhat difficult to understand.

People have the right to use force, up to and including deadly force, to STOP someone from injuring or killing someone.

In other words, if someone is trying to injure or kill someone, you are only allowed to use as much force as is necessary to STOP the attack, and NO More. The ONLY time deadly force is allowed is when deadly force is the ONLY thing that will STOP it.

A reasonable person can safely assume, even without hearing the totality of the circumstances, that the boyfriend shooting the rapist was enough to stop the attack on the girl. In that case, since he was able to stop the attack by shooting him, he had no further need to stop him, therefore slitting his throat was unnecessary and constitutes murder (non-premeditated).

Additionally, there could be some question as to whether shooting him was even necessary to stop him. If it can be argued that he could have done anything else other than shooting him to stop the attack, then, as a matter of law, even shooting him was criminal. Again, you%26#039;re only allowed to use that force that is NECESSARY to STOP the injury or death of someone. Shooting him and then slitting his throat constituting murder in this case will hang on whether or not the boyfriend reasonably believed that he had no other option, and NOT whether he reasonably believed he had the right. Mistake of the law and/or personal opinon is not an affirmative defense.|||Maybe slitting his throat went beyond the bounds of self-defense cases. I would think getting shot would have been a sufficient deterrent to ward off the rapist. It%26#039;s up to the jury now. I%26#039;d have to hear all the facts from all sides before giving a better answer.|||Depends on the state. Here in Florida last year they passed a new law, if you feel threatened or feel someone else is threatened you can kill the assailant and not have to worry about facing charges, period. A very good law, I think|||It%26#039;s called reasonable force the boyfriend kind of went over board. Punching the skinhound out would have been suffice. He went way overboard. After the reasonable force he no longer was protecting his girlfriend, however if indeed if it was rape I probably would have hurt him quite badly maybe even enough to kill but i wouldn%26#039;t have shot him and slit his throat. What this really sounds like was this was a set-up. Why would her boyfriend be carrying a firearm and a knife? Almost sounds like this was premeditated from the start boyfriends don%26#039;t carry firearms and knifes without some sort of reason.|||Only as far as your money lasts in the hands of a crooked lawyer.|||first of all to prove self defense you have to prove that they were doing somehing to harm the rapist did...and then it to get a jury to believe it the over kill doesnt help make the case... personally i dont think that they should get tried but it is up to the D.A in that state. if you want more then get the book of the laws for your state|||he used excessive force- he both cut the throat and shot him.

I don%26#039;t know why the girl was charged

What's the name of the self-defense used by the Israel guards based in set of techniques where all is valid?


I was told about that but I do not remember the name.

Also would be interesting to read your opinion about if it%26#039;s the best self-defense existing at the moment.

Thanks and regards.|||Krav Maga. It is effective. From what I know about it, it is designed to be easy to learn (a soldier has to be able to learn enough in basic training to be able to use it in a life %26amp; death struggle) but requires top physical conditioning. (something that basic training demands. It%26#039;s good enough for the Sayeret Matkal.|||Do you mean Kav Maga?|||Krav Maga, is quickly growing in the law enforcement field, and it is said to be one of the best self-defense techniques out there.|||Krav maga is the name, it is not the %26quot;best%26quot; martial art. There is no such thing. I have seen its effectiveness, but its not the best to that effect either.|||Krav Maga

try searching online and you will probably find one close to you. it is not the ultimate though, even though it has great ideals.|||Its called Krav Maga. I%26#039;ve heard that the techniques it uses are very practical and easy to learn.|||It is indeed Krav Maga.

It seems to be pretty good. Though they won%26#039;t teach you everything from the %26quot;system%26quot; they teach things specifically to your needs. In order to learn %26quot;lethal%26quot; techniques you need to be a current member of the military and to learn all of the restraints and what not you need to be in security or law enforcement.

The system seems to me to be more of a training system than a style so to speak, it does teach you attacks and defences which what a fighting style is I suppose, but it also encompasses what you already know. In Krav they put you in realistic situations and get you to practice using improvised weapons such as bags, pens, whatever is in the scenario. They set of loud sirens and smoke screens to simulate the chaos of a real situation, there%26#039;s lots of fucus on fighting anywhere and everywhere.

I think it sounds great, but really you could apply this kind of training to any style and any decent martial art teach the %26quot;lethal%26quot; techniques anyway, it%26#039;s a bit of a crock in my opinion if you know the human anotomy and how to hit then anyone can be lethal, I suppose that it%26#039;s mainly to disuade idiots that want to be James Bond.

Well that%26#039;s my 2 cents, in short it%26#039;s worth a look.|||The name is KRAV MAGNA.

It is simply another combination of Judo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and boxing plus Escrima stick fighting.|||Krav Maga. (Can%26#039;t believe the first two people spelled it wrong...)

I don%26#039;t know much about it, but it was formed specifically for self-defense and combat. And law enforcement and military use it, so I would think it%26#039;s an extremely effective system.

The only concern I have about krav maga is that it was also formed for combat, and it has quite lethal techniques... so I would recommend that you look up your state%26#039;s self-defense laws and find out what their definition of %26quot;reasonable force%26quot; is. You can easily land in legal hot water if you don%26#039;t know what you%26#039;re doing.|||Krav Maga, read up on it, the history of it is pretty interesting.|||Krav maga... Just thought I would be redundant...:P

I am not a big proponent for picking a particular style of self defense as %26quot;best%26quot;. Many of these particular martial arts have similar linage and history. Don%26#039;t believe the hype in short. The only reason for someone to say theirs is best would be for marketing. Pick a style with some traceable history and proven accreditation%26#039;s. Plus self-defense is only one of the many reasons we are students of the martial arts. My advice is find a school that is geared for self-growth, mind and body.

Have you ever used your self defense skills?

Girls, have you ever needed your self defense knowledge? And for what kind of a situation?|||I take WuShu, but I have not had the opportunity to use it to defend myself.

What I did do was kick a pervert in the balls when his pinky touched my hand.

I was riding the subway (New York City), when I noticed some pervert inching his hand closer and closer to my hand on the pole. The minute his dirty digusting pinky touched my hand, and the train halted, I kicked him in the balls and cursed the sh*t outta him.|||You must use self defence skills for your self protection. Girls need to be more aware and be trained to avoid unsavouary attacks on their womanhood.The other reasons could be when they are attacked to take away their purse, jewellery or other belongings.|||My wife did.. She just learned at . It%26#039;s amazing she learned some techniques in just a matter of days practicing the lessons.

How useful is pentjak silat in self defense? Are there any credible schools teaching it in Singapore?

Or any other martial art that is good in self defense?|||Silat or Pentjak (Pencak) Silat is a generic term of the art, like Kung Fu for example, where u can find a lot of variations from different schools. Silat is a very effective combat art sometimes combined with a unique %26#039;tari%26#039; (like %26#039;dance%26#039; in a capoiera). U can also learn weapons like Parang, Keris, Kerambit, etc. Silat has a wide variation of styles, theres a Silat Cekak where the movements are like Aikido, but the most popular ones like Gayong for example, has strikes, locks, etc. Im not sure about Silat school in Singapore, but in Malaysia, u can find many Silat schools, and usually Silat is trained in the village areas, in a traditional way.

Silat is useful, and theres no definite answer of which art is the best, its up to what you want and what you like, and find a right school. As for myself, im a Pesilat and Aikidoka.

Good luck.|||carry a concealed knife lol... much better|||Superb hardcore fighting art.

Just watch for the magick that some use......................|||I do not know whether there are any pencak silat school in singapore, but as far as i know, I think it is not very useful nor practical.|||It%26#039;s very practical. And very Effective it is destructive and force ful any one that says it is not practical has not fought some one that is a master at it. I have fought many diverse and wide range of martial artists and if harnessed it is as effective as Muay Thai kick boxing. Pentjak silat is a boxing for because you use a structured amount of moves. good luck in finding a school

What is the law if you hit a minor who hits you first?would they call that self defense?

Lets say a minor starts a fight and they swing at you first so you fight back would they call that self defense? or would you still go to jail for doing so?Even if your not the one who started it?|||There is an Urban Legend that an adult cannot hit a minor. No. It depends on the circumstances and if, in a situation, the minor starts the fight, you can defend yourself. However, that being said, if the minor is 4 years old, no, you can%26#039;t. Once puberty is reached, I think you have a normal right.|||If you are authorized to used self defense, age does not matter. However, common sense and reason do.

