Friday, November 18, 2011

Would a wooden or aluminum baseball bat be my best option for self defense?

I want to have a nonlethal weapon for self defense purposes and have heard that baseball bats work quite well. Now my decision gets tougher, should I go with wood or aluminum? My gut tells me wood would bring the perpetrator to his knees more quickly but the aluminum would probably allow more bat speed.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.|||I%26#039;d go with a wood bat with a few screws in it so it cuts cuts em up when hit em.|||Aluminum is lighter, and virtually impossible to break, on the other hand, if you go with wood, you could always nail screws in upside down to it, but then you might have a hard time pulling it out of them in between swings.|||I%26#039;m kind of %26quot;old school%26quot; on this issue, I prefer the wooden %26quot;thud%26quot; to that ringing sound from a metal bat. Or perhaps a hickory axe handle would be better.|||A bat would work great...if there%26#039;s only one of them, and they don%26#039;t have weapons of their own.

Suck it up and buy a guy. You%26#039;ll be safer.|||Don%26#039;t forget the glove and some balls. If you just have the bat it is a weapon and can be charged with a felony. Crazy Ca. laws. Get the biggest mag light you can find.|||just use the butt of your shotgun. Carrying around both a shotgun and a baseball bat until you have determined whether your attacker is armed or not seems impractical|||Aluminum. A wood bat will break over a liberal head whereas the aluminum will just dent.|||Don%26#039;t bring a bat to a gun fight. Sure fire way to get killed.|||If you are a traditionalist, go with wood. Also, do you you want to hear a %26#039;crack%26#039; or a %26#039;ping%26#039;. These are important choices you need to make.|||Rock Island Armory 1911 .45 cal would do the trick cause the last time I looked bats didn%26#039;t stop bullets

I think the 200 bucks more is worth the money don%26#039;t ya think?|||A bat might work if they throw you a fastball. On the other hand if they are carrying 9mm you might want something else.|||myself, i prefer the%26quot;ping%26quot; factor of the aluminum, to the %26quot;thud%26quot; of the wooden~!!!|||I%26#039;d go with the wood bat.|||That or a gun with blanks, scares the crap out of burglars.|||Either one would hurt but aluminum won%26#039;t break as easy.The upside to breaking is now you have a wooden stake should it be needed next|||Nothing better for home defense than a 12 Gage pump shotgun. Preferably with a pistol grip and 18 inch barrel. Nothing sends fear into an intruder like the sound of a pump shotgun sliding in a new shell.|||I%26#039;m thinking wood.

Aluminum bats are hollow and yeah...they would hurt...but solid wood is really going to take somebody out.|||You can get more swings per minute with an aluminum. But a wooden bat would take care of business in half the whacks.|||HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND !!


Several years ago a young bad guy wanna be decided to break and enter a home where a mother and her two young daughters were sleeping @ 3 am. What he found was calm, deliberate, and VERY WILLING father with a .45 ACP.

He was immediately %26quot;rehabilitated%26quot;. He will NEVER, EVER, break into another home, YOUR HOME again.

Get a clue!|||That%26#039;s a good way to get a jail sentence for assault with a deadly weapon. If you carry around a baseball bat and hit someone with it you can%26#039;t argue self defense because you could have gone home to avoid the situation. Carry pepper spray instead.|||either would do the trick, you should just get a BB gun?

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