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What style of self-defense would be best for someone with no experience?

I%26#039;m not athletic or very flexible, but I%26#039;m hoping to learn some self defense. Is there one that will be able to give me some skill in the art, but will not be too demanding in the beginning? I%26#039;ve heard that most forms of self-defense require a minimum level of fitness in the beginning.|||in your case, i would just carry some pepper spray or a tazer.|||Hey, the best self defense is soo and very very simple Pray this: St. Michael the archangel please guide me on my way and keep me safe from any evil in God%26#039;s name i pray AMEN and AMEN. then afterwards go on your way and be confident and GOD BLESS YOU my friend...

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|||Don%26#039;t worry much about it though.Hey I wasn%26#039;t flexible until I had karate.I%26#039;m not athletic too.But you have to be strong though.You should try Taek wondo,kung fu,karate. Report Abuse
|||Take some yoga classes. Flexibility is the number one asset in defending yourself. Or---this may sound dumb ; you could start running. If you can outrun your opponent he doesn%26#039;t have a chance.|||Most martial arts, being taught as they are today, more as competition or sport activities, I%26#039;m pretty sure are not very reliable as self-defense techniques. Though there are some that are more realistic and practical, I%26#039;m wary of martial arts as self-defense.

Go to your local YMCA or something, they should offer self-defense classes.|||tae-kwon-do would be the best for an individual to start in the learning process of martial arts, and may be a beginning to learn the other ancient arts. i have seen people that didn%26#039;t have legs protect themselves or were blind and still defended themselves.|||Krav M%26#039;gar - Israeli Defense Force hand-to-hand combat

Gracie Jujitsu - sometimes called Brazilian Jujitsu

Hwarang Do - derivatives of this Korean martial art were the original Navy SEAL hand-to-hand combat

Wing or Win Chun - a more traditional Chinese style that was the foundation of Bruce Lee%26#039;s Jeet Kune Do; developed by a Buhdist nun and usable in about a year

Jeet Kune Do - if you can find it

American Combat Judo - just to be a bit patriotic, the original NSMC hand-to-hand combat training

And last but not least, jailhouse rock - the close quarters fighting system, not the Elvis song|||there is no best art, only best artists. the quality and frequency of the training will far outweigh the style being trained in.

find a good school, not a good style.

check out all the schools in your area, take free classes.

ask to see their contact drills.

never sign a contract. never pay for rank testing.

look for a clean school with respectable people|||Look around your area and see what you can do and what you like Most Martial Arts school will teach SD

its just the one that you feel would work the best for you

Good luck|||Any of the traditional arts would be good, Karate, Kung Fu, Jui-Jitsu etc. I would stay away from Kick-boxing, and MMA stuff as they require a much higher physical effort, and more than a starters level of fitness.|||i personally like brazilian jui jitsu. it is becoming more and more popular in the US, and it concentrates on leverage more than strenght. Many beginning moves consist of being on your back while an attacker stands or tries to get ontop of you. You will learn sweeps and simple chokes that could help get you out of alot of situations. I am not experienced in other forms of martial arts besides boxing/kickboxing, and those i do not feel are what you are looking for.... You want to get away, not stand toe to toe right? I really enjoy Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and learn alot every day I train. You should check it out, most trainers will definately let you check out the class for free to see if you are interested|||Any martial art could help you with self defense. Visit several schools around your area and talk with the instructors about your specific goals and limitations. Find the school that will best suit your needs. All arts start out easier and get harder as you gain strength and skill. Remember that you%26#039;ll get out of it only what you%26#039;re willing to put into it.

Also remember that it takes time to learn enough to really protect yourself. Don%26#039;t think that you will be ready to take on any attacker after only a few months of training. Don%26#039;t put yourself in potentially dangerous situations because of a false sense of security from a short amount of training. Even someone who has practiced for 20 years needs to use common sense. Your brain is your most important weapon.

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