Self defense is established by state law, and will vary. However, being hit does not automatically give you the right to hit back. Many states have a %26quot;duty to retreat%26quot; clause, meaning you must walk away if practical.

In all states, self defense is an %26quot;affirmative defense%26quot;. This means it is up to you to prove you had the right to use it. There is also an equal force clause, saying you can only counter with an equal, and reasonable, amount of force.|||if ANYONE is capable of assaulting you i feel you should have the right to defend yourself hopefully with minimum force but hey its a survival move it happens natrually in most cases men or women or minors . its life im afraid.|||A tricky one. You would have to be very careful about the fighting back part..if you %26#039;beat the snot%26#039; out of him..your in trouble, if you just subdue him,( put him in a subbmision hold) you are in a much better situation.|||Your only allowed to use a reasonable amount of force to defend yourself. If someone hits you and you beat the crap out of them you will get arrested for assault.|||It isn%26#039;t self defense if the minor is, say, four years old.

If they are in their late teens then I don%26#039;t think you%26#039;d get in trouble for it.|||This under most cases will fall under self-defense, granted that you don%26#039;t rip the minor to pieces. You only need to act with enough force to end your imminent danger.|||Well if he started it... then yes, i would think thats Self-Defense.|||lol - if my kid ever hit me i%26#039;d throw him through the friggin%26#039; wall

What is (in your opinion) the most effective *Chinese* martial Art for self defense?

I am interested in chinese martial arts, like all the different kinds of Kung Fu, and I was wondering, if you have any experience, what is the most effective chinese martial art for self defense? Do you think Shaolin is the best? I%26#039;ve heard some people say Tai Chi is best in the long run, or that Wing Chun is best, etc...What is your opinion?|||What is best for me won%26#039;t necessarily be what is best for you. I like Hung Gar. We train in a complete system that does not require blending other systems, but also does not frown upon it.

I have studied Chinese boxing for over a decade now, but have experience in Korean systems previously to that. I do prefer Chinese systems (otherwise I wouldn%26#039;t be training in them!), but that isn%26#039;t to say they are necessarily better than other systems; rather, they are better for me and what I want out of my training.

The great thing I have found about Chinese boxing is that they are varied and are determined to be suited for a practitioner not just based on desire of training, but also on attitude and even the practitioner%26#039;s physique. Since I am of average height and have a stalky build, I am very well suited for Hung Gar, which is the system in which I train. I know of people who do Northern Shaolin who are tall and lanky and excel at it. This isn%26#039;t to say that somebody like me couldn%26#039;t do just as well in it, but it may require more practice and training to reach a higher level.

All that being explained, ask yourself what you want out of your training, how long you plan on training, and what techniques may come more naturally for you, otherwise, how much practice you are willing to put in for techniques that do not come naturally for you!

Oh, and FYI, %26quot;Tai Chi%26quot; is merely a philosophy, whereas %26quot;Tai Chi Chuan%26quot; is an actual martial art. It is practiced slowly since it possesses no basics and since doing it slowly massages the internal organs and has fantastic health benefits. This being the case, many never progress to practicing it at full speed. This is also why many seniors do it. In fact, it is joked that Tai Chi Chuan is China%26#039;s universal health care! When somebody does do Tai Chi Chuan at full speed, though, it is easy to see why the translation is %26quot;Supreme Ultimate Fist%26quot;. It takes a very long time to attain this level. Most Chinese boxing schools teach Tai Chi Chuan on top of their external martial arts programs.|||Since you%26#039;re looking for %26quot; most effective %26quot; i would say - San Da or San so. it is devised by the chinese millitary and it only took out the most effective techniques from different systems within china and the world and integrated in one that provides max efficiency for soldiers. Report Abuse
|||open4one: very interesting stuff. did you felt like your attacks on him got %26quot;swallowed/dimished%26quot; and his defences blended into your attacks and became an offence? Report Abuse
|||San Soo. don%26#039;t go by the videos you see on the internet. most of what i%26#039;ve seen on the net is crap. but san soo done right is a dynamic and versitile art that will honestly be a little hard to spare w/ your buddies with because you never really square up with an opponent .you respond and hurt him quickly and badly,and will save your a$$ when it comes down to it.|||Therea are many good Chinese styles. Northern Shaolin features kicking, southern features hand techniques. Wing Chun is a southern style. Tai Chi is excellent once you learn it, but it takes a lot linger to learn. It%26#039;s a matter of personal preference %26amp; availability of a good school.|||San Shou its like Kickboxing/Muay Thai with Judo throws however the sport part of it withdrawls the knees and elbows from competition.|||From what I%26#039;ve seen, San Shou is the most effective Chinese martial art. You get to approach the style from an empirical standpoint like with the Lei Tai stadiums of old where kung fu masters of all styles got on stage to fight one another. If you want a REALLY effective Chinese art, go for this one. As for the availability, I don%26#039;t think you can just find practitioners of this style just anywhere.|||Go to e few different schools and watch the classes ,ask questions of the instructors afterwards then make your decision .|||learn a little bit of both, or a lot of both. be versatile, my friend. if you have black belt in all the chinese martial arts, you have y uttermost respect. and probably a couple of good-looking girls too|||Any kind of chinese martial arts.|||Shaolin Kung Fu is very good,Tai Chi is more for the elderly but that doesn%26#039;t mean you can%26#039;t learn it too and Wing Chun is very good for close combat.Qi Gung is very good because that you can become stonger just by breathing.Out of these,I think that Shaolin is the best because it consist of 5 different fighthing styles and all of them are based on animals,example:monkey, grasshopper,tiger,etc.Tai Chi is more relaxing than Shaolin but this is up to you.To master Shaolin,you must begin learning it from a young age so I recommend Chik Kwon Do but you can learn Shaolin if you want.Taekwondo is from South Korea and Karate is originated from China but it became famous in Japan.This is just my opinion.|||Why do it have to be chinese? Do you wear a silk dress and walk around and talk in hakitu?

Don%26#039;t pick style base on where it come from, pick one that you%26#039;re interested in!|||tai chi is an interrnal art for relaxation not fighting:

wing chun is the martial art Bruce Lee did when he little wich he later turned into jeet kune do

i did tai chi and lung shou pai; o rdragon style kung fu 7 years 1st degree balack belt. it is a very effective reality based program|||The best in my opinion is Kung Fu San Soo|||I don%26#039;t actually have an opinion, but I do have an anecdote.

I had studied TaeKwon Do for eight years in a very serious way when I was invited by a student to come see an Aikido class. I wasn%26#039;t impressed at all by what I saw. I was invited to spar with the Master.

The Master looked more to me like a little bus driver than a martial artist. He was a short fat guy of about 70. From watching the class I figured he had taken a few Judo lessons once, but that was about all I could see.

We squared off, after he had explained to me that he wanted me to go %26quot;full contact%26quot;, which was fine by me, that%26#039;s how I was trained.

Well, we squared off a total of six times. He put me on my back six times out of six, and I have no idea how he managed it, considering that he never actually touched me.

From my point of view, it greatly resembled the stuff the Jedi knights were doing in Star Wars, except that it was real.

Is it legal for me to carry a knife with me, for self defense purposes?

I%26#039;m 16 and I live in Michigan. I%26#039;m a mature teenager, but a lot of times I am alone by myself when I skate around town, would it be legal to carry a knife for self defense purposes?|||According to the statute, there is no age limit. But the knife itself must be:

1. Less than 3 inches

2. Single-edged, not double

3. Not a switchblade

4. Must fold

5. Don%26#039;t carry at school, court houses or airports

Details to the statute are in the link below.

Word of advice if I may:. Knives are not good for self-defense. Why? Well when you stab somebody, they don%26#039;t die or fall over right away! Ask the scar on my gut. It took me 10 minutes before I passed out, and I%26#039;d already beaten my attacker senseless with my boots by then. So for defense, I use OC spray and some kind of blunt weapon, like a baton (don%26#039;t know if they%26#039;re legal in MI) or a solid walking stick.

Combat/tactical knives are for sneaking up on an enemy sentry and slitting his throat before he knows what hit him, not so much defending oneself.|||This is good....ok here it is.

