Friday, November 18, 2011

Is it legal to use a powerful gun for self defense?

My dad bought me a Taurus Raging Bull chambered in .454 Casull for my 30th birthday last month. I love the feel of this gun, and despite the strong recoil, I am very accurate with it. My question to the gun experts is:

If, in the very unfortunate circumstance I had to use it against another human being for self defense purposes, could I be charged with a crime for using a caliber described by many as overkill?|||Size of the gun is irrelevent when it comes to killing somebody in self defense.

What applies, under the law, is a concept called %26quot;in gravest extreme,%26quot; which, simplified, means if you are genuinly in fear for your life, lethal force is justified.

Defining in gravest extreme is not always simple. For instance, if somebody is just lurking on your property, is lethal force justified? What if he%26#039;s trying to bust down your door Or actually in your house?

Each of those examples may or may not be justification for lethal force. But that%26#039;s what you have a lawyer for.

In fact, the police and court system will put you through the ringer anytime you kill somebody. But it won%26#039;t be because you used your Casulls instead of, say, a 9 mm. |||If you have a gun and the situation is life threatening and the only way out is to kill him and you have a gun handy then I don%26#039;t think a judge will charge you with anything.

I don%26#039;t think that a judge will look any differently at you using a 45 rather than a 22 if you killed some. Dead is dead no matter what you killed him with.

But like I said it really depends on the situation, if it could have been handled it without a gun you may be charged with manslaughter. |||If you need to shoot somebody, it doesn%26#039;t matter what you shoot him with, as long as it works.

The concern would be that it mightn%26#039;t be as effective as the old grandfather 45 Colt. For reasons not completely understood, Marshall%26#039;s study suggested 44 Magnum might be less effective than 44 Special, and if it%26#039;s really true, the same could apply. Also, you%26#039;re responsible for the bullet you%26#039;ve shot, even if it hits somebody three blocks away, which is certainly a consideration with that cartridge.|||It depends on where you live for the most part.

I live in Florida and if someone threatens your life here or breaks into your home (and some other situations) you can use any force necessary.

It wouldn%26#039;t matter what caliber the gun was as long as it wasn%26#039;t an illegal gun like a fully automatic weapon or sawed-off shotgun for example.|||actually udk where you live, but in nj they just passed this AWFUL law that says if someone attacks you, you have to use the same defense that they use on you.

if they are running after you with a knife, yo have to go back after him with a knife, instead of using a gun b/c its more powerful. its so messed up. the laws change from state to state|||I personally wouldn%26#039;t use it as self defense weapon unless I ABSOLUTELY had to.

A good rule of thumb is to ask what your local police are using, and go with their choice...

Check out the sad story of Harold Fish, the man who went to prison for simply choosing a 10mm as a carry gun.|||Yes, but a 357 Magnum using 125 grain jacketed hollow points would have been just as good if not better.* Besides just think of the $$$ you could have saved by getting the 357 Magnum, which is more than adequate as a no-nonsense self-defense caliber.*|||You probably could be charged with murder for using a big gun the same way people have been charged with murder because they used handloads or jacketed hollowpoints in their guns. They are BS charges and if you have a good lawyer they will not stick. |||I seriously doubt it but I don%26#039;t know where you live. Some states have some pretty strange laws. What are you going to carry for a back-up, a Desert Eagle in an ankle holster?|||Nope. In case of disaster you want to respond with the biggest gun you can safely wield. No use taking a BB gun if you have something bigger

|||no a gun for protection is a gun for protection no matter what kind..

although some types of handguns are banned in some states (or you at least need a liscense)|||charged criminally for using a more powerful gun? no

lose in civil court? Absolutely|||Depends on if you live in a area infested with liberals or not. Most places should be okay tho.|||Only if the person had a bazooka||| Its like when I hunted deer with my 458 win was the only gun I had at the time!|||yes

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