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Is it ok for men to hit women in the private area out of self-defense also?

Not trying to offend any women here but I%26#039;m curious..

Since it is ok for women to hit men in the private area(groin) out of self-defense, is it ok for men to do the same? Is it ok for men to hit women in the private area out of self-defense also? Or would it consider %26quot;sexual assault?%26quot;|||Like Wendy says ---- Yes, if it%26#039;s necessary and the perceived level of threat warrants it. Kick away. If you feel that your life could be in danger, do what is necessary.

But I believe that striking a woman in the busters is a lot more effective than going for the vagina area. Women are different. (BTW, be sure to wear a kevlar codpiece to protect your balls.)

But, better still, it would be better if men and women didn%26#039;t fight at all.|||Try it|||If it is needed in self defense, although it wouldn%26#039;t have much effect.|||Why are you, and so many others on GWS fascinated by the idea of women kicking guys in the groin, and men hitting women in the privates?

It%26#039;s not okay for ANYONE to hit ANYONE in the privates!

Got it, now?|||Of course. If a woman attacks you, do whatever you can to stop her.|||Self defense, is self defense but, if you want to risk your chances and hit a woman in her private area? You%26#039;d better hope she%26#039;s not pregnant and pray that the result of your blow does not cause her to have a miscarriage.

As they say on Judge Judy, %26quot;don%26#039;t take matters in your own hand, you take them to court.%26quot; lol....|||The question is entirely too general to give an answer that will fit all situations.

In some instances, yes, a man must protect himself, just like any person. However, I have to reiterate that the circumstances dictate the answer.|||If his life is in danger and he%26#039;s being overpowered by her and is in danger of losing the battle and his life, then . . .

Wait a minute. This is a ridiculous question. He%26#039;s certainly justified in defending himself, but a swift kick to the groin will not disable a woman like it disables a man. If he does, will he then dance around and congratulate himself on his cleverness? Did you get this off one of your angrylittleboy blogs? A woman would use this last-ditch tactic to disable her attacker if her life were in danger, and run away.

It%26#039;s not the same thing.

And you ARE trying to offend people. You always try.|||lol guns...lovin the headgear. in self defense all is fair and i can tell you from experience it is maddeningly painful.|||It was depend on the situation if the women are to much and very nugger and never stop then i say Yes its Ok to hit it.

Or when men patients are full it was ok for me infact it was my experienced already.

I hit my Girl friend in the bathroom when we are having fun.|||actually guns..its not actually ok ...

but in self defense we do happen to remember in a moment of panic where to hit you to bring you down.

and this is rather helpful if the man happens to be much stronger than the women and is beating her..

when women do this in self defense it may just be a last ditch effort to save her own life..

and since men are actually stronger if he must defend himself most likely hitting a woman in the privates wouldnt even be neccessary really.

more than likely if a man hits a woman he is more than likely to knock her out and may even break her jaw..

but if a woman hits a man more than likely she probably wont knock him out...( unless she knows exactly where to hit and is strong enough) and most likely will just anger him. Thus we go back to that moment of panic that woman experiances and the reason she would most likely hit a man in the groin.

its just common sense.|||ya if they do it first, in self defense or to not be imbarrased and get them back....yes...though I would just sue her....but if you do hit her it%26#039;s justified and it hurts them just as much

I posted a video of a girl getting punched in the VAG and she was all kinds of hurting|||It%26#039;s all based on the context, just as it would be in the case where the man was hit. If it%26#039;s really meant for self defense, then it wouldn%26#039;t be considered sexual assault. However, due to the comparative lack of exposure of female genitalia, it would make little sense to use that as a defensive move.|||Which private area are you speaking of? I mean, if you slammed a car door on my boobs that would definitely hurt like hell. Then again, kicking me in the nether-region may be painful too. I think just demanding that I have a mammogram is bad enough. Would you like your pp squashed between two plexi-glass plates? I think not. Oh wait, self-defense. Dude. Don%26#039;t y%26#039;all just slap us? Why go for private parts?|||Yes, absolutely.|||Yes, if it%26#039;s necessary and the perceived level of threat warrants it. Kick away. If you feel that your life could be in danger, do what is necessary.

Ya know, it%26#039;s just really hard to take you seriously, much less be %26quot;offended,%26quot; when you sound like Tonto from The Lone Ranger...I can%26#039;t help but giggle.

EDIT-And poor Daniel B sounds he%26#039;s had a severe brain injury. Tsk, poor thing!|||I guess, if she%26#039;s assaulting you, but wtf would that do? You do realize the effect would not be the same as hitting a man in the privates? I don%26#039;t want to sound chauvinistic, but I really doubt too many men will have to resort to hitting women in their private areas out of self defense.|||The chances that a groin hit is the most effective way to stop a female attacker is pretty slim. Most men don%26#039;t use groin hits on each other in a real self defense fight, because an attacker is going to minimize that target without thinking about it.|||Get your a%26amp;%26amp; to the slammer.|||If shes tough enough to hit shes tough enough to get hit. Thats where I stand.|||It doesn%26#039;t hurt nearly as much for a woman to get hit there so it wouldn%26#039;t be as good a self-defense move as hitting her in the eyes.|||I hope so|||Sexual assault is where someone is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts. It can also include being exposed to sexual situations against a person%26#039;s will. Sexual assault can include rape, incest, indecent assault, child sexual assault and sexual molesting. Taking that indecent assault, which includes being kicked in the privates, yes it is sexual assault.|||If it%26#039;s really self defense, anything goes.|||the only time a woman should over power you is if you%26#039;re looking down the barrel of gun. then you%26#039;re probably screwed. so you shouldnt get into a posistion where the need to hit a girl. i personaly believe that you should never hit a girl. no matter what. maybe grab her by the arms or something if she%26#039;s hitting you or there%26#039;s violent behavior, but never hit. i view women with high respect even though i might comment on their looks and areas of their body but hey, i%26#039;m a guy.

How do I learn self-defense quickly?

So I wasn%26#039;t attacked, but there%26#039;s a gang in my neighborhood, so I just want to be prepared. Friend advised me to learn Krav Maga, but there%26#039;s no school in my country to attend to. So is there any webpage that I can learn Krav Maga quickly and free. (And it doesn%26#039;t have to be Krav Maga necessarily, just some self-defense skill)|||Japanese Jiu jitsu I鈥檇 suggest.

Best wishes :)***|||I would learn to pray for my safely cause a gang can hurt you not matter what you can do with your feet %26amp; hands....focusing on seeing them getting distracted with other issues so they don%26#039;t even notice you %26amp; you can go to your local library on line %26amp; see if you put self-defence in the search what they have..they might have books %26amp; tapes that can help you but I will see your being safe from them %26amp; actually get a DVD called %26quot;the secret%26quot; so you can understand what I mean by your mind energy/thoughts/prayers.|||You are trying to learn out of fear - you can never learn.

You are trying to learn with offence in mind - you can never learn.

Forget offence. Tire your opponent with defense.

Concentrate, learn breathing techniques, learn falling techniques, learn imbalancing techniques, learn minimum force, learn to know the movements from the eyes of the opponent. Never underestimate the opponent. Use the force of the oppenent, the strength of the opponent to your advantage. Build stamina, do not show fear in the eyes, do not panic, be composed and watch the movements of the hands and body language of the opponent, use their move to your advantage. Do physical exercises to make your body strong, harden your hands and arms etc for blocks, learn chokes, learn graples and folds. Learn throws, kicks and chops. Do not demonstrate. Do not exhibit. Neither your body nor the skills. Keep these steps in mind. Seek a Master and learn. Practice, practice, and practice. All defense techniques can be converted to offfense techniques. Whatever you learn, learn with devotion. You shall achieve. In old times, in Kalari fight, it used to take 12 years for Meyyorukkam (to tone up the body) and the actual teaching starts after that! with best wishes.|||i%26#039;m sure you already do, but just try to stay %26#039;under the radar%26#039; - keep your valuables out of sight (it might seem unfair but it%26#039;s best not to wear flashy clothes or shoes either). pretty much just appear as if you%26#039;re not the kind they want anything from, you%26#039;re not going to give them any trouble, but you%26#039;re not going to take any crap either. send out an %26quot;i won%26#039;t approach you so don%26#039;t approach me%26quot; vibe.

if you are approached, give compomise one shot and then give them what they%26#039;re asking for. you%26#039;re obviously not a fighter (yet) so i don%26#039;t suggest you frustrate and %26#039;provoke%26#039; them by disagreeing with them. unless you%26#039;re a very fast runner (but then there%26#039;ll probably be a second confronation later on..)

but team up with a friend or parent and follow some instructional videos. it%26#039;s pretty difficult to learn self-defense techniques alone. you should e-mail a krav maga instructor and ask their advice.

joining a martial arts class sounds like a good idea don%26#039;t you think?|||avoid them as much as possible and if they do anything illegal to anyone other than you report them anon to the police to get them out of there. if it is a gang it will be you against all of them so unless your a SEAL, Ranger, or some other sort of special forces type you stand no chance. if you want to learn a self-defence for that special situation look into only real arts that have world with recognition and history. I will tell you that a Navy MP told me he was attacked by 3 once and found escrema (spelling may be off) to be what saved his life.|||self defense is not an over night course.

there are many styles that would be good for self defense. you just need to find a good instructor, one that knows what they are doing.

and the quick, free and easy wasy wont work. you get want you pay for.

video%26#039;s and books are only for reference and not meant to be your solo source. to learn any style you need a good instructor.

|||ive done judo, kickboxing,shorin ryu,etc,ok your friend seems wise to tell you to learn krav maga.k so #1 carry a knife or a gun,and the martial arts i advies is muay tia,combat hapkido,combat sambo,mma,and krav maga.check my websites also|||just don%26#039;t piss them off. and if its necessary, learn some ju jitsu. it%26#039;s pretty intimidating when you have someone in a hold in which if they move, their arm will be violently pulled out of its socket.|||um try to train in your room, imagine that there someone in front of you and you strike against %26#039;em!! or go to a kung fu club... i think kung fu is the fastest way to learn self-defense (but needs hardworking)|||Sorry to hear that you have to live near a gang.

