Friday, November 18, 2011

Is it legal for me to carry a knife with me, for self defense purposes?

I%26#039;m 16 and I live in Michigan. I%26#039;m a mature teenager, but a lot of times I am alone by myself when I skate around town, would it be legal to carry a knife for self defense purposes?|||According to the statute, there is no age limit. But the knife itself must be:

1. Less than 3 inches

2. Single-edged, not double

3. Not a switchblade

4. Must fold

5. Don%26#039;t carry at school, court houses or airports

Details to the statute are in the link below.

Word of advice if I may:. Knives are not good for self-defense. Why? Well when you stab somebody, they don%26#039;t die or fall over right away! Ask the scar on my gut. It took me 10 minutes before I passed out, and I%26#039;d already beaten my attacker senseless with my boots by then. So for defense, I use OC spray and some kind of blunt weapon, like a baton (don%26#039;t know if they%26#039;re legal in MI) or a solid walking stick.

Combat/tactical knives are for sneaking up on an enemy sentry and slitting his throat before he knows what hit him, not so much defending oneself.|||This is good....ok here it is.

I am 14 years old and live in texas, and lemme tell you that just about everywhere you can carry a knife. within reason. the knife that I sometimes carry is what is known as a butterfly knife. yes, these are illegal, but I carry, so that I don%26#039;t have to use it. get it? If you know what a butterfly knife does, well it%26#039;s scary. If someone came up to me and asked me for my wallet, AND THEY DID NOT HAVE A GUN, I would start flipping. It scares people, that is the whole point of a butterfly knife. Never pull a knife on someone with a gun also, because then it gives them an excuse to shoot you through a pillow. So If at 16 and you don%26#039;t own a knife? that is weird. but start out with something that is just plain. Also make sure it has a lock of some sort. nothing special. don%26#039;t get a butterfly knife, though because they are not best for a first knife. Also, if you can, get something besides a knife, because knives are for the person trying to hurt you. they are made to kill. get something like a stun-gun. They won%26#039;t sell one to you at a store, but ask around at your school, because every school has a weapons dealer, believe me! That is where I get my switchblades and butterflies. So get something like a stun-gun or a baton or pepper spray. girly=yes. protective=yes.

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