I am 14 years old and live in texas, and lemme tell you that just about everywhere you can carry a knife. within reason. the knife that I sometimes carry is what is known as a butterfly knife. yes, these are illegal, but I carry, so that I don%26#039;t have to use it. get it? If you know what a butterfly knife does, well it%26#039;s scary. If someone came up to me and asked me for my wallet, AND THEY DID NOT HAVE A GUN, I would start flipping. It scares people, that is the whole point of a butterfly knife. Never pull a knife on someone with a gun also, because then it gives them an excuse to shoot you through a pillow. So If at 16 and you don%26#039;t own a knife? that is weird. but start out with something that is just plain. Also make sure it has a lock of some sort. nothing special. don%26#039;t get a butterfly knife, though because they are not best for a first knife. Also, if you can, get something besides a knife, because knives are for the person trying to hurt you. they are made to kill. get something like a stun-gun. They won%26#039;t sell one to you at a store, but ask around at your school, because every school has a weapons dealer, believe me! That is where I get my switchblades and butterflies. So get something like a stun-gun or a baton or pepper spray. girly=yes. protective=yes.

Can someone give me 10 researchable questions for self defense?

ex.How can knowing self defense help you from being attack?|||Bujinkan Ninja FAILS again!!! Dear Lord kid...

Actually any REAL Martial Art, or self defense system can help you from being attacked. A large part of REAL self defense systems help you to learn to recognized behaviors, environments and warning signs, and in many ways help prepare you in a way that you are less likely to be attacked, and help lower your overall risk for being a victim.

1. What is the most common violent crime in America (or your country) statistic wise?

2. What percentage of attacks come from random unknown parties?

3. What are some keys to preventing possible attacks or self defense scenarios?

4. What is the most common flawed methodology involving self defense?

5. Is there a difference in self defense approaches/crime prevention for women? If so why?

6. When under the threat of an assailant with a gun or a weapon, what is the one thing you should never do?

7. Explain the correlation between crime rates and the introduction of conceal and carry licenses? What is the general trend when conceal and carry licenses get introduced to a state?

8. Statistically speaking which is more likely? A. You will get bitten by a shark. B: You will be in an unavoidable self defense situation in which you must fight for your life.

9. What are some common themes in self defense that help you avoiding being attacked?

10. Explain the need for a seperate Women%26#039;s self defense curriculum, and what possible differences it would have versus a normal self defense course?

How is that for ya? I actually hope you get a chance to research them yourself to find the answers to them.|||A well-trained martial artist with street fighting experience can:

1. Size up his opponent (or opponents).

2. Quickly size up a situation.

3. Is not afraid to walk away from a fight.

4. Is psychologically and emotionally mature enough to recognize and %26#039;defuse%26#039; a tense situation.

5. Possess a graduated level of self-defense skill to be able to use an equal amount of defense to the level of attack received. In other words, you don%26#039;t eye-jab someone who puts their hand on your shoulder.

6. The well trained martial artist possess a manner that conveys confidence and ability to a would be attacker (i.e. I don%26#039;t think I should mess with this guy).

7. Doesn%26#039;t brag about his martial arts abilities or belts or wins, etc.

8. By actually protecting yourself in a vigorous assault, follows through and defeats his assailant, and proves that the Martial Artist can, in fact, defend himself. This is showing a example of what you can actually do in a righteous self-defense situation.

9. The true martial artist can persuade by his own examples.

10. The true martial artist, by virtue of years of quality and tough training, demonstrates a higher intelligence and superior moral character and outlook on life, that intimidates a potential assailant or bully.|||What specific types of training actually help in a fight?

What is the goal of self defense?

What is the difference between self defense and fighting/brawling?

(and there is a difference, anyone who disagrees is free to email me about it from my profile)

When do I know that I am physically prepared/conditioned for a fight?

How often and how long should I train in my chosen MA style if my goal is self defense?

What type of self defense scenarios or situations should I expect or train for?

Is learning one MA fully or learning parts of several MAs better for the purpose of self defense?

What recorded/documented instances are out there about successful uses of self defense?

What are the legal issues surrounding self defense?

What kind of advice to %26quot;career%26quot; self defence users suggest? (like bouncers, bodyguards, police officers, military, etc.)

Well there you go, ten question you can take to the info bank.

Happy Training!|||Sorry i am not going to do your homework for you. I will however say that %26quot;The gift of fear%26quot; by Gavin DeBecker is an excellent resource.

ninja boy- A huge part of martial arts and self defense training is learning to be aware and what to look for. thus my reference to Gavin DeBeckers book. Not to mention that the confidence and just the way you learn to move can many times deter someone from attacking you. I guess you are too busy learning all of that deadly stuff though to really know much else.|||Just look no further than Yahoo Answers man there%26#039;s at least 10 searchable questions about self-defense right here in%26quot;martial arts%26quot; questions like

1. %26quot;How do I win in a street fight?%26quot;

2. %26quot;What%26#039;s the Best Martial Art in the world?%26quot;

3. %26quot;Can I train at home?%26quot;

4. %26quot;Where to buy a cheap Gi?%26quot;

5. %26quot;Who would win in a fight between blah MMA guy versus Blah MMA guy?%26quot;

6. %26quot;Sword fighting/Care?%26quot;

7. %26quot;Where to start ... I want to fight in MMA?%26quot;

8. %26quot;School kids picking on me how do I defend my self?%26quot;

9. %26quot;Can you list all the martial arts in the world?%26quot;

10. %26quot;Where can I find a good MMA gym?%26quot;

all these questions have just the answers you%26#039;re looking for dude. Look no further than Yahoo Answers %26quot;Martial Arts%26quot;!!!! woo hoo!!!|||No martial art or self defense system will help you from being attacked. It will only help you when you ARE attacked. Some martial arts that are watered down for sport are mediocre for self defense while combat martial arts may be a little too good. Try learning something in between.|||I can only LOL!!!

Do self-defense courses for women teach them to defend themselves from female attackers, as well as males?

I was just wondering, because from what I hear, it seems that women%26#039;s self-defense courses are mainly geared towards teaching them to defend themselves from male attackers (e.g. rapists, muggers, etc.). Can these courses also enable women to defend themselves from other women who attack them?|||This is an excellent question. I teach martial arts and yes self-defense. We do lean towards telling women that this is for an attacker. Usually male as statistics run that way. There is not a lot on women attacking women in this fashion.

However we make it clear that the techniques that will fend off a man will work just as well on a female. Even a good groin kick will bring a woman down.

We, of course, do spar and I promaote that it does not matter the sex of the person in front of you. They are an agressor and should be treated as such.

The techniques-to sum up-work on the human body. Gender is not really a criteria.|||yes, but any school worh its salt will teach you to do each other%26#039;s nails and gossip too.

many women%26#039;s self defence courses are also dangerous- many cater to women with the idea that %26quot;you don%26#039;t have to train hard%26quot; and %26quot;here are a few things to do now you can kick the crap out of rampage if he accosts you in an alley%26quot;.

no, a proper wsd course will have you apply them against a resisting opponent- man or woman, with intent and force. ok, for a few hours seminar no one can expect you to learn to go a few rounds with a pro or even amateur fighter- but maybe to learn a few techniques to fight back. therein is the key, you must learn application.

from what i%26#039;ve seen (haven%26#039;t seen alot- just ex gfs that have taken it in one form or another who aren%26#039;t serious about ma), these courses generally don%26#039;t do that- they show you a few things and have you do it against a compliant partner and thats it.

EDIT: pugpaws raises and interesting statement usually one connected with weapons- but entirely relevant- DON%26#039;T train in something or attempt it if you aren%26#039;t willing to use it. there are passive means of self-defence that might not always work, but better than doing something half-assed and pissng off your attacker. such methods as self-urination or carrying a %26quot;siren buzzer%26quot; are typically associated with rape however not robbery or assault or domestic abuse.|||Though I%26#039;d jump in here and add a few things concerning womens self-defense. Most classes are designed for defense against a male attacker.

NOTE: There is a problem here that many women don%26#039;t realize. Many people (men and women) take a self-defense and should ask themselves this question. Be honest with yourself. I ask this to all women taking self-defense classes from me. The question is....