I just looked up Krav Maga on Youtube - they have several videos on the basic training of Krav Maga.

Good luck %26amp; stay safe!!|||tell your friends to randomly attack you...keep u on ur toes and ur friends won%26#039;t really hurt u...hopefully...

or just hire a bodyguard...

yea my ideas are pretty contrived...

u could just join the gang and all your troubles will be over...

ok, i%26#039;ll stop trying to help now...|||Walk down dark alleys at night with twenty dollar bills hanging out of your pockets.

You will quickly learn to defend yourself.|||You could lock yourself in a cage with a tiger.

A hungry tiger.

You%26#039;ll either learn self defense or you won%26#039;t. And it will be very fast.|||you can go on youtube,

step by step self defense or something......

sry, this probably wasn%26#039;t that helpful|||watch Sylvester stallone movies...

He%26#039;ll teach you quickly!!|||run up to some gangsters and spit at them when they start to beat you up im sure you come up whit something very quickly |||There are no shortcuts in Martial Arts training.... but there are some free videos on for self defense that you might find helpful.... |||start your own gang a bigger one a tougher one kik their asses problem solved|||well all u have to do is ignore the drama an your day should be great!|||If you can%26#039;t beat them, join them.|||self defence classes|||Just watch karate kid!|||in a gun store|||you buy a gun a test fire it in the police staiton|||throw rocks at them|||or u can carry around a knife. that will always work.

Are steel shot shells (shotgun) good for self-defense?

Local retail stores do not carry birdshots heavier than #4 with lead, all heavy shots are steel (waterfowl). Can you use them for self-defense? How do they compare to lead shots? I am not asking about toxicity issues in water animals/birds|||For self-defense go with buckshot. Just make sure you kill your attacker, with the way the laws are going you might be sued for lead poisoning if they live.|||Heck, I have a hard time killing ducks with steel shot. And I%26#039;m not the only one, that%26#039;s why you%26#039;ve seen the surge in non toxic shot out there. And that%26#039;s on a measly duck, not a 200 lb pissed off intruder. That being said, I wouldn%26#039;t want to take a 3 1/2%26quot; shell of t shot to the chest. I wouldn%26#039;t recommend it, but I%26#039;ll bet it would work at close range.|||The difference between steel and lead is the difference between an FMJ and a softpoint. You aren%26#039;t looking to poke neat little holes if someone is threatening your family.|||No big because #4 lead bird shot will work fine in the home. At 20 to 30 feet it will kill the bad guy but will not over penetrate like big buck shot can.|||No, they are not. They do not expand, and tend to over-penetrate. You should be using buckshot. 00 or 000. You will only find those in lead, not steel.

If you really think you would be better off with shot larger than 4 but smaller than buckshot, such as T, BB, or #2, then look for Tungsten, Bismuth, or %26quot;Heavi Shot%26quot; (that%26#039;s a brand name). These are all also waterfowl loads (non toxic) but are denser/heavier than steel, and softer so there is some expansion.|||Nothing wrong with these for Self defense but I would MUCH rather 00 buck.

If a handgun is registered in PA and Used for Self Defense in Your Apartment In NYC what is the Penalty?

If a handgun is registered in PA and used for self defense in your apartment In NYC with a PA permit, but w/o a NYC permit, what is the penalty or case studies? Basically in PA you would not be in the wrong by any means to shoot and kill an intruder and it would be completely legal to defend your property. It would also be 100% legal in NYC if you had the correct documentation. What is the penalty for not having the correct documentation? Please advise. Thanks.|||It is a violation of the Sullivan Law in New York. New York City Law Chap. 1 Public Safety 10-133 You must have a license to possess a firearm in NYC. You must have the license in your possession when transporting that firearm unloaded and in a locked box to a Gun Range, Gunsmith etc within the city. You need a special premises license to have a gun in your place of business.

If you have a gun in NYC, it must be licensed in NYC. They have no reciprocity with Pennsylvania.

The penalty in NYC is a $300 fine or imprisonment for 15 days.|||You could get into a great deal of trouble, perhaps jail? I strongly suggest you stop playing around and take the gun with your PA registration to a local police station and have it registered.|||Call the local precinct, tell them you need to drop the gun off until you get a NYC permit. Make sure you get a name or # to verify if needed.The idea here is to call ahead of time so if you get stopped bringing it to the precinct you won%26#039;t be arrested. Legally, you have 10 days to get the permit from arrival into the city. It%26#039;s not worth being arrested for criminal possession of a weapon self-defense or not. Then call the License Division downtown and see what other steps you need to take to get your permit.|||You are asking for big trouble if you don%26#039;t find out what the law is when you move or live elsewhere. Even if you are traveling with the gun, you need to find out what the laws are in each state so you don%26#039;t get yourself in trouble.

I worked with a Sgt who always did that because each state is different. In Ohio, they had to have their weapon with them 24 hours because they were always on duty (for felonies and some misdemeanors). Other states don%26#039;t allow that.

Call the police department and find out what is required in order to get it registered in NYC. You don%26#039;t want to just %26quot;drop it off%26quot; because you may never see it again. There are procedures for turning property over so don%26#039;t do that unless it is required and if it is, find out exactly where to take it and make sure you get a receipt showing the brand name, serial number and who took the item (clarify name and badge if you can%26#039;t read it and write it on for future reference). Make sure your name and address are on the paperwork, too.

If you have paperwork from PA, take that with you to show you have registered it elsewhere and are the legal owner. Also take your receipt of purchase. Do not turn those papers in with the gun. If they want copies to put with it, they should have a copy machine so wait and get your originals back.

Make sure you get a phone number and find out how long they will hold it (especially if it%26#039;s safekeeping) before they would dispose of it. Where I worked, if people didn%26#039;t claim their property in 90 days, we could dispose of it.

Our requirement for registration was to take the weapon, unloaded and in a box, to the Detective Bureau where they recorded the information and owner%26#039;s name. While there, check to see what the law says about carrying the gun and if you can carry a concealed weapon or not.

Some places issue a permit and allow people to carry a concealed weapon, some issue permits to have a weapon but not carry them concealed so find out where you need to get that paperwork ~ they may issue them at the time while you are there with the weapon.

Is it ok for men to hit women in the chest out of self-defense?

Not trying to offend any women here but I%26#039;m curious..

Is it ok for men to hit women in the chest out of self-defense? Or would it consider sexual assault?|||Yeah, why don%26#039;t you do just that and see how far you get.

%26quot;Not trying to offend any women here but I%26#039;m curious.%26quot; Right.|||If an aggressor, regardless of genitalia, threatens a felony (homicide), the victim has the right to fight back but only if he or she 1) cannot escape, 2) cannot wait for police to arrive, 3) and responds only in defense adequate to DEFEND not to attack in retaliation. Self defense within the legal system is not at all about %26quot;getting even%26quot;, or, %26quot;all%26#039;s fair in fights%26quot;, or %26quot;she hit me first so that means I can hit her back.%26quot; If attacked and one can escape, or can call the police and fails to do so or becomes aggressive with retaliatory violence, the original victim is then considered to be an aggressor in the eyes of law and both parties can be arrested and charged with crimes and civil suit. Laws vary from state to state. But, the above conditions stand in all states. If a woman grabs a man%26#039;s testicles in self-defense, that is not considered to sexual assault. But, %26quot;groping%26quot;, stroking, licking, attempting to insert objects into bodily orifices ect. during a struggle would get sexual assault charges added to whatever else the moron ends up in jail over. You%26#039;d be amazed at how many men stupidly end up in prison for five year terms for sexual assault after a woman slaps them, for example, and who whine their heads off that it was part of their code of chivalry related to %26quot;self-defense%26quot; against a woman. Men need to get the message out there loud and clear that being attacked by a woman does NOT give the victim any RIGHTS to molest her or rape her or aggress back except with minimal force unless one%26#039;s life is endangered or one cannot escape. When attacked, slapped, slugged, kicked, whatever, back off, call the police and send that person to court. Do NOT join in on the stupidity if at all avoidable or lose the moral high ground and end up in court, too.|||Yea, if she attacked you in the balls first for no reason and you survive, go for it. But remember the world generally believes women first, so be prepared for a battle in court.|||If the situation calls for it, then yeah. All%26#039;s fair in war.

Just curious though, why do you always say that you are not trying to offend women? Why would you say that when it seems you are not worried or concerned about women in the first place?|||Yeah, although you better have some kind of proof, because she%26#039;ll almost certainly be believed in court over you, because we all know women wouldn%26#039;t lie, right?

I don%26#039;t mean to offend anyone with that, that%26#039;s the way the court system works.|||Some women have no compunction about kicking men in the genitals, some even revel in it. So therefore yes, it is perfectly permissible to strike her in the busters.

