Friday, November 18, 2011

What's the name of the self-defense used by the Israel guards based in set of techniques where all is valid?


I was told about that but I do not remember the name.

Also would be interesting to read your opinion about if it%26#039;s the best self-defense existing at the moment.

Thanks and regards.|||Krav Maga. It is effective. From what I know about it, it is designed to be easy to learn (a soldier has to be able to learn enough in basic training to be able to use it in a life %26amp; death struggle) but requires top physical conditioning. (something that basic training demands. It%26#039;s good enough for the Sayeret Matkal.|||Do you mean Kav Maga?|||Krav Maga, is quickly growing in the law enforcement field, and it is said to be one of the best self-defense techniques out there.|||Krav maga is the name, it is not the %26quot;best%26quot; martial art. There is no such thing. I have seen its effectiveness, but its not the best to that effect either.|||Krav Maga

try searching online and you will probably find one close to you. it is not the ultimate though, even though it has great ideals.|||Its called Krav Maga. I%26#039;ve heard that the techniques it uses are very practical and easy to learn.|||It is indeed Krav Maga.

It seems to be pretty good. Though they won%26#039;t teach you everything from the %26quot;system%26quot; they teach things specifically to your needs. In order to learn %26quot;lethal%26quot; techniques you need to be a current member of the military and to learn all of the restraints and what not you need to be in security or law enforcement.

The system seems to me to be more of a training system than a style so to speak, it does teach you attacks and defences which what a fighting style is I suppose, but it also encompasses what you already know. In Krav they put you in realistic situations and get you to practice using improvised weapons such as bags, pens, whatever is in the scenario. They set of loud sirens and smoke screens to simulate the chaos of a real situation, there%26#039;s lots of fucus on fighting anywhere and everywhere.

I think it sounds great, but really you could apply this kind of training to any style and any decent martial art teach the %26quot;lethal%26quot; techniques anyway, it%26#039;s a bit of a crock in my opinion if you know the human anotomy and how to hit then anyone can be lethal, I suppose that it%26#039;s mainly to disuade idiots that want to be James Bond.

Well that%26#039;s my 2 cents, in short it%26#039;s worth a look.|||The name is KRAV MAGNA.

It is simply another combination of Judo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and boxing plus Escrima stick fighting.|||Krav Maga. (Can%26#039;t believe the first two people spelled it wrong...)

I don%26#039;t know much about it, but it was formed specifically for self-defense and combat. And law enforcement and military use it, so I would think it%26#039;s an extremely effective system.

The only concern I have about krav maga is that it was also formed for combat, and it has quite lethal techniques... so I would recommend that you look up your state%26#039;s self-defense laws and find out what their definition of %26quot;reasonable force%26quot; is. You can easily land in legal hot water if you don%26#039;t know what you%26#039;re doing.|||Krav Maga, read up on it, the history of it is pretty interesting.|||Krav maga... Just thought I would be redundant...:P

I am not a big proponent for picking a particular style of self defense as %26quot;best%26quot;. Many of these particular martial arts have similar linage and history. Don%26#039;t believe the hype in short. The only reason for someone to say theirs is best would be for marketing. Pick a style with some traceable history and proven accreditation%26#039;s. Plus self-defense is only one of the many reasons we are students of the martial arts. My advice is find a school that is geared for self-growth, mind and body.

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