Friday, November 18, 2011

Have you ever used your self defense skills?

Girls, have you ever needed your self defense knowledge? And for what kind of a situation?|||I take WuShu, but I have not had the opportunity to use it to defend myself.

What I did do was kick a pervert in the balls when his pinky touched my hand.

I was riding the subway (New York City), when I noticed some pervert inching his hand closer and closer to my hand on the pole. The minute his dirty digusting pinky touched my hand, and the train halted, I kicked him in the balls and cursed the sh*t outta him.|||You must use self defence skills for your self protection. Girls need to be more aware and be trained to avoid unsavouary attacks on their womanhood.The other reasons could be when they are attacked to take away their purse, jewellery or other belongings.|||My wife did.. She just learned at . It%26#039;s amazing she learned some techniques in just a matter of days practicing the lessons.

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