We are not talking legalities here, we%26#039;re talking right and wrong and common sense.|||yes it would be considered a defenses move if she is attacking you or a male with some sort of weapon like a knife or any other sharp object, then it would be self defense sexual assault is when a man attacks a woman and forceably grabs her breasts and other private parts of her body

Oh by the way do not hit a woman in her chest unless she is attacking you with some sort of weapon. Block with your left and strike with your right|||%26quot;During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack%26quot;

Sometimes, to stop the attack it%26#039;s necessary to knock the assaulter unconscious, otherwise you%26#039;ll get charged at relentlessly, even more if your aggressor is armed and very emotionally disturbed or under the effect of certain drugs.|||For self-defense, he should blow her head off.|||Yeah... and a hammer punch there would cause a cardiac arrest!|||its fine in self defense...though you may end doing her more damage than she did to you.

but i doubt the woman would even be thinking about sexual assualt if she was in pain anyhow.

now if you... say...grabbed her boob and making honking noises...then id say she may get pretty offended|||If she was assaulting him and he did it to save himself, it is understandable Violence by women against men happens too. It is not heard about, because what man would go to a bar and say his wife bashes him up. I feel sorry for some men who have aggressive wives and sorry for women too, but it is not always the fault of a man|||Honestly, it really depends on the circumstance. I would argue that in most cases, there is no way to prove that the man hit the woman out of %26quot;self defense%26quot;. It would naturally be looked upon that the man was abusing her. Men are typically more muscular, taller and physically powerful than women. For a woman to be attacking a man, and for him to not hurt her more so by attacking back is nearly impossible. Anyways, no woman wants to be hit in any situation-- unless she%26#039;s drawn a weapon on you-- this would change it all.|||Self-defense? Yeah.

If you hit me first, though, you won%26#039;t get that opportunity. Just so we%26#039;re clear.|||No more sexual assault than a woman kicking a man in the groin. Self-defense is self-defense. Whatever works to get the assailant to stop (using reasonable force, that is).|||Sure. It woudlnt be sexual assault though because the mens rea element thats required to assign criminal liablity, requires that it must be of sexual nature, which it isn%26#039;t.|||%26#039;Excessive Force:

How This Can Change Self Defense Into A Crime%26#039;

%26quot;It is a common belief that if you injure someone during the course of defending yourself that you are safe from prosecution. In reality, this is not the case. There is a fine line between self defense and assault and knowing where that line is could safe you a large fine and some serious jail time.

This fine line is called excessive force. During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack. Where this line is drawn depends greatly on what state you are in, the type of attack, the victim and the attacker. There are so many variables that it often becomes hard to define what is self defense and what is a counter attack.

A safe general guideline would be only do what it takes to stop the attacker and get away from them. If you are at a nightclub and someone hits you, it is safest to walk away from the incident as opposed to hitting the person back. If the person follows you and continues to attack you, it then makes it necessary to hit back in order to stop the attacker. Often people think in this situation that if they are hit first and retaliate, they will legally be off the hook. Not so, at the very least you will both be charged with disorderly conduct.%26quot;

So I%26#039;ve spelled it out for you S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Dya get it now?

It doesn%26#039;t take much to confuse you now does it?

Still not clear? Ask an attorney, but in the meantime:

During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack.

During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack.

During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack.

During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack.

During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack.

During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack.

During the course of defending yourself you cannot use force greater than what it takes to stop the attack.

ETC.|||I don%26#039;t consider punching in the chest sexaul assault. Regarding self defense hitting in the chest does seem better than hitting in the face. But I will point out that the the only time it%26#039;s okay to hit a female period under exceptional circumstances where he%26#039;s protecting himself or others from an woman of superior strength or fighting skills whom he can%26#039;t restrain any other way or if she%26#039;s stabbing him beating him with a weapon perhaps. I personally think Patios and Alien and Catherine had the best answers despite getting thumbs down and I don%26#039;t care if I get a thumbs down it%26#039;s about what%26#039;s morally right since men are superior to women in size, strength and fighting(althought not always the case). People will argue this will the talk of equality but as I stated before this one thing most women with some exceptions are not equal to men in. Other wise a man can walk away, restrain her, hold her down if he has to. A stronger man will show restraint and use only the reasonable amount of force needed. Of course it%26#039;s not right for anyone to hit period and the ones who do will have to risk the consequences. That%26#039;s all I have to say about the subject.|||If they hit you i would think that they think they can fight a man an should be treated as such. But, I have never had to defend myself i just leave before it escalates.|||If you feel physically threatened by her, fine, but I don%26#039;t think the chest should be at the top of your list of weak spots. It just doesn%26#039;t seem helpful to me.|||A man should never hit or strike back against a woman in any circumstance.

Men are supposed to protect women. They are our %26quot;Knights in Shining Armour%26quot;

Is it still self-defense if an illegal weapon was used?

If somebody killed somebody to save their own life (was being robbed, mugged, raped, etc.) but used an illegal weapon (illegal switchblade [in some states], machete, gun bought off the streets, etc.) would it still be self-defense?

I assume the defensee (word I made up, the person who killed in self defense) would still get the weapons charges, but would they still get manslaughter or murder?

Also, this might seem farfetched, but what if you run a red light, are speeding, or some other traffic violation, to run over a guy with his gun aimed at you?|||Self-defense could apply in both instances, provided you have the evidence and witnesses to prove that you were in a position and circumstances where you had to defend your life. Unlawful weapons charges may be filed against you as a formality, but could be dropped or reduced if self-defense is proven.|||you would probably still get the weapons charge. Judge Andrew Napolitano talks about situations like this in his first two books.|||I THINK IN SELF DEFENSE WHAT EVER U GET YOUR HANDS ON TO PROTECT AND DEFEND YOURSELF WOULD JUST BE THAT TO PROTECT YOUR SELF BE IT BASEBALL BAT /SHOVEL /LEAD PIPE KNIFE ETC....I WOULD RUN THE SUCKER OVER TWICE IF HE POINTED GUN AT ME ...|||Self defense against a manslaughter charge, yeah you would get off. There would be weapon charges brought against you though. As for running over someone while speeding and he had a gun pointed at you, well- you might get caught on that one as he would claim self defense against a nut driving recklessly and too fast.|||No it would not be illegal. Your using it in self defense. Now if you have a gun and you dont have a permit to have that gun they may give you a ticket for it not being registered and confiscate the gun, but it wont be anything serious. I learned in class there was a guy who was walking down the street with a gun, and went up to another man and said take this gun and shoot me or ill kill you. Well the guy did it, and got away with the self defense. I don%26#039;t know exactly how they proved it, i believe there was other witnesses, but all in all, if your defending yourself and your life is in danger you have the right to defend yourself in whatever way deems necessary.

What are some Black Belt/martial arts/self-defense misconceptions you've encountered?

I%26#039;m doing an essay called %26quot;Black Belt Myths%26quot; and I already have a few ideas but I would like to get some input from other martial artists. (non-martial artists are always welcome to answer, too.)

So far, the ones I%26#039;ve got down are:

-Being a black belt makes you invincible.

-The sole purpose of martial arts is to transform you into a killing machine.

-___________ is the best martial art ever invented.

-___________ is better/crappier than ___________.

Pretty obvious stuff, as you can see, but I%26#039;d like to expand it more and try to cover the most common %26quot;myths%26quot; about martial arts, especially pertaining to fighting and self-defense.

And please do NOT tell me stuff like %26quot;Muay Thai is the best system for fighting%26quot; and %26quot;I could kick any TKD dan%26#039;s butt any day.%26quot; If you%26#039;re not going to be objective, don%26#039;t bother answering.

Thanks to all who answer.

(I%26#039;ll probably ask this again later to get more answers from more people so don%26#039;t be surprised if you see this question again.)|||my fasvorite is %26quot;hand registered as lethal weapons%26quot; (if my put my hands in my pockets is that a concelled weapon) thats a funny one and my responce when people ask me

another favorite is %26quot;i have a black belt I know everything in which ever art%26quot; no one no knows everything in the art unless you the perosn who invetnted it

%26quot;Black belt makes me a good fighter%26quot; not really the art you study will help you but the belt is self has no magic your not any better with or with out it its a rank does not mean much compared to ecperience

%26quot;I got my black belt in a shorter time then you did so i am better%26quot; no maybe your dojo makes it easier to recieve a balck belt|||well a couple of questions i used to get asked when i was teaching -can you fly %26amp; can you run up walls?haha by kids obviously.theres so many misconceptions it would take all day to list.

EDIT%26gt;the give a warnings stuff.only a fool would give a warning,if you warn them and then hurt them youve already admitted your guilt.|||Practicing martial arts will make you healthier.

Traditional martial arts don%26#039;t work in the street.

Black belts are more liable for injuring someone in a fight than non-black belts.

Pretty much any statement that says %26#039;martial arts will do this, or won%26#039;t do that%26#039;. Fighting is a chaotic thing. Nobody knows what will happen. Having training in martial arts will give you an advantage, but it is not a guarantee.|||The best one of all is when someone says you need to get your hands registered as lethal weapons when you become a black belt.|||%26quot;Tai Chi is a kind of weirdo slow dance for senile Chinese.%26quot; Tai Chi, properly Romanized Taijiquan is one of the three major martial arts in the nei jia (internal family) of kung fu, along with Xingyiquan and Baguazhang. In proper execution, it not as slow as you would see during a training routine.|||I think one of the most prominant misconceptions out there is that many martial artists believe that %26#039;because I have a black belt%26#039; now I won%26#039;t get hurt or cut, or something if I get into a fight. Sometimes you can%26#039;t avoid getting hurt, but in most cases you CAN control WHERE you get hurt or TO WHAT EXTENT you get hurt. If someone pulls a knife and I%26#039;m unarmed, there%26#039;s a strong chance that I%26#039;ll get cut. Where I get cut is up to me. Is it better to take a cut on my hands or arms while disarming my opponent, or to take a knife in my lung, which could be a life-threatening injury. The answer should be clear.