If your life or health is seriously threatened. Could you bite off someones nose, poke out their eyes, bite off their ear,.....? And if you could could you do it without hesitation? If you can%26#039;t answer the questions with yes, then no self defense techniques will be of use. In serious situations you must be willing to do what ever is necessary to defend yourself, %26quot;Without hesitation%26quot;.|||i agree with what j l said. but a lot of teachers dont do that.and they should make a female the bad guy as much as a male. in role playing. and a lot more of them should talk about the breast as a target. and the fact its easier to get a good shot in on a female to the groin.because they dont expect it like a male would. so it depends a lot on the person teaching the course. i teach self defense and break it down by gender of reinforceu the idea females are just as bad as males|||Definatly, you know how women can be. It is a 50% of a guy or a girl trying to attack you. Women rob people to, and you know how women fight alot. You have to prepare your self for the most and believe it or not there are many more women attackers than you think.|||Of course! Just generally men are muggers and rapists, not women. But they work teaching you against men because normally they are bigger and stronger. Obviously if you can take down a 6 foot 200lb male you could take down a 6ft 200lb woman!|||well... i haven%26#039;t heard of women on women self-defense, cuz it%26#039;s usually us (men) who attack you. ask a martial arts instructor about it.|||here is a link

What are some good self defense techniques for me to learn?

My entire life I have lived in a small town, surrounded by family. In the summer, though, I%26#039;ll be moving to a rather large city (Rome, Italy)...and I%26#039;ll be by myself for a while. I%26#039;ll use my common sense, but things still, what are some self defense moves I could learn? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Oh, and I didn%26#039;t know what category to put it in...but I am female, and I guess the question is pertaining to my health and well, women%26#039;s health it is. lol|||Let me start by saying that self defense does not necessarly have the same goals as martial arts. Self defense is about surviving, hopefully unhamred after a violent encounter. The goal is not really to fight, or to beat up the other person but rather to escape to safety. While I certainly encourage you to start with a martial arts class, understand that many martial arts have the goal of teaching you to fight or to compete. I%26#039;ve trained in several martail arts school and not a one of them ever talk or trained students in awareness or avoidance which are very key components to staying safe.

Learn how to avoid dangerous places, dangers people and risky behaviour. Keep your head up and don%26#039;t get overly involved on cell phone calls. Do not look lost or like you are uncertain, even when you are. If you don%26#039;t look like prey, it greatly reduces the chance that you will become prey.

Self defense needs to be simple, efficient and brutal. Nothing fancy. And you cannot approach it was a timid mindset. You have to committ to a course of action and committe 110%. You will most likey be confronted by someone who is larger and stronger than you. Aggressors seldom attack someone unless they are pretty certain they can win. So you cannot use half way measures.

Primary targets are soft tissue. The eyes, the throat, the solar plexis and the groin are good examples. Don%26#039;t strike at the head with your fist. It is very easy to break a bone in your hand or sprain your wrist when striking, this is especailly true if you have not trained for that type of impact.

You and you alone are responsible for your safety. Take it seriously and understand that there is a lot to learn. I don%26#039;t think anyone learns it all. Most of it is mental and deal with your behaviour in order to avoid conflict. The physcial part requires learning techniques which is really pretty easy, and learning how to apply them which is a whole lot harder. They are pershable skills and require regular practice even after you feel you have mastered them.

A martial arts class will help you get used to making the needed striking motions as well as get you used to forceful physcial contact. A good instructor will also help you get your head around the idea of hurting another human being. This is very difficult for some people when the rubber meets the road and many women will attemtp to use a technique to hurt someone %26quot;just a little bit%26quot; and the results are no normally good.

So yes, join a martial arts school or club. But keep your focus on self defense, unless you decide to get into competitive sparring which if fine if that is what you are looking for. Just dont%26#039; confuse a martial art with the emphasis on sparring with real world self defense.

Good luck to you!

(Once again spell checking is not working. I guess they will get it fixed soon.)|||Any type of self defense course will give you the basics that you need to know. I firmly belive that it should be mandatory for all girls to learn in school. Maybe we would not have so many problems with women gatting attacked. Whatever you do don%26#039;t go and buy a gun this will only get you killed unless you are very well trained in how to use it. You would be better off with the self defence classes and there are many classes available just for women. They also teach you more than just how to defend yourself.|||Kick boxing,|||first the key it to not make yourself a victim to violent crime. don%26#039;t walk down dark and unfamiliar streets at night. travel with another, keep a small set of keys in your hand which could be used as a weapon to gouge the eyes of an attacker.

depending on your size this may or may not be an issue. rappest target small petite women (5%26#039;0-5%26#039;3) that are easy to control and that most likely will lack the physical strength to fight back.

it%26#039;s very hard to teach self-defense techniques on the Internet. but the throat and the groin are the 2 main areas to strike.|||Knees, nuts, nose|||karate, and when a men comes attacking, kick them where it hurts the most|||aikido



any martial art would be good.|||get yourself a revolver. done.|||ok well...i had self defence at skool and he was a black belt in tae kwando or something. he didnt actually teach us any, but he told us some good moves.

if u get attacked...yell fire rather then help. ppl tend to ignore cries for help, but fire tends to attract lots of ppls attention.

if ur walkin to ur house or car, and theres ppl around, wait til theyve gone, or, have the key out in ur hand, and have a key ready to use as a weapon should the need arise. if u have the push button lock on ur car, dont unlock the car until ur at the door, coz someone can get inside ur car b4 ur in it. lock the doors when travelling thru surburbia to prevent ppl gettin in ur car with u.

should someone attack u, dont go automatically for %26quot;below the belt%26quot;, instead try kickin them in the shins or a punch in the chest.

hope it helps|||Well a kick to the privates of the attacker is the universal

self defense method. If some one grabs you from behind around the neck lock your chin to your collarbone. You%26#039;ll still be able to breath. Combined with a quick stamp on his foot you could probably stun him and get away. There are releases you can perforn if grabbed on the arm. Snap you wrist out between the weak spot between thumb are forefinger. A excellent scream is very effective. When walking alone carry your keys between your fingers so if you had to hit someone the poking out keys would make an added deterent. Clench your fist real hard. Try not to travel alone late at night. Before you get out of your car drive around the block to see if %26quot;undesirables%26quot; are hanging around. While still in your car scope out where your going. Plan where you%26#039;d run in the event of an emergency. Being panic%26#039;ed in an unknown place is scary enough. Having a back up plan may make you feel more secure and give you peice of mind. I%26#039;m not sure if they have it in Italy or not but buy yourself some pepper spray and carry it in your hand when you are most vulnerable. Good luck and

God Bless!|||The most basic one: aki-iage and aki-sage

This is done when someone tries to hold your wrist.

1. spread the palm of your hand where the attacke is holding your wrist.

2. hold this position in your palm with your shoulders relaxed

3. with cat like speed, thrust your hand with your spread out palm downward (this would off-balance anyone) and simultaenously kick the groin(if male) or the stomach(if female)

when the attacker is holding both wrists.

1. do #1 and #2 on the first part.

2. with the speed of an ionized particle, thrust your left hand downward and your right hand upward toward the attacker and simultaenously kick the groin (if male) or the stomach (if female)

if forgot the terms but aki-iage probably means rising sun and aki-sage means falling moon or vice versa.

Would the following scenario be considered self defense?

A man, lets call him A, is at his relatives house when some people he has issues with see him there they try to start a fight, but are told to leave. They come back again to start trouble, but are told yet again to leave. They come back a third time with another man, lets call him B, who claims to have a gun. When man B approaches the porch where man A is, man B reaches for his pocket, then man A shots him several times. Would this be considered self defense?|||Jimmie made a good point.

The other guy cole is a Liberal douche.

The actions of B and his friends clearly demonstrated an attempt to due you harm. They were told to leave private property and returned univited several times, apparently in a violent manner. Any reasonable judge or jury would conclude that A acted in the best interests of A and A%26#039;s family. You are allowed to carry a gun on your own property, most likely ruling out any possibilities of B making a claim against A.|||No.

Self defense using lethal force is only allowed when there is a clear and imminent danger. A man walking towards you reaching into his pocket, even if he says he has a gun, is not clear and imminent danger. If anything, if he did have a gun he could say he was drawing because YOU had a gun out. This makes his actions self defense and your actions the clear and imminent danger.

I would vote you get some jail time. |||As a former military policeman, I would believe this would be considered self defense, here%26#039;s why. We are told that in order to use deadly force, a person must demonstrate intent, opportunity, and capability to harm you. Based on what you told me this person B who shows up with the previous group who were told to leave on several occasions demonstrated that he had the opportunity to harm person %26quot;A%26quot; because he was there. Intent can be determined because he was there against the property owner will. Capability cant be completely proven because no weapon was seen. One can only guess what man %26quot;B%26quot; was going in his pocket to get, but based on the previous events, one only have a split second to decide to defend himself or not. I think man %26quot;A%26quot; made the right choice.

