Friday, November 18, 2011

How to I get/write a waiver for my self defense class?

I am going to be starting my own self defense/martial arts class soon and I was wondering where I get the injury waiver forms that state my students can%26#039;t sue me if they stub their big toe while sparring, (or if I write them, how to do it). Please give me any information you have, including: personal experience, websites, etc.|||Try

They have legal documents you can download that conform to each state%26#039;s laws (you choose the state) for about $10.|||you need to get some legal my undestanding a waiver is not worth the paper it%26#039;s written on,not in australia anyway.|||This brings up a big stink bomb.

We are not living in 1962 anymore.

I have stood where you are standing now and it stinks.

First off The guys answers here are %26quot;all correct%26quot;

You need to speak with a Lawyer,and an %26quot;Insurance Co.%26quot;

I have spent the $450.00 to sit down with the best on the west coast. Mr. Philip Homsey. (Napp,Peterson %26amp; Clark).

He told me straight out,%26quot;There is not a single %26quot;Waiver%26quot; or

%26quot;Hold Harmless%26quot; or any document of the kind that will hold up in the end.

One big smelly deal is %26quot;Third Party Liabilty%26quot; .That is

to say a third person is affected by your activities,a

person that did not sign a %26quot;Release%26quot;

For the most part it would be a product or service.


A guy has a vintage car.There are no parts available.The local brake place rebuilds what he drove in with.The job is good,to be safe the shop has him sign a document that states %26quot;The owner of the car is solely responsible for any Liability in regards to the brakes.

One month down the road the owner of the car %26quot;focks up%26quot;

and runs up the curb into a bus bench full of old women and vegetables and loves of bread fly everywhere.

The old ladies didn%26#039;t sign anything.They are the

%26quot;Third Party%26quot;.Their Lawyers will hear about the brake job when they try to skin the driver alive.The arguement will

be,no new parts were used,the old worn out parts were

%26quot;Jerry Riged%26quot; to work marginaly and the shop

%26quot;Even asked the owner of the car to sign a %26quot;Release%26quot;

because the job was %26quot;sub-standard%26quot;.

Don%26#039;t forget,...The brake job turned out good.

The case against the shop owner is just hot air.

But he will lose his shop.

When the old people on the jury see the pictures of all the vegetables and old ladies all over the side walk.

And hear over %26amp; over %26quot;Jerry Riged%26quot; %26quot;No New Parts%26quot;

%26quot;Sign here, we don%26#039;t want to be Responsable%26quot;

They will skin the shop owner.

Here in CA. the cost is so high for the Lawyer,Insurance,

Comerical rent,permits,Licenses,etc. ,that a couple of

young guys who want to start up a school will have little chance unless they have plenty of money to start with.

Best of luck,but remember you even have to cover yourself for someone falling off a ladder while screwing

in a lightblub.|||If you%26#039;re going to open your own business, you will need to consult an attorney to help with all the legal ramifications. Ask him/her about the injury waiver. That way you know you will have better advice than you will get from us strangers here.|||What country you in Buddie? Can give you some advice on Scottish contract law if that would help|||Talk to a lawyer about this. This is not the area to save money as it could cost you a lot later on.

You should also check on insurance. You should have a lawyer to consult with on all the little details on the front end. Missing one little legal matter could shut you down forever.|||Talk to your attorney and have him/her write one for you.

If you are going into business without having a personal attorney, GET ONE!


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