That%26#039;s why you should train by making actual contact from time to time. If you know what it feels like to get hit, you%26#039;ll be less likely to be stunned if it happens on the street.|||I just had to respond but I don%26#039;t know if this will help you with your paper.

I am a married woman who started taking tae kwon do with my children because I always thought it would be fun. Well, it%26#039;s still lots of fun (of course it%26#039;s also a challenge and of course it also hurts a lot sometimes).

I get really ticked when my dad or my husband%26#039;s friends tell him things like, %26quot;Oh, I bet you really watch it now because now you know who can kick your butt.%26quot; Those comments are SO IGNORANT! I believe I could defend myself to some extent but why would I be stupid enough to make a joke out of my training or make a joke of the ART of my martial art?

My husband and I love and respect each other. Anyone who is even slightly acquainted with us can see that so their misconception is that as a martial artist I am stupid enough to pick a stupid fight with my husband. What do I look like? An egotistical cocky teenage boy?

Yeah, that misconception ticks me off.|||That there can ever even be one stated purpose to martial arts. Any phrase that goes %26quot;People do martial arts because...%26quot; is wrong, because different people enter the martial arts for different reasons. Some want to learn self-defense, while others want to do exercise, others feel it%26#039;s a good way to meet people, others are interested in the challenge they present, while others come in with other myths and enter the dojo thinking they will become killing machines, others yet aren%26#039;t quite sure why they%26#039;re there, but they%26#039;ve felt attracted to martial arts for a long time and felt it was time to give it a go.

And the main reason why this is a myth is that most people change their reasons along the way. This is the real magic of martial arts which awaits the more open-minded students. You might come in to the martial arts thinking you%26#039;re going to become a fighting machine, only to find out you really like the peace and harmony that eventually comes from mutual respect and training with other people who are making efforts as well.

There%26#039;s more then meets the eyes.|||I have come across many self promoters,they read a few books and they think that they are a black belt.This takes years of intense training to become a black belt in any true style.Just because you hold the rank of black belt does not mean you can fight,I have seen many get mopped up on the floor letting their mouth over load their ***.This is just the beginners stage it takes many years to become sufficient enough to handle yourself in a street fight.Some never can.|||%26quot;Black belts make great fighters%26quot;. thats another myth. all a belt does is identify your understanding of the system compared to other people in that system. it is not an identifier of fight ability. sure, it should be more than lower belts, but too many people think that the BB can kick @ss every time. wrong. we can all fight the opponent or style that we know, but it isnt really fighting is it.|||If you are a black belt your knowledge is infallible.

this is a big misconception.

The hand registering one that someone has mentioned, that one is common too.|||%26quot;Once a person has earned a black belt they have learned all there is to know and they are ready to move on to another martial art... %26quot;

Actually, once a person has earned a black belt they have learned the basics and are ready to START LEARNING about the specific martial art itself.

.|||that you will get in trouble if you use martial arts and that they will classify you as a lethal weapon....this is got into a fight...nobody died..and now you are the blame....who knows...what if the other person was the person who started causing trouble? that a black belt can use anything as a that means i give him/her a couple cotton balls..and they can kill someone? get real....even if i give them a long stick...they might even get beat up..let alone trying to kill someone with a couple gum drops...|||If you%26#039;re in a striking art, being a black belt is suppose to mean that you%26#039;re also excellent at tricks and high flying moves. You%26#039;re suppose to know advances moves and combos, but that doesn%26#039;t mean you have to be able to do 720 kicks, gainer x-outs, and raizes. Everyone seems to think the upper level people always know how to throw out the tricks, when many don%26#039;t for whatever reason. Unless you are really good, they aren%26#039;t going to help you in a fight.|||The idea that a high dan means it%26#039;s holder is incredibly proficient. Usually if someone is a 7th dan or something like that they received that rank to honour their long term service to their chosen style as a teacher, administrator, etc.

Also I agree with David N; shodan should be see a starting point, not as an end in itself.|||No two black belts are the same. It is a completely subjective form of identification within the martial arts world. Experience and talent are the true measures of one%26#039;s ability. This goes without saying. And yes. Once you have entered the Dan ranks of a martial art then the true understanding and potential of what it has to offer starts to come to light. And as far as the actual black %26quot;belt%26quot; is concerned, it is there simply to keep your gi from falling off.

S|||Martial Arts is for defense only.

That%26#039;s a myth I%26#039;d like to see squashed. While we don%26#039;t encourage kids to start a confrontation. As adults we are free to choose when and how we use our training. Sometimes the best thing to do is initiate the confrontation. There is a time and place for all things, a time for peace and a time for war. When it%26#039;s time for war.. be the first to strike.

Is killing in self defense ever justified between a husband and wife?

For instance, many times women who kill their husbands in self defense are tried for murder when there has been a history of domestic violence and even being beaten at the time of the killing. Do you think these women have a right to self defense like anyone else? Or do you think there should be other laws that govern killing in marriage?|||YES, women in a Marital Situation, where their Husband or Spouse or Partner are DIRECTLY Threatening their lives, HAVE the right to DEFEND themselves -- and that is for sure.

There is NO Excuses here - - but in reality -- the Judicial environment and the Laws are NOT up to speed on the problems and situation of Domestic Violence in the home -- I know in my area the judge here thinks it is %26quot;NOT A PROBLEM or THREAT%26quot; -- and he (NOTE the MALE term -- yes HE) just goes on to let another Domestic Violence Victim be without any help -- because he does NOT support the filing nor provide ANY form of Legal Paperwork which would definitely give the Domestic Violence Survivor some protection against their abuser.

Sadly, Domestic Violence is still seen as a %26quot;joke%26quot; by judges like this -- and there are many in the US. The Laws also have not kept up with the REALITY of domestic violence -- allowing the Abusers to Victimize, re-victimize, and re-re-victimize their survivor --

And oops -- if the Abuser kills their Victim -- OH, WELL ... it is at that point that the Police, the Judge, and all Law Enforcement and other support services comes CRAWLING out of the woodwork and state %26quot;Gee ... if ONLY we had been Informed ...%26quot; --

Well, the VICTIM DID INFORM the Judge, the Police, the Law Enforcement and Support agencies -- MANY TIMES (once, twice, three, more times) -- and EACH AND EVERY TIME the Judge, the Police, the Law Enforcement and Support Agencies TURNED their BACKS on the Victims of Domestic Violence.|||I think Montgomery County, MD would give the best answerer a lot more respect than whereever she%26#039;s from - even with her apparent history of mental illness, drug addiction and overall instability. Montgomery County, MD would welcome you with open arms - if you can afford it. Report Abuse
|||I also think that both of you are clones - why would one of you give the %26quot;canned%26quot; long answer and the other give the %26quot;short%26quot; answer. Report Abuse
|||EVERYONE has the right to self defense (even in the UK).

But you always have to examine the murder angle. You can%26#039;t just take someones word for it. The question is, was deadly force

justified.....|||Women throughout the USA are having their sentences commuted thanks to the battered spouse syndrome. If the spouse was in a severe abusive relationship and was in a situation where killing the abusive spouse was the only way out - the battered spouse defense is applicable. The years spent in prison do not wipe away the conviction for first degree murder but the women walked out of jail free to begin new lives without abusive partners.|||What other law could there be....same principle as being attacked and beaten on the street, ur going to defend urself however u can, afterall, its ur life or his. Marriage doesn`t give the right to beat or be beaten by a spouse, so, of course it`s self-defense.|||Justified, no. Understandable, yes.|||of course it is.

should one stand still and get beat to a pulp...

i think not.......|||There is no blanket answer to your question as each case is different, however, speaking in generalties if a pperson is in fear of his/her own life or serious physical injury then the use of deadly force is permissable. Alabama has recently passed a new law which broadens the citizens ability to use deadly force. Prior to the law going into effect, deadly force had to be ones last means of escape. Now, an intruder can be shot, someone attempting to car jack you can be shot, a person who is in violation of a protection from abuse order who is attempting to break into a home to gain access to the pettitioner can be shot and if the case is deemed to be self-defense not only can the citizen not be prosecuted but they can not be held liable in a civil action. But regardless of any law, I%26#039;d rather take my chances with a jury of 12 than just sit there and allow someone to kill me!|||in america you have the right to use deadly force! this pertains to all!|||I CAN UNDERSTAND WOMEN DOING THIS. I THINK THEY GET A BAD RAP HAVING TO GO TO JAIL. SOME TIMES THEY PUT THEM IN THE MENTAL HOSPITAL. IT%26#039;S SAD FOR ALL.|||Of course....I%26#039;ve seen some of them tell their stories from jail|||killing?? are you freakin nuts?? normal people don%26#039;t kill each other, freak...

self-defense doesn%26#039;t mean that you go around knocking people off...|||In order for a killing to be considered self defense, the victim must be in the act of trying to kill the accused, %26amp; the accused must have no other viable option.

I%26#039;m not saying that I necessarilly agree with this, just that it is the law.|||More women abuse there husbands then husbands abusing there wives.|||you can only kill in self defense if there is deadly force being used against you.

People with a history of abuse, need to have left, period,

But if they are not in threat of thier lives, they leave, not kill|||A self defense plea is almost as hard to prove as an insanity plea, if not harder.|||No. It is actually very rare for either spouse to kill the other %26quot;in self defense%26quot;. The dirty little secret about domestic abuse is that women are just as likely to be the abuser and far more likely to use weapons. Women who kill their husbands are almost never doing it in self-defense. They are murderers. The system looks at the evidence and punishes them accordingly.

