Friday, November 18, 2011

What do you think about self defense?

This is a two part question.

1. Do you think that a person has the right to defend their life with fatal force?

2. Do you think that assailants/attackers forfeit their rights to self defense during the commission of an attack?|||Yes and yes.

I am a firm believer in the right of self defense, including the right to use lethal force if necessary to defend yourself.

Assailants and criminals have no right to defend themselves against someone they have attacked.

The notion that an assailant might have a right to defend himself against his victim is preposterous.|||1. Yes and also to defend the lives of those who cannot help themselves such as children.

Self defense should be used as a method of disabling the attacker long enough to escape them and to get help.

2. Yes since an attacker should expect the same force back at them in order for the victim to flee and get help.

Unless the force used is grossly overdelivered to the point that the person could have fled but stayed and kept on hurting the attacker in which case he has the right to defend himself but still would not gain much sympathy as he started the attack.|||1.) Yes. It is permissible to fight for your life with any necessary force.

2.) While the attack is ongoing, self defense is not an option. One cannot simultaneously defend and attack.

If the original attacker stops, then the victim has a responsibility to stop using force. Failure to do so creates a new assault with a new victim, and the original suspect can then reasonably defend himself as well.|||for 1 yes if i fear for my life or that of another i have the right to use deadly force.

as for 2 that%26#039;s silly they are attacking you and have the intent of hurting you or killing you their rights are of no concern to me till they have stoped their attack or cant move anymore and are not in the position to attack again either running away no longer conscious or deadbasically no longer a threat to me .then they have rights but few|||Too both questions the answer is %26#039;YES, BUT...%26#039;

You have to understand: the have written laws to cover everything, to control, regulate, tax provide for fees, fines and punishments for every form of human endeavor even your basic Human right of Self defense! You CAN defend yourself with Deadly Force and even if you win the criminal trial that will inevitably follow, you could still face a civil %26#039;Wrongful Death%26#039; suit and lose everything you have...|||1.)Yes if in serious danger.

2.)Yes |||yes, yes|||yes,to both questions.

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