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Which martial art can be a practical form of self defense?

Nothing fancy or flashy but a proven, no nonsense and effective self defense art that is easy to learn. Thank you for your inputs.|||Jijitsu by matter your size, your deadly from all positions...Some striking skills could definitely help..but to answer your your question..Jijitsu|||judo is more practcal|||Any of them but your ability to use them will depend on you and your personality.

If you are more into defense then judo or jujutsu or aikido are great.

If you are agressive in your self defense muay thai or mma is good.

If you are geared to specific technique krav maga or systema or american kenpo are your best shot.

Traditional martial arts eventually covers most aspects of martial arts but you have to put in the time.I was doing krav maga techniques 20 years before the ISREALI%26#039;S seperated them from trad ma and gave them a name.|||Kajukenbo

CHA 3 kenpo


Wing chun

Muay thai boxing

Boxing|||Judo is good, it is all about throws using your opponents momentum against them, it is fairly easy to begin but as with all martial arts mastering it takes time. I consider it the best for self-defense because it has almost no offensive moves.|||Well how about Taekwondo, if you want to use some sticks as weapons then try Arnis.|||I liked hap ki do which is great for self defence and teaches you lots of throws and locks and presure points for when you are grabbed in various places, ai ki do is also very similar but uses less weapons. i have always found karate and kick boxing type martial arts very agressive and to be frank boring!|||Martial art, refers to the art of fighting, is a system of codified practices and traditional techniques for combat purposes. The techniques learned in martial arts also compose of practical self-defense.

Practical self-defense is relatively part of martial arts. This integration in the curriculum of martial arts is classically important. The art of combat teaches defensive actions. This system can help individuals prepare for any crises and challenges that are threats on their parts. Aside from preparation, martial arts also teach the actions or the techniques that would somehow help them in defending the blows and grappling of the aggressors.

When speaking of practical self-defense, the notion of the people is about martial arts. Martial art is the popular form of practical self-defense. More and more people enroll in martial art classes to learn basic techniques, combat and self-defense skills. People regardless of gender and age register themselves in martial art sessions with a prime reason of learning self-defense and combat skills.

People can benefit the techniques in martial arts particularly at the time of aggressions. Women can use the martial art moves to escape from sexual harassment that can lead to sexual rape. Children can use the martial art self-defense and combat skills from the bullying or harassment of other kids or adults.

Certain benefits can also be attained by people who are trained with the combat and self-defense system. Improvement in self-esteem as well as optimum health could be achieved by martial art trained individuals. There could be enhancement in balance, endurance, strength, agility and posture in practicing the techniques of a martial artist. Aside from the physical level, martial arts can also improve the mental state of individuals. Individuals can learn stress management in martial arts for discipline is also taught in martial arts.

Aside from combat and self-defense moves that can be learned in martial arts, individuals can also learn meditation. Tai chi is a type of martial arts that is learned and applied more as a meditation technique. Practicing the techniques of tai chi can also improve the health conditions of individuals. Other types of martial arts that are currently popular in modern times are Kung-fu, aikido, judo and taekwondo.

Recently, martial arts are being considered as sports. Judo and tae kwon do are some types of martial arts that are also regarded as Olympic sports. Other types of martial arts such as karate and eskrima have international sport events.

Individuals can learn different lessons in martial arts aside from practical self-defense techniques. However, people should also know that martial arts can be very risky. With or without the involvement of weapons, martial arts can threaten the lives of individuals.

thanks for the question...|||Wushu is the best martial art, Let me explain wu(martial) shu(art) so wushu is the perfect martial art to learn, in wushu they train your eyes to move as fast as an lightning, so you may not be hit by your opponent, wushu also teaches split to mentain the distance or to know the distance when to attack, and they use there feet to counter attack and there hands to attack, maybe wushu is a little difficult to learn but wushu is an chinese art that completes the elemants of the erth. and i can prove it to you, Go to and serch for wushu masters in china, you may see the moves and attacks how fast there eyes is to move. Good luck my friend.|||Muay Thai if you are looking to defend in street fights through striking.

If you really want to hurt your attacker, Krav-Maga.|||Taekwondoe is good but the easiest is plain karate (any style) its simple and effective|||Judo would be ideal in my opinion. Self Defense situations are normally going to be close quarters and the throws utilized in Judo are perfect for that.|||combat hapkido,,, this style is awsome for someone that wants to learn self defense,, it focases on punching, kicking, elbows, knees, joint locks, and ground technices, there is no intense conditioning, or forms u have to reconize. this is one of the realest forms of self defence that is out, also known as the science of self defence. or you could try kravmega.|||Any good tradiional art will be effective for self defense, provided the school you train at trains realisticly. Karate, Kung fu, TKD, Judo, Akido, Sambo, Ju jitsu, any philipin fighting style, western boxing, etc.

When taught correctly all are good, and can be very effective. Most of these are based on actual techniques that were used on battlefields long ago. You have to make sure that you do not get into one of the more sport oriented variants, and definetly need to avoid Mcdojo%26#039;s. there are alot of questions on here that will help you learn to spot one.

However none of the styles listed above are quick and easy to learn, not if they are going to be effective. Traditionally you ar no shown anything other than basics for self defense until you advance higher in rank. this is so your instructor can make sure that you are not going to use it for what it was no intended for. Most of these traditional styles that are taught correctly focus on building you as a person, not just afighter, so to truly learn what you are doing takes a long time.

If you are not concerned with learning the courtesy, traditions, respect for yourself and others, not to mention the mental and spiritual advantage of traditional Martial Arts, you might want to try Krav Maga. It was developed by the Israeli Military and is fairly quick and easy to learn, and will also teach yu how to defend weapons and multiple attackers. As with anything though make sure you find a good instructor.|||all the suggestions are great martial arts to learn. But i will also add Kempo|||Karate, Kung fu, Judo|||colt|||Karate, tae kwon do, kung fu.|||I would recommend muay thai (for your standup fighting) and jujiutsu (for your ground fighting). Many schools these days offer MMA (mixed martial arts) type classes depending on where you live. You can take advantage of their programs and try what you like. Alternatively you can also try kickboxing instead of muay thai. These fighting systems usually deal with gross body movements and simple techniques in which anyone can learn without having to be a super elite athlete, and which don%26#039;t involve intricate fine motor skills like other arts.|||Kenpo

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