It is very popular to claim self-defense as a part of preventing abuse. This never has merit. Indeed, the criminal who killed her husband is usually the abuser and usually has a history of hurting her husband and children before she works herself up to murder. After the fact, she claims abuse to try and avoid going to jail. However, these are almost always found out. To date, only a handful of true self defense cases like this exist. And they NEVER involve history of abuse but rather immediate threat of being killed. In other words, the man goes after the wife with a knife (note that it is FAR more common for it to be the WOMAN who goes after the MAN with knife) and she pulls out a pistol and shoots him. That is a self defense case. That other crap you are talking about is a trick used to try and get murderers off the hook. Juries and judges don%26#039;t fall for it though. The reason is there is almost always a long history of the woman being abusive and making terrorist threats before she commits murder.|||If there is a history of abuse and the wife is beaten all means I believe in self defense if she kills him....The same goes for the husband if he is abused,,,|||Self-defense is justified, though I think the situation should be taken care of before it gets to that point... These things rarely happen overnight.|||There is such a thing as battered woman syndrome. It has been used in Court and is considered a valid defense if it can be proven. It was introduced as a defense in the late 70%26#039;s and has been being used ever since. It is a pretty interesting topic to research and resources on it are plentiful.|||I think it is ok to kill someone if it%26#039;s in self defense. You were just trying to protect yourself or someone else. You should not go to prison either.|||if you have the choice to walk away then its different than if your defending your life from an attacker w/ a weapon...|||i don%26#039;t think so cuz she just killed him cuz that was the only way to keep him off her

If I was being attacked and stabbed my attackers in self defense, would that be unlawful?

If I was being attacked by a gang of six, they were beating me I fell to the floor where I picked up a knife and on facing them trying to blow me in the head I waved the knife around which cut a number of them in the torso area, was this unlawful, say the knife had killed one of them, would I be liable for murder or manslaughter though my intentions were purely self defense?|||Likely, you could use the %26quot;defense of necessity%26quot; in any state, if you truly believed that your life was in danger.|||Kill all witness%26#039; (gang members). I have been a martial arts instructor for a few years and I was involved in a situation were my buddy had seven guys that surrounded him. He managed to beat one so bad the attacker later died in the hospital but the other six were beaten to a pulp with broken arms and legs. The other six sued him.

Pretty messed up right? They manage to lose in court only because I witnessed the whole thing (along with three other people), But imagine if he was all by himself and that same situation still applied?

Great all American society!|||Self defense is a legal justification. Justifications are like saying %26quot;yes I technically committed a crime but I shouldn%26#039;t be held legally responsible because of the situation.%26quot;

Self defense only works as a justification when the self defense is commensurate to the threat. For instance, if someone walked up to you and said %26quot;give me your wallet or I%26#039;ll punch you,%26quot; you can%26#039;t shoot him because your response was much greater than the threatened force.|||It does depend on the state you live in and whether it has a %26quot;Stand Your Ground%26quot; law or %26quot;Duty to Retreat%26quot;. You also have to prove that you feared your life was in danger, which is difficult to do without witnesses.|||depends on the state you live in, proof and all that..

have you ever heard of the burglar who broke in through this lady%26#039;s chimney injured himself and the lady got charged because it occurred on her property?

messed up|||You would be a hero in any state other than socialist California. There you would likely go to prison and have to pay for all the medical expenses of your attacker.|||In Oklahoma we have a Make My Day Law they would investigate but if found it was done in self defense you be let go.|||not if your life was in danger

Has anyone had to use Pepper Spray on someone, for self defense?

How effective was the pepper spray when it comes to self defense?|||Yep, I%26#039;ve had to use it twice. My only piece of advice is to make sure the wind is not blowing in your direction. The first time I was mugged, I sprayed it toward my attacker and the wind was blowing my way so it went into my face. Not being able to see and in severe pain, I had to use the next available weapon I had which was a book bag heavily loaded with grad school books. Thankfully, it did enough damage to stop the attack. The second time was more successful, I got the attacker in the face, he instantly released his grip on me to put his hands to his face giving me valuable time to escape. But, now every time I find myself walking alone and get that intuitive feeling of not being safe, I check the wind while I get my finger on the trigger.|||No, but i keep it close by

Where can i find a self-defense class in New York City, either free or inexpensive, ASAP?

I just recently moved to New York City, and have had some trouble. I would like to find a self-defense class (ASAP), and only have about $150 to spend. Where can I go? Brooklyn or Manhattan locations would be preferred.|||Hi EJ,

I am sorry. I do not know where you can go for self defense classes. However, if you are looking for an easy solution to protect yourself, then you should probably check out I have purchased quality self defense items from them in the past. Good luck!

Where can I buy self defense tools?

I%26#039;m specifically referring to the patti-kat: It is a cat shaped piece of plastic with pointy ears that you are supposed to poke into someone%26#039;s eyes. It is used for self-defense and personal safety, I%26#039;m just looking to find where I can buy one.|||wtf!

Have you as a woman ever had to use self defense?

I am 5%26#039; tall and was wondering if I took those self defense classes for women, if it would work for me. Have any women out there ever been in a situation where they%26#039;ve had to use what they learned and if so, did it work just like it should? |||My best self defense move was slamming the door in a guys face and calling the cops. I take martial arts for sport and fun, but it does get you in shape in case you need to run like hell.

If multiple women are attacking a man, is it ok for him to hit them in self defense?

If multiple women are attacking a man and are trying to seriously injure him (hitting him in the face, going for his private area, etc) is it ok for him to punch them in the face in self defense? If you saw a man punch the attacking women the face, would you step in, and if so, would you help the man, or would you help the women? If the cops came, would you tell the truth and say that the women attacked the man, or would you say that the man attacked the women first, so he gets in trouble?|||a woman could hit a man only in situation where she is protecting herself...|||i always support the weak and the underdog. in this case, i would help the man get out of their clutches.|||All those women could kill him. I dont see why he shouldn%26#039;t defend himself...especially if it wasn%26#039;t much provoked...I would support neither, but break it up if I could....which as I think of it would probably drag me in on his;d be good at that point for both of us to run.|||Yup, because if it was in Self Defence then its allright.|||No, no hitting back.

Use a gun/knife instead....|||no. a man must die before hitting a woman. unless she is unattractive|||Legally, you%26#039;re allowed to do anything in self defence.|||Even if it was one why wouldn%26#039;t he?|||Even if only one woman is attacking a man he should hit her back. Progress the cause of equal rights I ay!

In response to whoever it was up there that saud legally you%26#039;re allowed to do anything in self defense - you can%26#039;t. You%26#039;re only allowed to do enough to ensure your own safety. In some places this means that you%26#039;re not even allowed to hit them if you can escape, but even where %26#039;stand your ground%26#039; legislation is in place, if you pull a gun or something and they back off, you aren%26#039;t allowed to shoot them unless they actually pose a threat.|||Equal rights.|||In self defense...yes.|||It%26#039;s absolutely ok to fight back in self defense.

Would I help? Yes. I don%26#039;t believe that mob vengence is acceptable. Once things calm down, the police can sort things out.|||yes|||There has to be a limit to everything. If the guy did not deserve to be attacked in such a manner then he has all the right in the world to self defense. I would try to run from them, but that is just me. If he tries to defend himself and the police came, I would certainly testify the truth, he was being attacked by multiple %26#039;female individuals.%26#039;|||If any woman tries to hit me, I will hit her back. I will not let some whore try to put her dirty claws on me.|||Well it is essential that we know what the mank did to get attacked by all those women. I mean if he was a rapist then he got what he deserved. Facts are necessary before we can pass any real judgment on this issue.

However, if the women are some sort og gangsters than yeah, he shud defend hiself.

What are some good, simple self-defense moves?

I%26#039;m a wuss %26amp; a coward. I admit it. I%26#039;ve always been a very weak guy who doesn%26#039;t know anything about fighting. As a result, I have been bullied a lot in my life, especially in my teen years %26amp; have had never had a girlfriend. I am in my mid-20%26#039;s now %26amp; don%26#039;t have any problems with bullies, but I still have never had a GF and I sometimes have a habit of letting jerks walk all over me. It rarely happens %26amp; I have gotten better at standing up for myself, but I am always secretly scared whenever I do stand up for myself %26amp; I think I%26#039;d have more self-confidence if I knew how to defend myself. I%26#039;ve tried both Kung-Fu %26amp; boxing, but it never worked out. I%26#039;m a simple guy who wants to know just a small hand full of some simple self-defense moves. I don%26#039;t wanna ever actually engage in a fight. My plan is, if I ever have to fight is to do the simple self defense move, then run away %26amp; call the police. I%26#039;m not a fighter. I don%26#039;t wanna be a fighter. I just wanna learn how to survive %26amp; be more confident.|||You are your own worse enemy in that you are what and how you think you are. You make statements like, %26#039; I am a wuss and a coward.%26quot; Your subconscious mind says OK, your wish is my command, and you are therefore a wuss and a coward.

With the proper mindset and self confidence which will come from inside after you have re-written your %26quot; Rules of Engagement%26quot;, if you will, you will become a new man, and without the ongoing fear factor, you will find less desire or need for learning an effective fight system. Without the proper mindset and self confidence, Steven Segal would be a wuss and a coward. It is imperative you master these two qualities first, before learning any fight system.

After having done that, get ready for that special woman in your life, as she will soon be there for you.

You can take all the flying lessons in the world, but if you have a fear of flying, all the training will be useless if you cannot apply it.

Start immediately in re-programming your subconscious mind with positive affirmations, Pen and paper, and write statements such as, %26quot; I am very self confident%26quot;. or %26quot; Women are attracted to me because of my high level of self confidence%26quot;. Write each of these affirmations 10 times or more, and do this daily.

Use subliminal programs to re-program your sub conscious mind for a high level of self confidence. When the changes take place on the subconscious level, the changes will come from the inside out without interference from your conscious mind.