What is a great auto or foldable knife for self defense?

I have a KABAR but those aren%26#039;t exactly legal or practical to carry around. I want an auto or a folding knife that YOU think would be a great self defense last-resort deterrent.

I%26#039;m thinking Karambits might give me the most effective survival chances (outside of defusing a situation) |||A knife can be a psychological deterrent by threatening an aggressor, but they are not effective for self-defense combat. Knives have lethal ability, but little to no stopping power. Attackers 97% never feel they%26#039;ve been cut or stabbed, even lethal wounds.

Further, you are incurring serious liability to yourself. I have two cases I studied recently in the courts where people used knives to defend themselves from physically larger attackers. Both inflicted superficial wounds that did not stop the attacker, then a fatal stab wound that ultimately killed the attacker. In both cases, the person defending themselves with the knife is now in jail serving murder or manslaughter sentences.

We instinctively WANT knives to be good for self-defense. After all, people in the old days fought with knives and the the military uses them and teaches knife combat. But that is in acts of war and open combat, not our world, the modern civilian world. Our goal is not to kill our enemies. Our goal is to survive and avoid being injured.

If you need something for self-defense, use a blunt force item like a baton, flashlight or walking stick. Or use higher-quality pepper spray like Def-Tec, Fox, or Sabre. The stopping power is going to be much more effective. And always have a back-up plan.|||and do you think if you kill someone with the knife it will still be self defense?

my friend owned a gas station and a robber pulled a knife on him. he broke the robbers arm with a baseball bat. the robber sued my friend and won several 100k, even though it was self defense.

another one of my friends a very good fighter was jumped by a gang of people with knifes he put 3 in the hospital and killed 3 others. he spent 10%26#039;s of thousands of dollars on lawyers over the next couple of years proving it was self defense. even though he was sliced up during the fight.

the courts may not always see it as self defense. or it will cost you a lot to prove it.

this is why i always carry a marker. it can be found in any store and is not a weapon or not a weapon in the eyes of the law anyway|||The Boker Subcom is the only knife I ever carry around with me. It%26#039;s small enough that it is considered legal and is actually a great knife for utility, but don%26#039;t let its small lightweight size fool you, this knife can mess someone up if used correctly. Seriously it%26#039;s so small I%26#039;ve forgotten it was on me at times, almost caused me problems getting into certain places cause I forgot it was there it%26#039;s so light. It%26#039;s an awesome knife, I show it to my friends and they all want one!||| I have found great knives at BJ Knives out of Ohio and for working

knives try BWS Knives out of Fl....

Both offer great shapes and edges at prices at about half of most exotic%26#039;s....BWS in particular has what it calls working collectables:

they%26#039;re great looking, some just plain nasty, but you can actually use them in the field.|||I like my Balisong. Mines the real thing from the filipines. The blade is thick and comes to a stubby point but you can hammer it thru a quarter no damage. The thing is made for street knife fighting for which I believe the filipinos are some of the best in the world.|||

Model 1550ST. Lifetime Warranty.|||knives are not really for defence. learn to fight with youhands less trouble if you get into a fight.

I got self defense certified am i allowed to certifiy my husband at home so he can be certified also?

and if so how would i get him a certificate of certification in self defense to show he is certified. since im certified would i be able to certify him instead of him paying a bunch of money some where can someone pleas help me figure out thank you.|||No, you are not a certified instructor. Do you realize that you used a form of the word %26#039;certify%26#039; eight times in one sentence? I certify that this is a YA record! Congratulations!!|||I see more then one sentence Report Abuse
|||Not unless you are a certified instructor.|||What that guy said. No. You%26#039;re not an instructor.

How do you flip someone over or more easy self defense techniques that aren't too dangerous?

I don%26#039;t want to go out and take a long course of Karate or whatever just for a few things and there is nowhere that teaches self defense around here.

Just incase I ever got in a fight, what are some techniques that wouldn%26#039;t hurt someone too badly but would kind of knock them over? Like flipping someone?

Nothing too complicated or hard to learn?|||Hey! Go to this link! Another yahoo-ian asked this question and got a great answer!|||Flips and enemy manipulation techniques are all complex if you%26#039;re inexperienced, and none of them can be taught over the internet through text. Sorry.

If you wanna learn it, go take martial arts classes - Hapkido has a lot of manipulations and throws. Even if you can%26#039;t find a teacher, watch and learn from those who know, and work on it yourself. All of it takes hard work and dedication, but it can be learned without a teacher. It just requires three times the work, and takes considerably longer. If you%26#039;re okay with that, get to work. ;)

If you%26#039;re lookin for some instant gratification to make you feel like a hardass, forget it. You%26#039;ll get humiliated at a dojo, and you%26#039;re not gonna learn anything anyway - there%26#039;s no such thing as instant progress in any type of fighting art - not even that UFC junk that everyone%26#039;s so keen on doing these days.|||Flipping/Throwing someone is not going to be simple and uncomplicated to learn, especially for a girl (No offense...I%26#039;m a girl too, and 9 times out of 10, we will be beaten in terms of brute strength if that%26#039;s all that%26#039;s involved in the process). In fact, I can%26#039;t think of many martial arts techniques that can be simply learned at the drop of a hat. They will all take a certain degree of dedication and desire to learn. Why not investigate some martial arts schools in your area that have private lessons? Perhaps you could talk to an instructor and tell them just what you%26#039;re looking for.|||have you ever thought about taking an in home course from a world class instructor? learn at your own pace, practice with a friend or alone when you want to. has 20 to choose from. and are both very good|||Well actually it is.. so no go take judo. Karate has nothing of the sort.|||put you right arm nderneath their shoulder and your left arm on top of the other shoulder

then get half of your body behind them and push down with your right arm like your tripping them|||Try researching a judo throw. It could come in handy if someone is attacking from behind.

Just try researching Judo.|||grab his arm from the whens hes behind u over ur shoulder. bend down and pull :D

Looking for a gun for self defense 9mm or smaller?

I am looking for a gun for self defense 9mm or smaller preferably heavy but not too heavy with a very light recoil. Any ideas? Please be specific with the make and model.|||I would not go any smaller than 9mm. You could look at the Taurus 24/7 or Millennium Pro Series, Springfield Armory XD, Ruger SR9, Beretta Px4 Storm.|||Lady Smith Pistol. I am a girl (20 years) I love it. Shoots well and accurate. Don%26#039;t worry, I haven%26#039;t been killing anyone lol.|||Looks to me like you have three viable options:

1. A Glock Model 19 (or the subcompact 26) loaded with subsonic ammo (which I personally don%26#039;t like but if recoil is an issue to you then consider this. Maybe after you learn to deal with recoil you can load the excellent 115 to 127 grain defensive 9mm ammo rather than the mild recoiling 147 grain subsonic).

2. Again, if recoil is an issue forget the Walter PPKs or the Sig 230 or 232; these have too much snap and have been known to bruise smaller hands. Instead consider a .380 acp in either the Beretta 84 or Browning BDA. This is a better choice on two counts; it has a wider grip and is heavier so it cushions the recoil; and it is high ammo capacity of up to 13 plus 1 in the chamber.

3. A Beretta Model 3032 Tomcat in .32 acp. This is actually below the minimum defensive caliber but as has already been said loaded with the 60 grain hollow point ammo this one comes close to, or equal to the regular .380 acp. At least on paper Fiocchi ammo has the best ballistics but any quality defensive ammo will do. My Tomcat likes the Winchester Silvertip ammo.

Good luck and congratulations on making the decision to assume responsibilty for your own protection.

H|||I also have a pair of Makarovs. I have about a half-dozen various other pistols and that%26#039;s the only one I actually wanted to have two of. They%26#039;re fairly cheap, reliable, and sturdy. The 9x18MM round is less powerful than the more familiar 9x19MM parabellum round but it%26#039;s adequate for its intended purpose.|||Try the Kahr K-9 although you may want to consider a better caliber such as the 40 S%26amp;W or 357 revolver. The 9mm is pretty weak.|||The Bersa .380 Thunder is one of the best unnoticed bargains in the handgun market. The gun is super reliable, well made, and is priced at about $249. It has about a 6 pound trigger pull in double action, and anout 4 in the single action mode. The comparable Walters PPK/s cost about $600, and the trigger pull is no wheres close to that of this Bersa.|||Try the CZ-75. It%26#039;s a good gun that%26#039;s all steel. The weight does a good job of absorbing recoil. You can shoot DA/SA or SA if you prefer. The slide is fitted to the inside of the frame rails, promoting accuracy.

