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What is the best martial art for self defense for women and kids?

My young children and I would like to learn a martial art/ self defense. What is the best martial art for this? If there are no classes in my area, does anyone know any step-by-step instructions on line somewhere? We just need to learn how to get out of a bad situation fast if we have to. Thanks.|||Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art system that was actually invented by a woman (Shaolin nun Ng Mei). It is predominantly a self defence art, is easy to learn the basics, doesn%26#039;t rely on size or brute strength. It is based around natural body movements and embraces ideas like economy of movement and redirecting force to make it effective. Google Wing Chun in your country for a list of reputable schools. Good Luck|||kick boxing is the best but martial art would be karate go to|||Taekwondo. majority wins that taekwondo is a best martial art for self defense for women and kids. I assure you that taekwondo for kids is very much fan and im sure that your kids will enjoy!|||I don%26#039;t know any traditional martial arts, but Ti Kwan Do seems to be a good mix of accessibility and effectiveness. My little sister took it for several years and enjoyed it. It may not be the best martial art (most people would say Jujitsu or Krav Maga due to their success in UFC), but for your intended use you don%26#039;t need to know those %26quot;more intense%26quot; styles.

However, by far the best martial art available is the one i practice, and that is to get a concealed carry pistol license. Handguns are designed to give you an unfair advantage over an unarmed attacker and that is exactly what you want if you are ever in a self defense situation. Even the most skilled and talented monk who has dedicated decades of his life to his art would be at a disadvantage against a 90 pound woman with a handgun and a few hours of practice.|||a mix of kimpo and taekwandoe is a good form of selfdefense it lets you takedown ur opponent quickly but has the power to seriously injure ur opponent if nessasary if u live in loncoln jenkins martial arts (J.M.A.) it is by lincoln%26#039;s towermart|||The real question isn%26#039;t what style. For the record TKD isn%26#039;t a style for s.d. it is a flashy sport, at best. Learning a martial art and leaning self defense are two total different things. Most martial arts of today have 0 effective and real self defense. The best thing I could say would be go to any and all schools available. Watch a class or two, ask to see demo%26#039;s of their %26quot;self defense%26quot; and you decide weather it is what your looking for. In my experience any style that promotes high kicks of anykind suck at self defense. These short weekend or six week classes for women and kids don%26#039;t really help much either. the best thing I%26#039;d suggest is forget %26quot;martial arts%26quot; all together if you want to learn to fight or defend yourself. find a group that trains in mma. talk to street fighters, thugs and the %26quot;scum of the town, ask them what and how they attack and then experiment on defending agaist that. Martial arts, today isn%26#039;t for real self defense it is for kids and people that want to act or think there learning self defense.|||Why do you need to defend yourself from women and children?

Oh, I misread the question. Sorry.

Avoid step-by-step on line instructions. People are all different and what may look good in pictures or drawings may not work in a real-life situation when your attacker are bigger or smaller than the on-line example. Even a little change like the person being left-handed could be enough throw you off. Check through your kid%26#039;s school, local rec center, Boys and Girls clubs, YMCA/YWCA, etc. for self defense classes. Many are taught by a local martial arts school.

As for the %26quot;best%26quot; martial art - there is no such thing. It%26#039;s like trying to be a great writer by buying the best typewriter. Regardless of the style, your abilities are the deciding factor.

BTW, the best way to get out of a bad situation is to not get into the situation to begin with. The second best way is to run really fast. Using physical techniques is a last resort and is only so you can get the opporunity to run away.|||Judo could be fun easy to learn online and good for the family! But teach them some boxing too! You could go to to learn more stuff for free!|||Any art can be very helpful, don%26#039;t try to find a style, find a good teacher.|||Shotokon Karate is great. My uncle is nearly seventy years-old, and he has been in karate for a long time. My cousin is also an instructor. They have used the self-defense on many occasions.|||Please do your family a favor. Find a good school, not a good style.

The quality and frequency of your training will far outweigh the style you train in.

Never sign a contract. Never pay for rank testing.

Observe all the schools in your are. Try free classes. Ask to observe their contact drills and sparring.

