Friday, November 18, 2011

Is running away after killing someone for self-defense legal?

Is running away after killing someone for self-defense legal? We are doing a mock trial in our class on the Outsiders and I was wondering if you just killed someone for self-defense, can you run away because you were too scared, or is there a law preventing this. If you know details, this takes place in California. |||NO is it legal to ask such silly questions?|||Can%26#039;t answer for Calif. But I am in Arizona and this happened in my family in April.

An in-laws boyfriend was shot point blank (killed him) by someone. The BF was backing down the young man with a knife (for about 60 yards). The shooter ran (along with my son in law, his brother, and my godson and his friend) He was caught and charged with second degree murder, but after investigation, the charges were dropped.

He did get in trouble for having an unregistered gun, and an old probation violation. (not sure where the gun came from)

|||In self-defense cases, the jury is instructed to put themselves in the place of the person who committed the homicide and then determine what a reasonable person would have done %26quot;under the circumstances.%26quot; If you can show that the defendant acted reasonably, the self-defense justification for murder should stand. |||It is illegal because the killing was not a justified homicide. If you run then you committed a crime. If your scared then run to the police dept. and turn yourself in. Only then would you not be a criminal who killed in self defense. If that%26#039;s really what happened.|||It%26#039;s called, %26quot;fugitive.%26quot; Self-defense or not, he/she must still be held accountable in a court of law for taking the life of another. It%26#039;s up to the law to decide to what degree.|||I%26#039;m not sure if it is legal, but if you do it it makes you look very gulity. I think its legal, its just harder to prove innocence.|||i love the Outsiders.


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