Friday, November 18, 2011

Is it illegal to own a taser and use it for self-defense?

I have two questions about tasers.

1. Is it illegal to own a taser? I live in California, if that matters.

2. If you own a taser and use it on someone who%26#039;s, for example, mugging or beating you (in other words, self-defense), is that legal?|||Check out this link to your state%26#039;s web site for Dangerous Weapons Control Laws.

After a brief glance at the page it looks like you have to get a special permit to have anything more dangerous than a pair of nail clippers.|||Well I have not lived in Calif. for about 3 years now but at that time it was legal to buy one so using it must have been legal too ! If the law has changed and it is now illegal who cares it still beats getting Robbed,Beat up or Raped! at least I know I personally would be happy to pay a fine knowing I had stopped some jerk dead in his tracks lol|||I think you need a sort of permit allowing you using that thing. Meaning, since some guys walk down the street with guns it also could be possible/legal to do the same with tasers. But it can be counted as an illegal act if you get checked by the police and they discover it while you don%26#039;t have any papers for it. Somebody can rob others with that thing you know. Anyway why don%26#039;t you research it by yourself a bit.

Good luck and try not to hurt somebody witht that thing!|||it is illegal considered a gun|||well, I know that tasers and stun guns should be legal for self-defense but in N.Y. the only legal self defense weapon is pepper spray; which I think is totally ridiculous seeings how most criminals have knives, guns, or clubs.

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