Join a clean school with respectful people.|||If all you%26#039;re looking for is self defense instruction, you may want to skip martial arts, as they usually have a lot more involved. I enjoyed the art I%26#039;ve taken, and there were SD drills included, but way more of the other things (forms, discipline, tradition).

Try calling around to your local martial arts studios, YMCA/YWCA, etc and ask if they have a self-defense class. That should give you what you need, without extra stuff, and without a contract (most martial arts studios have contracts).|||Mixed Martial Arts. One specific art is too limiting. Taekwondo and Karate are great for distance stand-up fighting, but if you%26#039;re taken to the ground, it%26#039;s useless. If you only learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, trying to fight against a guy who knows how to punch and kick might be difficult. Mixed Martial Arts combines stand-up fighting, close range clinch fighting, and ground fighting. It%26#039;s good for men, women and children. Age doesn%26#039;t matter.

MMA teachers might be hard to find. So maybe you can combine kickboxing or Taekwondo with Aikido or Hapkido. These are great choices for women and children.

Good luck.|||Shotokan karate is a very practical and useful form of karate that doesn%26#039;t waste time with %26#039;flashy%26#039; moves. It gets the job done.

Aikido is useful in that it%26#039;s central principles revolve around circular movements and manipulation of the opponent%26#039;s weight and momentum rather than your own strength, and it is often recommended for smaller or weaker people.

To learn more about how to protect yourself and your family, try this site:|||As others have advised, you should take %26quot;self defense courses%26quot;. Martial arts are useful in life or death street defense situations but that is not all they teach, and if you study a martial art you learn EVERYTHING contained with the art, not just the stuff that would be the most useful in the type of situation you have described. If I had to choose an art however, i would say Jeet Kune Do|||I would say jujitsu because even if you are a small person if you catch someone in a chok or armbar they likely will be caught unless they are abnormally strong. Jujitsu is about technique more than strength.|||Check with your local police force and community center to see if they have a self defense course that they recommend. Martial arts is not quite the same as self defense now that it%26#039;s become a sport. There are excellent combat oriented MAs out there, but they take a while to learn. Best bet is to take a quick and dirty self defense course and if interested start a martial art in addition to it.

You can also check youtube for video demonstrations. Just do a search on %26quot;self defense%26quot;. See what comes up. You may find an instructional video that works for you.|||ok, this is probably not going to reach you because it is so far down and drowned out by the %26quot;take this style%26quot; crap.

don%26#039;t focus on the style, focus on the training methods bieng realisitic.

meaning if you are doing kata work and not training realisitically- you have better odds of learning to fight by learning to play parcheesi.

(yes, I said fight- that is what self-defence is, only difference is for what purpose these skills are used for).

You will NOT be able to learn online. false training or bad training is worse than having no training.

false and bad training both give you a false confidence that can get you hurt worse.

here is an article about it:

If you aren%26#039;t training hard, with full resistance, you aren%26#039;t training to learn anything worthwhile.

obviously with kids (depending on age) you are not going to have them strap on sparring gear and go all out- in any case this is not the movies, a 10 year old is not going to be able to do anything against an adult (unless they have a weapon- but i STRONGLY RECCOMEND AGAINST OPENING THAT CAN OF WORMS with children).