After you have gained a respect for yourself, then check out the IDF ( Israeli defense force) fight system, Krav Maga. This is what law enforcement agents learn. You would benefit greatly from enrolling in a training course, or there are highly effective training films available on the Internet.

In summary, start by building your self confidence and mindset and you will find your need for a fight system will have diminished considerably. But if you feel the need, get some Krav Maga training and you will be mentally equiped to fight to the finish and come out the winner whether against CQB ( Close Quarter Battle) hand to hand or weapons attack.

Note: Recently, Body Weapons had a special on Krav Maga and the two trainees who were already trained in many martial arts systems, were totally unequiped to deal with the Krav Maga fighters tactics. This included vicious knife attacks from knife fighting professionals, which Krav Maga fighters either disarmed or used weapon to defeat attacker.

Darryl S.|||I did as you said and I feel better already. Report Abuse
|||1st I will ask you a question .How often do you intend on practicing any moves we might tell you?If not everyday forget it .Your action has to be automatic without any thought to make you hesitate.That takes tons of practice.Your action has to over ride your fear.Practice kicks no more than stomach hi down to the knees .Then practice knee attacks to the groin or stomach.Then practice grab pull and punch go in for a leg tackle.All these things can be practiced on a heavy bag as your opponent

Remember the only true self defense is walk away or run away everything else is fighting whether you started it or not and that is how the law sees it.|||The best, if there is such a thing, self-defense move is simple, yet very hard to do.

Avoid getting yourself into a situation were fighting becomes an issue.|||Try a MA school again. Do something different like TKD - schools are everywhere and you should have no trouble finding one.

I say try again because there is nothing that any Yahoos can tell you that will help you with confidence or in a practical application if you were defending yourself. You need to learn the techniques and practice them on a regular basis and in different scenarios in the dojo.

You will learn alot of different techniques to defend yourself, but you will only actually need a few...and luckily enough, those are the ones they teach you first (simple kicks and punches).

Please try it again and really get into it. As you progress your confidence will increase with your abilities. Good luck!|||keep at least one or two guns at your home.keep them handy,hidden,loaded,and indifferent in the need to at least be able to protect your home.|||Kick em in the balls. Quick and effective. Start by standing in a good side stance. legs shoulder width apart, practice lifting your knee as fast as you can. Once you perfect the knee kick, start throwing the leg out behind it. Also, poking people in the eyes, HARD, is another great move.|||You can still do martial arts, learn some great things, and not be a fighter. If you want to check out some self defense things online, I would suggest youtube, or expertvillage.

If you plan on using any of these techniques, you have to practice a lot to be able to them on instinct.|||That won%26#039;t work. If you don%26#039;t don%26#039;t wanna ever actually engage in a fight, you will never be able to effectively defend yourself. hearing about some moves on Yahoo! Answers will not stop some guy from punking you in the middle of the street. So either cowboy the eff up, or continue to cry yourself asleep, but if you do not like to fight you will never actually be able to, should the need arise. And no, do not get any guns. If you cannot find hand to hand, you will not be able to effectively use weapons either. Pull out a gun, the guy will sense your fear, take the gun from you, and then either shoot you or beat you, or both.|||Having suffered (and I mean suffered!) from low self-esteem and depression all my life I can only add that Stingray is the man to listen to... No %26#039;self defense%26#039; move is going to help you if your cringing in a corner with your hands over your face... Try Stingray%26#039;s advice and if that doesn%26#039;t work get some professional counselling help... You need to build your ego, not your muscles! ;-) All the very best with it... I do Tae Kwon Do by the way, I%26#039;m %26#039;only%26#039; a yellow belt (get told off for putting the %26#039;only%26#039; all the time... ), but it%26#039;s getting better all the time... My hubby and my nine year old also do TKD and they are both Blue Belts... (I had a six month break to get through my last depression.. but I%26#039;m on their tails!)

What is the best self defense load for the .40 s&w round?

I just bought a Springfield XDm in 40 caliber, and I would like to know the best grain weight for self defense. Should I go with the light 135 grain, the middle 155 and 165 grain, or the heavier 180 and 200 grain bullets?|||any quality bullet in 165-185 should work if you do your part. doin your part if it comes to it requires 2 rounds to impact center mass of the target... and follow up if your threat is still threatning.

Two thing you want to see ... a bullet that expands and transfers energy... that screws up the nervous system and created systemic shock

The expanded bullet needs to retain its mass as it cuts the big hole deep enough into tissue so the hole stayes open and the assailant bleeds... without passing through the body.

i cannot stress that enough... shooting people is more about mindset that the equipment used. Mental awarness and a willingness to do what the situation requires without hesitation has made folks sucessful with %26quot;obsolete%26quot; handgun rounds like 158 grain 38 special for years now

200 grainers tend to over-penetrate...

Evan Marshall ( he hits early on goodle keyword searches) is still doing work regarding expansion comparisons for service bullets|||The heavier you go the more knock down. I would stick with the 180-200 in a hollow point.I know if my life is on the line i would want who im shooting at to feel the punch and get knocked down. The mid weight 155-165 wouldnt be too bad either. In reality they will all make a guy fall if you shot them but i want knock down. If its me thats what i would go for|||I have Cor-bon 135 gr + P in my 40 Browning High Power. I%26#039;ve always felt that the higher velocity of the lighter bullet=higher Kinetic energy.

Isaac newton told us that

E = Mass x Velocity(Squared) + gravitational constant.

Because velocity is a squared function, you get a much greater rise in energy for an increase in velocity.

But, hey! That%26#039;s me: a man of science.|||This was my service pistol for a few years. Heavy- but reliable.

A very good tested round is the Remington 165gr JHP. It has a 94% 1 shot stopping rating.

A near close round is the Federal Hydra-shok 180gr JHP with a 89% rating.

Jack|||The Winchester Brand 165 Grain SXT bullet; uniform expansion, excellent accuracy, reverse taper jacket design.* 1,130 Feet per sec muzzle velocity.*|||I stacker the rounds in my glock first round is a Glazer Safety slug second is Federal hollow points third is Federal ball|||Check out Corbon DPX in 155 Grain.

It%26#039;s a heat treated all copper hollow point.

These are what I carry in all my defensive guns.|||165 grain|||I keep 4 full clips of Federal Personal Protection packed at all times for my XD40.

What is considered self defense in Canada?

Im worried me and this other guy are going to get into a fight shortly... i think hes just looking for an opportunity to fight someone.. I dont really want to hurt him (he doesn%26#039;t know it... but im probably twice as strong as he is if not more)

if a fight does start what is considered self defense? If i have to can i knock him out?

|||Self-defense in Canada ends at the amount of force it takes to get the guy off you and end the confrontation. So you could knock him out if he were close to breaking your arm, but not just because he started it.

If you were to best him and then just keep wailing on him, it becomes assault.

Which Martial Art Is Best For Self-Defense Of These 3?

I want to pick one up at my local university and they have 3 available: taekwondo, judo and hapkido. I want to learn first and foremost for self-defense. Secondly, I want to learn one of these for bettering my physical and mental health.

Any suggestions?|||Ok so we know where Tom P sits, lol. Another MMA who looks down at anything that doesn%26#039;t fit his idea of what works in the octogon. If that%26#039;s not what you are saying prove me wrong Tom. cause I%26#039;ve liked a lot of your answers to this point.

With that being said, any of these would be good for self defense if taught and trained correctly. I am not talking about street fighting, but sslef defense, and their is a differance, which fewer and fewer of the people on here undertsand. I think it is because we have so many UFC nutgrabbers that come here who do not actually train.

A street fight is a clash of egos between two willing people, that can be avoided 99% of the time if one person has enough bal** to walk away, and yes it is harder to do that then fight. Self defense is purely about survival. It is the 1% where you cannot walk away.

The truth of the matter is that any martial art if trained correctly can give you very good self defense, many times without having to even do anything. Knowing you can take care of yourself will give you self confidence, This will mean that even if you do not realize it, you will carry yourself better and you will put out a vibe to human predators that there is easier prey around.

There was a study done where they showed video tapes of people walking down the street to prisoners., and they were asked to identify who they would choose to rob. Without fail they all chose the sme people, and in many cases passed up smaller females to go after larger males, just based on the way they carried themselves.

After all of this my recomendation would be Judo, but not because it%26#039;s better then the others, it is simply because because you are taking it at a University, you are not going to have years to learn it, Judo will teach you more actual stuff you can use immedietly then the other two, which take longer to get to an acceptible level of self defense, because they are designed to be taught that way, not because there is anything wrong with that.

If you need any details please feel free to e-mail me.|||All three will dramatically improve your self-defense, physical conditioning, and mental health.

Unless you want to be a professional sports fighter or professional martial artist, people should go with the system that appeals to them the most. If you stick with nearly any system, you will get in great shape and be able to defend yourself very well. And you are more likely to stick with a system that appeals to you.

You should sit in a session of each and see which instructor/class you would enjoy. Try to watch any sparring sessions to see if there are any crazies in the class.

TKD: focuses on striking...with lots of kicks. This system is particularly designed for point-based sparring, defending against multiple foes. You can start noticing improvement pretty fast.

Hapkido: Tries to be a complete system balancing strikes, grappling, and weapons. It takes awhile to get proficient...thus it starts off as a jack of all trades...but it is good if you like to learn new stuff a lot.

Judo: Wrestling on your feet and then on the ground. Lots of close contact throws, chokes, and locks. Judo lends itself well to pro sports fighting.|||They all have strengths and weakness. TKD would depend on whether it is ITF or WTF. WTF is way too sport oriented and puts too much emphasis on high kicks, still any training is better than none at all. ITF is more street oriented like Okinawan Karate or Kenpo.

