Friday, November 18, 2011

Do self-defense courses for women teach them to defend themselves from female attackers, as well as males?

I was just wondering, because from what I hear, it seems that women%26#039;s self-defense courses are mainly geared towards teaching them to defend themselves from male attackers (e.g. rapists, muggers, etc.). Can these courses also enable women to defend themselves from other women who attack them?|||This is an excellent question. I teach martial arts and yes self-defense. We do lean towards telling women that this is for an attacker. Usually male as statistics run that way. There is not a lot on women attacking women in this fashion.

However we make it clear that the techniques that will fend off a man will work just as well on a female. Even a good groin kick will bring a woman down.

We, of course, do spar and I promaote that it does not matter the sex of the person in front of you. They are an agressor and should be treated as such.

The techniques-to sum up-work on the human body. Gender is not really a criteria.|||yes, but any school worh its salt will teach you to do each other%26#039;s nails and gossip too.

many women%26#039;s self defence courses are also dangerous- many cater to women with the idea that %26quot;you don%26#039;t have to train hard%26quot; and %26quot;here are a few things to do now you can kick the crap out of rampage if he accosts you in an alley%26quot;.

no, a proper wsd course will have you apply them against a resisting opponent- man or woman, with intent and force. ok, for a few hours seminar no one can expect you to learn to go a few rounds with a pro or even amateur fighter- but maybe to learn a few techniques to fight back. therein is the key, you must learn application.

from what i%26#039;ve seen (haven%26#039;t seen alot- just ex gfs that have taken it in one form or another who aren%26#039;t serious about ma), these courses generally don%26#039;t do that- they show you a few things and have you do it against a compliant partner and thats it.

EDIT: pugpaws raises and interesting statement usually one connected with weapons- but entirely relevant- DON%26#039;T train in something or attempt it if you aren%26#039;t willing to use it. there are passive means of self-defence that might not always work, but better than doing something half-assed and pissng off your attacker. such methods as self-urination or carrying a %26quot;siren buzzer%26quot; are typically associated with rape however not robbery or assault or domestic abuse.|||Though I%26#039;d jump in here and add a few things concerning womens self-defense. Most classes are designed for defense against a male attacker.

NOTE: There is a problem here that many women don%26#039;t realize. Many people (men and women) take a self-defense and should ask themselves this question. Be honest with yourself. I ask this to all women taking self-defense classes from me. The question is....

If your life or health is seriously threatened. Could you bite off someones nose, poke out their eyes, bite off their ear,.....? And if you could could you do it without hesitation? If you can%26#039;t answer the questions with yes, then no self defense techniques will be of use. In serious situations you must be willing to do what ever is necessary to defend yourself, %26quot;Without hesitation%26quot;.|||i agree with what j l said. but a lot of teachers dont do that.and they should make a female the bad guy as much as a male. in role playing. and a lot more of them should talk about the breast as a target. and the fact its easier to get a good shot in on a female to the groin.because they dont expect it like a male would. so it depends a lot on the person teaching the course. i teach self defense and break it down by gender of reinforceu the idea females are just as bad as males|||Definatly, you know how women can be. It is a 50% of a guy or a girl trying to attack you. Women rob people to, and you know how women fight alot. You have to prepare your self for the most and believe it or not there are many more women attackers than you think.|||Of course! Just generally men are muggers and rapists, not women. But they work teaching you against men because normally they are bigger and stronger. Obviously if you can take down a 6 foot 200lb male you could take down a 6ft 200lb woman!|||well... i haven%26#039;t heard of women on women self-defense, cuz it%26#039;s usually us (men) who attack you. ask a martial arts instructor about it.|||here is a link

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