perhaps if you want them to get involved early start them with more of a grappling style like judo or brazillian jiu jitsu as grappling arts can be practiced at higher intensity with more safety (generally) than striking arts. your kids might also not be mature enough to learn to hit and take a hit.|||Id recommend Krav Maga but be ready for some intense training. Most martial arts take years to master, so that the techniques can be used on the streets, but with varying degrees of effectiveness.....some have techniques which are basically no good on the street, frinstance Aikido is great if your opponent knows which way to roll so his arm doesnt break, but in a street fight you have to be a very very skilled master to defend yourself the way its meant to be done. Judo is ok on the streets, but remember that street attacks are brutal, they have no rules and getting close enough to do a judo technique can get you stabbed. Jeet Kune Do is great for the streets, dont worry about high kicks or flashy stances, always attack the eyes and kick to the groin or knee caps (from the side also) practise those kicks relentlessly.....learn foot stomps with your heels....learn to break shins with your boots, learn to throw hammer fists, palm heels, elbows and shutos to the nose, and throat, neck and temples.... Ippon ken is a one knuckle punch which really works on the solar plexus, then learn the eye rakes. Realize that street fights always involve hard objects all around you, use them to smash your attackers head and body, push them through plate glass windows, smack their heads into street lamp posts, powerpoles etc. Move your head away from the punches so they hit the brick wall behind you, stuff like that....Make sure you stay on your feet and always try to use their weight and force against them. Go for the eyes as soon as theyre in reach. Good luck and remember its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog.|||I hope you can find a class in your area, because It%26#039;s hard to become effective at defending yourself by learning online and without actually practicing. It%26#039;s also not very safe to practice without having someone who knows what%26#039;s going on there. Along with martial arts schools, you could check with the YMCA or YWCA. Also, some police departments will offer these classes. It might be worth it to give them a call and see if they do or if they would consider it. I train in jujitsu and found that it%26#039;s very helpful for self defense - it%26#039;s based on the concept that you don%26#039;t have to be bigger than your opponent to subdue them, so it might be good for you and your children. Good luck!|||I have taken Combat Hapkido and found it very easy to learn and extreemly effective. It mostly involves inflicting extreem pain upon your attacker and using their force against them to subdue them very, very quickly. Many of the techniques involve leverage in such a way that they are most effective when utilised by a smaller person against a larger attacker.And, by the way, I learned it from a Tae Quan Do instructor/international champion who insists that TKD is great excersise but next to useless in a real self defence scenario (Please don%26#039;t be mad all you tkd-ers! I have no experience with the art, just passing on my teachers advice). Look into Combat Hapkido and see what you think. Also google %26quot;Fast Defence%26quot; if you want efficacy with a short learning curve- they teach that in several hours in one seminar, and they have classes designed for women and kids. Fast Defence teaches to use adrenaline and fear to your advantage. Good luck and happy ************!|||This is a popular question!... I enrolled my 9 year old in Tae Kwon Do classes nearly a year ago, originally, hopefully, to assist with his ADHD. After watching him train for a few weeks I joined myself (I%26#039;m his mum, I%26#039;m 55, overweight and not in the best of health)... I was so impressed with the kid friendly self-defense techniques taught at our do-jang I arranged for classes at my son%26#039;s school for Kindy to year 2 kids... (years above that have to do specific sports defined by the powers that be unfortunately). The classes were an amazing success... almost half the schools kindy to year 2 kids attend, they love it! My son and I (hubby has now joined too)... often spar in fun at home (carefully... he%26#039;s a blue belt now and could do damage without trying!) At 9 years old and a very elegantly built 19 kilos in weight my son can escape from a wrist or arm grab from a strong adult with almost no effort! If he kept his head he could disable an adult quite easily - then RUN... Learning this sport has done wonders for my son%26#039;s self-esteem and focus, for my own health and weight-loss, and above all for my peace of mind... He%26#039;s not invulnerable (yet), but my little boy is a lot safer than he was a year ago! I%26#039;d strongly discourage trying to learn any self defence or martial art from a book or on-line... a qualified teacher is a must... If you can%26#039;t find classes in your area I second checking with your local police... they are almost certain to know where you and your family can get reputable self defense training... All the very best with it.|||It really doesn%26#039;t matter what martial art you take up, all will teach you something valuable and any true art will be able to work with you no matter what your physical stature or limitations.

The most important thing is not the style/discipline, it%26#039;s finding an instructor/s you trust, a group of students you actually look forward to training with, and a program that fits within your financial and schedule limitations.

Check out the schools in your are - irrespective of the style. Talk with the instructor/s and students. Check out a few classes. You%26#039;ll know which one is right for you.

If there are none in your area at all, you may want to consider self-derfense classes and concepts instead, especially for younger kids. Such simple things as developing codes that let them know a stranger is someone you sent, teaching them how to use the phone, how to seek help appropraitely if they get in trouble etc. There are many great organization providing this type of information and advice that would probably be avaialble on-line.

Good Luck !

Ken C

9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan YongChul-Do|||Tae Kwon Do is the best for self defense.

Online, no matter what it is will never be the same as been on class.

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