Judo is very good and as mentioned does do a lot of sparring, which in my opinion is key to learning how to fight. The only thing I don%26#039;t like about Judo is the lack of strikes, which I would generally prefer to use in the street.

I don%26#039;t know alot about hapkido, but understand that it is similar to Japanese Jujitsu, so probably pretty good as well.|||Honestly the one that appeals to you the most.

You can get your goals from any class, provided they train CORRECTLY. Unfortunately in MANY university classes, TKD and Hapkido are done in ways that means retaining the most students.. (i.e. little to no sparring).

Sparring is an incredibly important part of Martial Arts training, without it you have no timing, no true defense, lack of ability to see openings, or practical skill in applying a technique against a resisting opponent.

Any art and great exercise program will help you physically and mentally.

I would check out all the classes and see which one you think you would enjoy the most, and use this as an opptortunity for an introduction into the art. For example of Hapkido appeals to the most to you of all 3, but they don%26#039;t train hard, and rarely spar, that at least lets you know you like Hapkido and can always seek out a school that does at a later time with money and time permit.

Ultimately a Martial Art is a personal choice. Not everyone wants to get banged up every day, or put through grueling workouts, some people just want to learn a little something and have fun. Really each place is it%26#039;s own beast. You find clubs that heavily emphasize competeting to a level that a hobbyist might feel unwelcomed, and a hobbyist club might feel weak to a competetive artist. It is all about finding the match for you.

My choice... well, I love Judo. I think it is one of the most realistic arts out there, and it is pretty damn hard to find any Judo place that doesn%26#039;t spar. You learn practical things quickly.

KjN: I would pretty much do any Judo technique aside from a sacrifice throw on concrete. Including any ground technique..being that I would be in a dominant position (i.e. on top) while doing it. But I do find that Hakeda Jime (or Rear Naked Choke) works just as good standing up, then on the ground with my hooks in...|||Having studied all three for a number of years i would say hapkido. Hapkido utilizes TKD kicks and also works in some very nice throws. If i were you I would take a year and study hapkido first for an all around base with striking and kicks, then study judo for your close quarters fighting.

Im so glad that you didnt throw mma in your choice of options. To me no one should take mma if they have never taken any kicking or grappling arts before. You only become an undisiplined brawler waitn to get hit from behind while tryn to pass someone%26#039;s guard.|||there is nothing judo or taekwondo can teach you that you will not learn in hapkido. except you may learn more ne waza(groundfighting) in judo.

hapkido has the strikes of tkd/karate, with the standing joint locks of jujutsu, and the throws of judo/jujutsu/aikijujutsu. and some styles of hapkido also have groundfighting.

id go with hapkido personally.

though id go practice randori with the judo guys too!

judo is nothing but throwing and grappling. taekwondo is nothing but punching and kicking...and forms that have a meaning but that meaning seems to elude them lol (they dont have a clue)....hapkido has it all.|||One thing I would wonder is about the teachers

There were a number of martial arts classes in my college, some were taught by college students who happened to have a black belt in something, some were taught by highly experienced senseis with 5th or 6th degree black belts

Personally, I would go with the best teacher; you%26#039;ll always get another chance to study judo, hapkido or tae kwon do, but really great teachers can be hard to come by|||Katana%26#039;s answer is pretty much perfect except for the fact that he spelt %26#039;common%26#039; wrong! Lol, but I also want to add that whatever style you choose, make sure the school is a good one. Here are a few tips:

1) If you are not allowed to watch any classes, you may not want to invest your time and money. Without seeing a class you will not be able to get a good feel for the school.

2) Ask questions - don%26#039;t worry about looking stupid or asking the %26quot;wrong%26quot; question. They are going to be teaching and training you- you want to get any concerns or considerations you have out before you commit to anything.

3) Do the advanced students move the way you would like to? This will give you some sense of what you can achieve.

4) Do the students get personalized attention? This will be a good judge of how valuable your time will be. If there is a good amount of instructor to student attention there will be more value for you.

5) Does the instructor differentiate between forms and function? Another good indication is to find out if the instructor(s) differentiates between form and function. In other words do they do it %26quot;because it looks good%26quot; or %26quot;because it works.%26quot;

6) Classes - Another thing you want to be clear on is when you can go to the school and when classes are. Some schools are open almost all the time and have lots of classes. In some schools you can only come when an official class is being held.|||Hands down without question Judo.

Tae kwon do doesn%26#039;t have the nick name %26quot;take one%26#039;s dough%26quot; for no reason. It%26#039;s completely useless unless you plan to fight only people who train Tae kwon do. RUN the other way.

Hapkido is only slightly better. You may learn some joint locks and throws but you will most likely not be able to defend yourself against a trained opponent.

Judo is a long time proven defense system for both defense and offense.|||The one you enjoy the most.

It is the feeling of satisfaction that motivates you to learn effectively. Effective relentless training is what makes you a great martial artist!

Visit some schools in your area, and pick a school with good people that you think are going to push you. That is the best school for you, I don%26#039;t care what style they teach.|||All of the above will improve your mental and physical health. You get out what you put on.

From what I understand, Hapkido tends to balance training with strikes and grappling which is great for street protection. So if they are your options I would go with that.

Good luck and have fun!|||hmm taekwondo is good if u practice it and become very kickass with it.

judo is good that id recommend

also hapkido is good.

judo and hapkido consist of grappling like wrestling. which prove to be useful nowadays so these two id recommend for street fights|||I have no experience of Hapkido so I cant say, but out of Judo or Taekwondo I would go with Judo. Its more geared towards close quarter fighting which is where most street fight start and end. Fighting and Training Methods for Unarmed Martial Artists|||i say kung fu its not one of ur choices but surprisingly kung fu is the best of any Martial arts like karate or tae kwondo or other stuff so try to find a kung fu center near u!|||Taekwondo, it`s good for street fighting %26amp; fittness.|||SELF-DEFENSE=TAE-KWON-DO|||Hi. I%26#039;d go with Judo as I%26#039;ve recently started this and find that it compliments my other martial arts training (10+ years Wing Chun).

It%26#039;s important to remember though that Judo and Taekwondo are, for the most part, taught as sports with rules and limitations so neither are ideal unless some thought is put into applying them for self defence situations (e.g. you ideally wouldn%26#039;t want to go straight to the ground in a street scenario or necessarily do certain techniques on concrete). They will however get you fit, used to physical contact and controlling both your body and your opponent.

The British author Geoff Thompson has a whole range of books on applying martial arts (primarily Karate and Judo) to real life situations and deals with elements obviously not covered in sports-based martial arts (surprise attacks, multiple attackers, weapons, etc). Well worth a read once you%26#039;ve settled into your chosen art.

Where can I learn self-defense moves and tactics?

Does anyone here know where online i can learn self-defense techniques? I get into fights in school that i%26#039;d rather avoid, so I thought maybe i can just immobilize them and run away.

So any good sites that teaches self-defense techniques?|||The internet is a good place to learn ABOUT Martial Arts, but it is not a good place to LEARN Martial Arts.

Learning the proper way to execute the various kicks and punches found in any style of Martial Art requires the visual assessment and correction of an experienced instructor. That means the instructor must be present in order for him to see what you are doing wrong and correct it.

Only learning one or two things is not the solution. What if they don%26#039;t work? Now you have sent a message to your opponent that you are ready and able to fight, when you are actually neither. If I am your opponent and you throw some technique at me that is obviously something that only a trained Martial Artist would throw, I am going to immediately assume you are a worthy opponent and I am going to respond with everything in my arsenal.

I know you think that if you can learn a couple of things, and as you put it, %26quot;Immobilize%26quot; them long enough for you to run away, that%26#039;s all you need, but what if it doesn%26#039;t work? What if you only succeed in pissing him off more, then what?

Get some REAL training, not cyber training.|||If you look in answered questions, you will find that many people say that online and book learning is completely ineffective. They will also give out detailed reasons for why it is so ineffective.|||If you have any Bruce Lee, Jet Li or even Jackie Chan movies just watch them. Study them though by watching them loads. You%26#039;d be surprised at what you can pick up. As all these movies are choreographed|||You get beat up a lot and want to learn how to fight.

You don%26#039;t need to learn how to fight, you need to exercise more.|||A little Knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Go to a dojo rather than learn something half-arsed. You will either hurt someone more than intended and go to jail or, more likely, think you are better than you are and get your **** kicked.

I'm new to self defense and I want to learn boxing. Does anyone know if it's hard to learn and is effective?

I would like to learn boxing for self defense, confidence and as a workout. I%26#039;m only 5%26#039;5%26quot;, 120lbs. Does anyone have any first hand experience with it and could recommend a good way to get started?

Also, what does the average conditioning routine look like for someone trying to gain weight and be able to hit harder, and be more resilient? Do you have to be a certain weight to have it be effective in a fight? Any help or advice would be really appreciated.|||boxing is excellent for both exercise and self defense. boxing doesnt discriminate the small: im almost exactly your size, a little shorter.

anyways, boxing is based on gross motor skills rather than the fine motor skills of most martial arts so the movements are extremely natural. not only does that mean you learn to become proficient rather quickly, but when the sh*t hits the fan you%26#039;re not thinking straight, your training kicks in naturally. besides, the things that really matter in a fight, in a technical sense, are mobility and of course not shying away from a punch. if you%26#039;re small, you%26#039;ll just become particularly adept at it through all the sparring.

pick up some gloves, google a gym in your area, and start training.|||I just started boxing, and it is one hell of a workout. A good way to get started is to find a local gym that has boxing. Where I go, the workout is different everytime to keep things fresh and not be boring. To be effective in a fight is all about technique, it%26#039;s not about how big you are, but more about using what you have to be effective. You don%26#039;t need to weigh 300 lbs to throw a knockout punch on someone.

