Friday, November 18, 2011

How many of you ladies would attend a self-defense workshop?

I have recently heard of a concept similar to a %26quot;Spa Party%26quot; but with self defense instead of beauty products. I am thinking of hosting one where you invite ladies to attend to learn basic self defense moves and buy self defense tools (mace, panic buttons, etc.). The workshop would cost $10 per person, and the host could use that venue to promote local self defense or martial arts schools. This is targetted for the average woman with little or no martial arts or self defense skills so the teachings are easy to understand. The certifying process costs about $200, so I wanted to know if there are women who would attend such an event.|||Yes women would go. It would also depend on where you live and how you can advertise. I live in upper MN and one place has a Women%26#039;s Self Defense thing every couple months or so. There are always girls going to it. Women want to be more in control. Some girls even come back a couple times.|||I gave my wife a great pepper spray and stung gun that looks like a cell phone from http://www.self-defense-produc... . They have a No SPAM guarantee so I don%26#039;t have to worry about all the emails. That was enough for me. It may be more but the no spam part was worth it. I hope this helps. Report Abuse

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