The .380 is a less powerfull cartridge, but a lot of guns chambered in .380 use a blowback design like the PPK. Blowback guns have a fixed barrel, compared to tilting or linked barrels. The effect on recoil is that a tilting or linked barrel will absorb more recoil. So although the .380 is a weaker cartridge, the felt recoil is more %26quot;snappy%26quot; than most guns designed for the 9mm. At least that%26#039;s my experience.

Don%26#039;t get me wrong. The PPK and is a fine gun. But if you are recoil sensitive, then you should definitely try it out first, along with other guns.|||I hate to tell you this but very light recoil in a handgun translates into very little stopping power. If I were you, the only kind of hand gun I would consider carrying would be a revolver. It has practically no way to jam. Semi-autos do have this problem particularly for people who have weak wrists. I would also not choose a revolver of a smaller caliber than a .38 Special. Smith And Wesson makes a very concealable gun chambered in .38 special that is called The Lady Smith. It is a small frame gun that is easy to conceal. They also make a littel bit larger revolver called the Detective Special. They are both good guns and will not jam on you and have the necessary stopping power that you will need if you are ever in a siuation where deadly force is necessary to protect yourself or that of a loved one.|||I wouldn%26#039;t go any smaller than a 9 mm. If you are worried about recoil then just remember that the polymer guns are going to be lighter than an all steel gun. Another option is a revolver. .38 specials shot out of a full size .357 are very comfortable to shoot. I have a Ruger GP100 and got some 38%26#039;s for it for my son start out with. I was surprised at how light the recoil was. This way you also have the option of shooting full power .357 loads later on if you so choose.|||I%26#039;d guess you%26#039;ve got little or no firearms background. Based on that assumption I%26#039;d recommend a %26quot;J%26quot; frame Smith and Wesson .38 Special with factory installed laser grips.

This gun is a five shot revolver with a laser that turns on when you grip it. The red dot from the laser shows were the bullet is about to go. It can also throw up a warning flag to the bad guy and make them decide to back off.

The advantage of a revolver is that it is very reliable. It is also more forgiving of poor maintenance than a semi-automatic. It is easier to %26quot;learn%26quot; a revolver than a semi-automatic. In the unlikely event of a misfire, you simply stroke the trigger again to fire the next cartridge. The %26quot;J%26quot; frame is a very small handgun and is easily concealed. This is not a good gun for a protracted gun fight, but for personal defense it is great.

The .38 Special is a good defensive round, adequate for almost every self defense situation you encounter. Ammo is fairly cheap, so you can afford to practice.

If you plan to keep the gun in a desk drawer or a night stand, move up to a %26quot;K%26quot; Frame smith and Wesson with a 4%26quot; barrel. This will be a six shot revolver. The larger size will help reduce recoil and you%26#039;ll have an extra round.|||look at this web site, the guns are not the best thing to look at and they may not be the most accurate, but they are great as far as price goes, my cousin has one that he got about a month ago and i shot a box of fifty with no jamming and little to no recoil.|||.45 blah blah internet gun dorks talk about how anything smaller than a canon wont work, but i tell you what a well placed nine round would drop me quick. look at something in a .38 like a lady smith and dont think you need a mortor to protect yourself.|||.45acp|||Bersa .380|||I have a Berretta Tomcat,its only 32 caliber but loaded with 60 grain hollow points it has the same stopping power as the 380.Its easy to carry and easy to shoot|||Heckler %26amp; Koch, USP Compact chambered for 9mm.;_K...

SIG P232 chambered in .380ACP

SIG P239 chambered in 9mm

CZ 75 chambered in 9mm

Kahr 9 - CW chambered in 9mm

There%26#039;s plenty of choices available in 9mm pistols. There are many other%26#039;s I%26#039;ve not listed here. It%26#039;s up to you.

Your mileage may vary. :-)|||Smith and Wesson model 686 4 inch .357 magnum revolver...

You can shoot light recoiling .38 special rounds out of it and the more powerful .357 as well .|||raven 25 auto. small durable cheap. glock modeled alot their guns off of it|||Remember, the heavier the gun, the lighter the recoil.

I would recommend you look at 9mm too, at least first.

Some pistols to check out

-Kahr K9 in all stainless steel

-Smith and Wesson 1319 ladysmith

-Smith and Wesson 908

-Sig 238

-Sig 225

If you think these are going to have too much kick, I would suggest the Beretta 85 or Beretta 87 Cheetah|||Bersa thunder .380, cheaper then the walther ppk|||Walther PPK .380 Auto.|||From a girl%26#039;s point of view...a .38 Special Revolver would be best for self-defense, especially, because if you have a misfire you can just keep pulling the trigger. If you have a misfire with a semi-auto, you would take too much critical time to clear the round and get the gun back in battery. Also, the .38 has a light recoil.|||another vote for Makarov

cartridge is in between 9mm and .380

military gun so it is sturdy, simple, and dependable

made of steel so fairly heavy but also not that big so not too heavy


ammo can be a little tough to find - can order from

seems I%26#039;ve heard that some ladies have trouble operating slide (my daughter did)

they are great little guns and I really like mine

check out|||Walther P99 9mm|||Not surprising, almost everyone is suggesting the high dollar guns.

I own two Kel-Tecs. A .40, which they quit making due to recoil, and a 9mm. I own the P-11, small, easy to carry. They are made in FL and have a life time warranty. The .40 had a feed ramp problem, but I polished it out and have had no further trouble. The p-11 has operated flawlessly for over 900 rounds. You can get the p-11 for around $250 - $ 260.|||I just bought another Makarov 9mm. I already own an East German made one. This is one of the Bulgarian ones. They are almost indistinguishable to me although the German one is supposed to be better quality. I shot about forty rounds through my newest one and it is spot on accurate and never failed to feed and fire. Out of all my semi-auto handguns the Makarov%26#039;s are the most dependable and accurate. I only paid $105 out the door used in excellent condition. I may quit carrying my .45 which ways as much as both of them put together and just start carrying them, one on each side. The only drawback that I can see is that with %26quot;hot%26quot; loads they do have a sharp recoil. I just bought some Wolf brand ammo and it is the hottest that I have ever shot. I thought the little pistol was going to jump right out of my hand.

Additional info: I have owned the German one for about fifteen years and have used Hornady and CCI hollow point ammo in it with flawless results. I personally prefer the CCI for the actual bullet, the light weight aluminum case and price.

These little guns are the only semi%26#039;s I own that I would actually trust 99.9% to perform when the chips are down. They are just an excellent design and the frame mounted barrel makes them highly accurate.|||Glocks are either love %26#039;em or hate %26#039;em, but the model 19(compact) or model 17(fullsize) are popular self-defense guns. They%26#039;re polymer framed, so they%26#039;re not very heavy, but they manage recoil pretty well. Both are known for reliability and it%26#039;s easy to find accessories(holsters, magazines, etc.) for them.|||Forget about it.* Nothing less than a 357 Magnum will do for self-defense purposes.* It is a no nonsense man stopper.*|||Phoenix Arms .22 cal semi auto.

What do you think about self defense?

This is a two part question.

1. Do you think that a person has the right to defend their life with fatal force?

2. Do you think that assailants/attackers forfeit their rights to self defense during the commission of an attack?|||Yes and yes.

I am a firm believer in the right of self defense, including the right to use lethal force if necessary to defend yourself.

Assailants and criminals have no right to defend themselves against someone they have attacked.

The notion that an assailant might have a right to defend himself against his victim is preposterous.|||1. Yes and also to defend the lives of those who cannot help themselves such as children.

Self defense should be used as a method of disabling the attacker long enough to escape them and to get help.

2. Yes since an attacker should expect the same force back at them in order for the victim to flee and get help.

Unless the force used is grossly overdelivered to the point that the person could have fled but stayed and kept on hurting the attacker in which case he has the right to defend himself but still would not gain much sympathy as he started the attack.|||1.) Yes. It is permissible to fight for your life with any necessary force.

2.) While the attack is ongoing, self defense is not an option. One cannot simultaneously defend and attack.