I need to know the laws regarding self defense. If an attacker is trying to steal your purse, and you don't

know what he is doing you think he is going to kill you, and you shot him in the back, front wherever. Is that considered self defense? Keep in mind you have your concealed weapons license.|||If this person just takes your property without saying I am going to kill you. And doesn%26#039;t have a weapon then you can%26#039;t shoot and kill them. You can protect your life not your property.|||Self defense laws normally require that a bonifide threat of serious bodily injury or death is imminent.

A legal argument against you would be if you shot the perpetrator in the back. With the perpetrators back to you....they can%26#039;t pose an imminent threat.

Likewise, if the perpetrator is using enough force against you when stealing your purse that is likely to cause serious bodily injury or death....THEN deadly force may be allowed by your state laws.

You may be able to learn more by researching the %26quot;Deadly Use of Force%26quot; laws of your state on the internet.|||You can not use deadly force (shooting someone) in defense of property. An exception in some states is if someone breaks into your home.

If you think someone is trying to kill you, then you have the right to use deadly force. But you have to be able articulate why you thought they were a threat and be able to convince or prosecutor or jury of that. Someone simply taking your purse won%26#039;t cut it.|||If someone is simply trying to pull your purse from you and is not armed and hasn%26#039;t said anything to you, it would be difficult to justify shooting someone (at least here in Canada).

You%26#039;d have to reasonably fear for your life, it would be up to the courts to decide if your fear was reasonable.

It would all be in the articulation after the event.|||Well, shooting someone in the back is always hard (but not impossible) to defend.

Here are some things to know:

1. Laws vary by state. Please add what state you live in if you want specific information.

2. Stealing a purse tends to be a threat to property, not life. In most states, killing someone to protect your property, is ILLEGAL.

That said, if circumstances occur that make you fear for your life, (i.e. he has a knife, baseball bat, gun, etc., or he is actively attacking you), then this is no normal purse snatching, and you may be more justified in using lethal force. To be cleared criminally on the spot, I would think that they would have to have a gun or knife.

Ultimately, your fate may be up to a jury. Even if you avoid a criminal trial, you may face a civil lawsuit filed by the family of the deceased.|||No, you cannot shoot someone in defense of property, only in defense of life or limb. I don%26#039;t know what you mean by %26quot;you don%26#039;t know what he is doing you think he is going to kill you%26quot;. If you can convince the jury that you had good reason to believe he was going to kill you (for example, if he pointed a gun at you) then you%26#039;re fine.|||Using Deadly Force has to justified in 3 different senses

1. Ability: Does the subject have the ability to harm you or others?

Meaning that the subject obviously overpowers you physically due to size; the subject has a weapon; the subject has the capability (for example: a quadriplegic person in a wheelchair is no danger)

2. Opportunity: Does the subject have the opportunity to harm you or others?

Meaning the subject has an %26quot;opening%26quot; to harm you or others (for example: a person trying to rob a store with a shotgun, but the clerk is behind a bulletproof glass on the phone with the cops and the doors locked with no bystanders in the store does not have an opportunity to hurt anyone. EXCEPT if the glass gets shot out. THEN the clerk can shoot him.)

3. Motivation: Does the subject have the motivation to ham you or others?

Meaning the subject is yelling, %26quot;I%26#039;m going to kill you and everyone else here if I don%26#039;t get your money!!%26quot;

ALL of these factors have to be present for Deadly Force to be reasonable. If one is not then it is not reasonable.

Here is an example to clear the haze:

You are walking down the street and a man WITH a gun is yelling %26quot;I%26#039;M GONNA KILL EVERYONE!!!%26quot; as he runs around in the middle of the CROWDED street.

It seems shady, but you COULD reach into your purse and pop one off into his chest. BUT, make sure you call the police and an ambulance to take care of the man.


You are walking down the street and a HUGE barrel-chested giant of a man walks up to you and demands your purse and says he will kill you if you don%26#039;t give it to him.

At this point you could sling a brick upside his head to get away from him. IF it kills him you would be covered by this rule.

When all is said and done remember this saying....

%26quot;It is better to be tried by 12 than to be carried by 6.%26quot;|||If you are in fear for your life, if you are protecting someone else%26#039;s life, or in some States, if you are protecting your property, you can use lethal force.

BUT be prepared to defend yourself in court. If it can be shown that you baited the purse thief just so you could shoot him, or that you didn%26#039;t need to shoot him because he was running away from you and no longer posed a threat to you (i.e. shooting him in the back), you will be charged with murder.

In addition, if you have never killed a human being before, you don%26#039;t know how you will react after the fact. Realizing what you have done could ruin your life.

Just because you have a CCW doesn%26#039;t mean you should carry a weapon.|||You can shoot him, however if you shot him in the back that would look suspicious.|||If you are in fear for your life or serious bodily harm, then you can use deadly force. You cannot use deadly force to protect property. You cannot shoot someone that has stolen your purse when they are fleeing. You could never make your case that you were in fear for your life after they are running away.|||That is considered self-defense because he might really hurt u if there%26#039;s a struggle 4 the purse, the jury would probably take ur side.

Does Your Fighting Skills Matter When It Comes To A Self-Defense Case?

If you kill someone on grounds of self-defense, does the defendant%26#039;s skill in combat matter in the case. Are you treated the same if you are untrained or trained in combat fighting?|||I think that really varies based on what state you%26#039;re in, the jury you are in front of, etc... not so much fighting ability, but here in Cali, if you use a firearm in self defense and it kills the intruder/perpetrator, you have to be able to prove that you were able to determine that the threat posed was life threatening-furthermore, you have to determine that based on what a %26quot;rational%26quot; person would consider life threatening... basically, if you defend yourself and you cause great injury or even death against the person who attacks or threatens you, you better DAMN WELL have a GOOD attorney because in our backwards, idiotic day and age, YOU could go to prison and pay the family of the attacker, or the attacker himself, depending on what happens...

What a glorious time we%26#039;re in in. |||The trial defense of self-defense is open to every one accused of actions that result in bodily harm. Big or Small, isn%26#039;t so important as the comparison of the nature of the attack defended and the methods and duration of the defense. Old Texas lawyer story: man calls lawyer at night and says a guy tried to break in my house so I killed him. the lawyer asked where is his body right now? The caller answers, oh about 25 yards down the street from my front gate. The lawyer replies, go out and drag his body back on your property, then call the police.

Is Wushu Kung Fu an effective form of self defense?

I was wondering if Wushu Kung Fu is an effective form of self defense. I can see how Wing chun is effective, but I%26#039;ve heard and seen wushu as more of a gymnastic sport. I know it may be effective, but will it be as effective as say, wing chun, or shaolin? %26lt;%26lt;%26lt; sorry if i%26#039;ve made any misconceptions, but I wasn%26#039;t sure.|||okay number one Wushu is Kung Fu. Wushu is the modify sports version on Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is the real Shaolin Martial Arts. The Shaolin Wushu in the Shaolin Temple contains all of the Kung Fu systems. Wushu is very effective if the Sifu is really a sifu and if it is Shaolin wushu. Wushu is kung fu and it will contain everything that a Kung fu will have. So if you are going to do wushu then i will advise you to go to China and trained with Shaolin Monks and learned the real Wushu. Wushu is Jet Li%26#039;s martial arts. Wushu is Kung Fu so it has everything that Kung Fu have. But it will depends on who teaches it and how good and where the sifu learned it from. But if you really want to know go to Oregon where the real and the unmodify Wushu(Kung fu)- that have the number one deadliest and dangerous Kung fu system ( White Eyebrow Kung Fu) Which will make kung FU (wushu) very effective and very dangerous martial arts.|||i have studied for ..... well it seems like forever. and honestly i think it is the greatest martial art ever. you see kung fu is not like all the rest. kung fu is more a mind set than a fighting style. your mind is the most powerful weapon in the world and when you have trained it to be sharp as a razor it dosent matter what moves you know or how strong you are. you have the weapon of universal enlightenment. this allows you to have a sixth sense and and enormous power. you see things before they happen and you know how to react to them so that every advantage is on your side. as a great man once said %26quot; the power of the punch dosen%26#039;t matter if you dodged it yesterday%26quot; ---dayton thomas---- 4 elements martial arts teacher.|||

Wu Shu San Soo aka

Choy Li Fut San Shao Wu Shu aka

Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung Ga

Wu Shu is a generic term for Chinese Arts. It has been referenced with competitive styles due to it%26#039;s use of weapons and form training. But it has many styles and many of these are based in combatives. Wu - Shu is a term for Martial Way in Chinese Kung Fu is a term for Good work in a Certain trade or field. Wu Shu San Soo means Chinese professional fighting, Kung Fu San Soo means working in professional fighting. Tsoi or Choy is the family of Kicking and Punching, Li the family of Leverages, and Ho is the family of Strategy and Psychology of Combat. Hung is the family of Power and Strength and Fut is the family of Pressure Points and Nerve Study.

Thus it is also called the 5 family art from Southern China . This style comes from the Chin family lineage of China and has roots in Kwan Yin dating back to the 1500%26#039;s.|||wushu means martial arts in chinese,wushu cannot be concidered as self defence in wushu competitions combinations of movements r done,its like katas in karate.|||It can be, depending on the school, and how much realistic training they do (full contact sparring with resisting opponents)

Check out a class or two, then decide.|||All and any martial arts are effective( with the acception of weapon arts) i love wushu but unfortunatley cannot study it look at jet li just think this do u think you can take him on?