If the original attacker stops, then the victim has a responsibility to stop using force. Failure to do so creates a new assault with a new victim, and the original suspect can then reasonably defend himself as well.|||for 1 yes if i fear for my life or that of another i have the right to use deadly force.

as for 2 that%26#039;s silly they are attacking you and have the intent of hurting you or killing you their rights are of no concern to me till they have stoped their attack or cant move anymore and are not in the position to attack again either running away no longer conscious or deadbasically no longer a threat to me .then they have rights but few|||Too both questions the answer is %26#039;YES, BUT...%26#039;

You have to understand: the have written laws to cover everything, to control, regulate, tax provide for fees, fines and punishments for every form of human endeavor even your basic Human right of Self defense! You CAN defend yourself with Deadly Force and even if you win the criminal trial that will inevitably follow, you could still face a civil %26#039;Wrongful Death%26#039; suit and lose everything you have...|||1.)Yes if in serious danger.

2.)Yes |||yes, yes|||yes,to both questions.

Is Kung Fu good for self defense? If so, which style is the most aggressive and effective in a street fight?

Is Kung Fu good for self defense? If so, which style is the most effective? I want to be able to take down an attacker in any situation on the street, so what would be best for me to learn?|||Kung Fu certainly can be good for self-defense.

As far as which style, I would recommend Wing Chun. It%26#039;s the most effective that I%26#039;ve found and, to comment on the JKD response above, it%26#039;s what Bruce Lee studied before he developed his own style. He never completed his training in WC so he had to come up with something to fill in the gaps. Thus, he created JKD.

I would advise, though, that you check out what%26#039;s available to you and try everything out. Judge for yourself. If you find something that%26#039;s more effective...learn it. After all, you%26#039;re talking about the safety of yourself or those you care about and you should take this seriously.

Good luck!|||I take kung fu and love it but if all you really wana learn is self defence then you shuld take self defense classes.Kung fu is not just fighting it is an art that will make you physically and mentally stronger. Report Abuse
|||I agree with u all ,but i think all martial art are the best ,example aikido with a soft move can make a deadly impact and also taichi move like a dancing but they have a deadly impact too.|||Best to do JKD|||Yes.

Hung Gar.|||yes,all martial arts are good.

:)|||actually,if you want to fight in streeet,jeet kune do or street combat is the best.But if you want kung fu,monkey fist and drunken fist is the best|||Any system will teach you to kick punch take down block deflect stand move ect...

If the thing that you seek is a Chinese style that is direct then I suggest Wing Chun or Xing-i especially Xing-i for directness. Also eagle claw is along a similar line. All of them will take quite a while to master though, I feel that Wing Chun gives you a very good base to incorporate any other system into as it is very balanced.|||Is Kung Fu good for self defense? Of course, if you actually know how to do it. But it can take many years of training before somone can really be good enough to be able to beat almost anyone they could possibly fight. It%26#039;s like any skill, like playing the guitar. Does playing the guitar make good sounding music? Yes- but it takes years of practice to be really really good at it. Back to fighting, thats why professional fighters spend all their time for years practicing and training and sparring.

As for which style, all styles can be effective if you know how to use them. There is no BEST style, there are only better individual fighters. Differant styles do have differant methods of how to fight, though, and so choosing the best one for you is simply a matter of your own preference. If you want something aggressive, the Tiger style and the Leopard style are the most aggressive of the traditional animal forms of kung fu. But that doesnt even really matter because I%26#039;ve never heard of a martial arts school in America teaching any specific animal form like that. they all seem to be either mixed martial arts or some generic form of non-specific Kung Fu or Karate or Tai Kwan Do or whatever. Also, a lot of modern schools seem to focus on tournament competition, treating martial arts more like a sport and less like real-life fighting. So if real life fighting skill is your goal, make sure to find a school that focuses on that... if you can.|||In my years as a practitioner, researcher and observer of Martial arts, I have witnessed many arts. I can say that whether I was or was not impressed, it was due to the skill of the practitioner executing the art.

I have been left reeling by some and terribly disappointed by others. So any martial art can be learn correctly or incorrectly and even practiced in such manner.

As far as the ART that best describes what you are seeking, it would have to be the Art of Bak Mei.

Do a google video search and see what I mean.|||Kung Fu, and any traditional martial art can be effective as a self-defense system, but you%26#039;re missing the point if you%26#039;re looking for someone elses opinion of the best. The best will be the discipline you can find, enjoy learning, and are able to develop skill in. If everyone on here agreed on one discipline and you hate it and suck at it, you%26#039;re never going to be effective.

The most important thing is not the style/discipline, it%26#039;s finding an instructor/s you trust, a group of students you actually look forward to training with, and a program that fits within your financial and schedule limitations.

Check out the schools in your are - irrespective of the style. Talk with the instructor/s and students. Check out a few classes. You%26#039;ll know which one is right for you.

Ken C

9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan YongChul-Do|||Yes. My favorites are the southern styles. Southern Shaolin, Hung Gar, Wing Chun, etc...

Is self defense class and martial arts the same thing?

I was in a self defense class for awhile and didn%26#039;t enjoy it. I was thinking martial arts would be more of my interest but im not sure if they are the same thing or what?|||All responses to an attack must be without thought instanteanous.THE BUBISHI BIBLE OF KARATE

The above requires thousands of repititions of the moves so I would say any art where the intent is to strike and counter strike move and counter move will give you self defense skills with time.

The difference is arts designed to counter street type methods will do it better leaving less room for failure.

Most instructors wont devote time to self defense skills but would rather have the students work on getting another trophy in the dojo window.This cheats the students who will never be or dont want to be tournament fighters but anybody can learn to defend themselves when taught the methods and are willing to do the reps. required.

Quickie self defense courses are useless and you forget the information as quickly as you learnt it not to mention they are boring besides.|||It really depends on the martial art that you may be considering. Some martial arts concentrate on self-defence while others are merely for show and still others are for real fighting.

some martial arts to consider: brazilian jiu-jitsu - ground fighting/grappling (one of the most effective)

tae kwon do - kicking, forms, (depends on place, some teach self defence others are more show concentrated)

krav maga

kickboxing (muay thai)

MMA - mixed martial arts (combination of the above)|||Yes and no. The skills you learn in martial arts carry certain applications for certain self-defense situations, but not all. True self-defense is common sense (not wearing a 50 dollar shirt in the heart of a ghetto, not going to bars alone, etc.) and a few months in cross-country or track and field to develop those running skills.

Martial arts will teach you to fight, and subsequently, the ability to hold your own should a fight arise, but you could avoid that situation entirely by not *being in it* in the first place.

If you want to compete, hit people, or just get in better shape, take up boxing or wrestling, or go to a good karate/tkd/judo dojo. If you want self-defense, carry a gun, or learn to avoid bad situations. Self-defense suffices very well for the average person. To compete or study a martial art requires a little something more.|||Self defense workshops/courses are typically designed as basics courses. What you learn in them is not all that in depth but practical for a typical scenario of attack.

Martial arts, while encompassing self defense, involves more dedication and as such is more in depth concerning both technique and understanding.

Depending on the school, and most should do this, you will likely gain a better understanding of the originating culture as well as become educated in the human anatomy other than %26quot;kicking in the groin can hurt him%26quot;. You%26#039;d learn more about what to strike, why, how, and what it would typically do to someone.

I%26#039;d highly recommend, before signing up for any martial arts classes, going to a studio and checking it out. Many schools will let you try a class or two for free if not just observe at the very least. You should check out multiple schools if there are multiple schools in your area and ask about their lineage (who taught them) as it%26#039;s a good indicator as to whether they are authentic or not as well as observe how they treat their students during the class.

Find something that fits you.

I guess I gave you a long answer....short answer: self defense is a small piece of martial arts. Martial arts is a much wider and, in my opinion, beautiful world of defending yourself/others as well as growing personally.|||yes and no.

most if not all martial arts started out self defense but now quite a few martial arts now are combat sports: taekwondo, contact karate, brazilian jiujitsu, judo, [western/thai] boxing, kickboxing etc...have competitions and train according to rules and regulation of their sport.

self defense classes usually have no sport aspect because its used to disable an attacker so you can escape with your life sometimes using tatics that are illegal in a sport(low blows, head butts, eye gouges, biting etc...) and are usually focused on specific scenarios that you would encounter on the streets

am i saying you cant defend yourself with lets say muay thai or judo? of course you can! participating in these arts you get to train against resisting people, improve timing, speed, strength etc... i have a friend who is a few time golden gloves champ and has been in many street fights in which hes won due to his boxing training|||some would say yes, some would say no.

I%26#039;d say that they%26#039;re pretty much the same thing.

Martial Arts is a form of fighting designed for the military (martial). It%26#039;s a science really. Knowing where to strike, the logical attack patterns, how to evade and intercept (that%26#039;s where the art comes in)

I could go into detail about the different styles to try and impress you for the 10 points but I%26#039;m not going to.

Lately martial arts has taken a more commercial route. It%26#039;s more geared toward people who want to be fit, or practice it as a sport, rather than geared more towards the military and learning how to kill people.

Krav Maga is a great example of a martial art, as it%26#039;s taught by the Israeli military. It can be used offensively or as self defense. Even in self defense, you%26#039;d probably leave your attacker a mushy pile of goo on the ground...wish I could find a local school haha!|||Self defense can incorporate martial arts but they are definitely two different forms of defense.

Why is the desert eagle a poor choice for a self-defense weapon?

I%26#039;m an objective person and I want to buy a self-defense weapon and I%26#039;m also willing to spend a pretty penny on one. And I want to hear people%26#039;s arguments on this.

It just seems to me that if the gun is so %26quot;clumsy%26quot; as people say, then why would the Israeli army develop one to supply their troops?

I know I should stop playing counter-strike and look at practical firing scenarios - so can you suggest a powerful firearm that doesn%26#039;t succumb to %26quot;clumsiness%26quot;?|||I held it once. It is too D*** heavy. Since then I have had no inclination to look at another D.E. I have a Colt Model 1991 A1 .45 calibur and I love it!!|||It depends on the distance you expect to shoot.

For 50 yards or less, a 12 gauge pump shotgun with an 18 1/2 barrel is a %26quot;powerful firearm that doesn%26#039;t succumb to %26#039;clumsiness%26#039;%26quot;.|||If you want a cool looking gun that is reliable, tough, will take someone out and you do not care about cost. Go for the Sig P226. Gun of the Navy SEALs.

Want something cheaper but still a really great gun. Glock.|||bulky, way overpowered and heavy. If you dont really know how to shoot the kick from it will hit you in the head... A 45 cal. H%26amp;K or colt would be the perfect high powered pistol. Plenty of power. A 38 is a good small, concealable weapon that is enough to be good protection.|||First, the Israelis didn%26#039;t develop the Desert Eagle for their troops. They developed it for commercial sale.

Secondly, while a magnum round will knock someone down, it will keep on going. You%26#039;re likely to penetrate your neighbor%26#039;s house and could injure or kill an innocent person.

For home defense you want a big, slow round, and a double action. If you use a 9mm instead, go with semi-wadcutters or hydra-shocks.

%26quot;Ranger%26quot;|||At home at night to defend your home, you want something that is simple and very fast. A revolver is the answer, just pull the trigger until its empty. No safety or slide to play with. Not too big of a caliber, maybe a .38 +p at least or a .44 special no magnum. You don%26#039;t want rounds going through the subject and clear through the house to your neighbors. Fancy hollow points, etc are frowned upon because juries could see that as premeditation.|||Any 45 cal semi auto should do. The 9mm is to fast and hot, it%26#039;s stopping power isn%26#039;t anything like the 45. Myself I like Ruger.. a fine weapon and easy on the wallet. For concealment you may consider a smaller 9mm or .380 I say that because they are so easily concealed. |||To become proficient with a large calibre firearm or even a small calibre weapon you must expend a lot of rounds.Yes, the see and point system does not use any rounds but to get used to the recoil of the weapon and your ability to regain a sight picture means you must fire live rounds.One reason the British defeated the French during the Napoleonic wars because they were the only army that trained it%26#039;s troops with live ammo. A conscript in other armies fired his weapon three or four times prior to battle.The musket(.58)used by both sides was a massive weapon that kicked like a mule and the few shoots fired by all but the British did not prepare the soldier for constant fire for hours that turned your shoulder to one big bruise.

The desert Eagle is %26quot;clumsy%26quot; because it is very heavy and even some expert shooters will react to it%26#039;s active and heavy recoil milliseconds prior to squeezing off the round.The same can be said about the 1911A1. This will affect the point of aim and with a pistol this will cause you to miss even if your firing at the torso as you should. Not might, will.

Heavier calibres are preferred by armies for pistols because they want instant take down. The Colt Auto in .45 cal. was adopted because of the US Armies experience in the Philippines. After defeating the Spanish and %26quot;liberating%26quot; the Philippines the USA decided to stay in country and help their %26quot;little brown brothers%26quot; a term produced by the then media.This prompted a active resistance. The US War Dept had adopted modern double action pistol with a swing out cylinder chambered in .38 cal to replace the S.A.A. Colt. These were issued to the troops occupying the Philippines. Everyone was happy until the first Moro attack. The Moro%26#039;s were Muslim tribesmen who really didn%26#039;t like the Americans. They would wrap red cloth strips tightly around their bodies and then attack the troops as they stood in chow line. The rifles would be stacked, everyone was relaxed when a screaming demon appeared among them slashing and stabbing with a kriss. Those with the newly issued pistol fired at the attacker. One officer fired 9 rounds at the attacker without seemingly hitting him. He was saved by a cook who hit the Moro over the head with a fry pan. It was found that the man had twelve rounds in his body and a finger shot off. These attacks diminished after the reintroduction of the S.A.A. in .45cal. When the call went out later for an semi-automatic pistol, the War Dept. specified .45 cal. only

When you choose your fire arm for self protection remember that the only function of that firearm is to kill the target. You may try to and should practise for safe shots but introducing a bullet into the human body in any area maybe fatal. But when your frightened or angry or both and the adrenal gland is working overtime aiming is very difficult.If your planning to use the firearm for home defence may I suggest the .410 shotgun with a larger bore piece of pipe fitted over it. Staring down a twelve gauge is like staring down the tunnel to hell and if the aggressor doesn%26#039;t back down a load of .410 bird shot convinces without being fatal.|||It%26#039;s overkill. Unless your being attack by a bull elephant, a regular 9mm will do just fine.|||First it is a large handgun not easy to conceal and doesn%26#039;t fit all hands well.

Second it is chambered for a rimmed cartridge cases (.357 Magnum %26amp; .44 Magnum) not the most reliable in a semi automatic handgun.

The Israeli army didn%26#039;t develop them for the army. Israeli Military Industry (IMI) developed the Desert Eagle.|||yeah pretty much what everybody else says

its wayy to heavy, can%26#039;t really conceal it, a ton of recoil, huge in size.. its cool in movies and video games %26amp; thats about it.. %26amp; it can put a big a** hole in somebody though if you can manage to aim it right

try a .38 or .40 or a 9mm instead|||Price

to much recoil

to heavy and large

1911 .45 cal will stop just about anyone, if the .45 has too much recoil I recommend a M9 with +P+ ammo hollow points

Vet-USAF|||It works great for some action movie %26#039;hero%26#039; but in the real world, way to big to carry concealed, too powerful (goes thru 2 perps, a car and the neighbors house) too hard to control the recoil. Now, if you wanted to go game hunting (wild boar, for instance), OK.

Many fine CCW handguns out there, 1911 firing 45 cal, 357 mag or 38 special with hollow points, 9mm with %26#039;hydrashocks%26#039;.

A no BS site for your info:

|||It is a clumsy gun. Terrible balance and hard to conceal.

Look at a Smith and Wesson 357 revolver. I%26#039;ve carried one for years. And I shoot often on my own range.|||The Desert Eagle is really nothing more than a novalty weapon.

It really has no practical use|||The Desert Eagle is expensive for a pistol. Ammo is also expensive. It is too big and heavy and unwieldy to be concealed or carried around a lot. It is loud. It holds only 6 rounds which is not much. The recoil is too great to recover quickly, meaning after each shot it takes awhile to recover before you can get off another shot. Overall, the negatives outweigh the positives. Besides the point, it originated as a sporting pistol (target shooting, hunting) and is not intended for self defense.|||It%26#039;s bad for self-defense because you%26#039;ll kill your assailant and the round will keep going, passing through a car or house and killing an innocent bystander. For self-defense try something like a .38 Special or .44 Special revolver. Use hollow-point ammo.