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What type of self defense ammunition?

What type of round should I get for a 9mm to be used as self defense? I know everyone says hollow points but which exactly. Any suggestions/links would be helpful. Also if i plan on using one type of round for self defense would it be essential to practice with that exact round, or would just the same weight suffice.|||a good test for defensive shooting.... 7 yards, 9x11 blank paper target.

when you can put all rounds on the paper shot after the other... that is a pretty good start for what it takes to be a good defensive shooter. Practice with ball ... load the premium stuff for carry

I shoot about a box of my duty load over the course of the year...a mag or so to finish out each practice session.

Most 9mm are ramped so they will fire hollow points and ball ammo without problems... but I would test whatever ammo you choose to make sure it functions in your pistol correctly

most folks say that 9mm ...115-125 grain hollow points will have the best perfomance on human targets. Look up a book by Evan Marshall... he has compliled reasearch regarding one shot stops and actuall police department shooting using all popular ammo used over the years.

Remington golden sabers.. Winchester offers a JHP.. Hornady...most can be found at Walmart or a good sporting goods-gun shop.|||There are several brands that make decent defense rounds for the 9mm. For personal defense, I would strongly recommend sticking with a hollowpoint of some kind. Pistols in general are not really great at stopping someone dead in their tracks. Hollowpoints add some to the stopping power by creating a larger permanant and temporary wound cavity. The more trauma caused to the assailant, the less likely it is that they will continue to remain a serious threat. But remember that even persons who have been hit several times with well-placed shots, have been able to continue to fight. So seldom is a lethal force encounter ended with the first shot unless the head or spinal cord is hit. With all that said, there are several manufacturers that make reliable HP ammo for self defense. Hornady TAP ammo is decent as is Federal%26#039;s Personal Defense. Cor-Bon HP%26#039;s are always good as are the Winchester Ranger and Federal Hydra-shok. These brands have proven to give reliable expansion under various conditions.

Also, most brands have a web sight that will give you a %26quot;ballisically similar%26quot; list of rounds, if you want to practice. The bullet grain may be different, but %26quot;ballistically similar%26quot; rounds will impact in the same place as your defense rounds.|||I have carried concealed in Maine, Massachussettes and Alaska for 25+ years.

You need to put 350-400 rounds through your pistol with the ammo of your choice for it to be considered %26#039;ok%26#039; for self defense. This is the gold standard.

Full metal jacketed ammo is the most reliable in an auto pistol. It%26#039;s cheap. Glaser Safety Slugs are the Best for self protection in an apartment or home - but - at $2 each only the rich or somone in law enforcement with a big ammo budget can afford the $800 in ammo to cycle test each pistol. Although hollow points are cheaper than the Glaser - they have a blunt profile than can sacrafice reliability. You need to be darn sure that the improved design will fuction well in your defensive pistol.

Consider this. It is much better to get a good solid hit, and follow up hit, with a standard bullet than a jam or misfire with the pefect bullet.

What you can do is cycle 35-400 rounds of standard ammo and gain some practice. After that start to shoot a 25rd or 50 round box of %26#039;Self Defense%26#039; ammo in the gun. When you get to 350-400 in a year or so with the more improved ammo - then move to that. but - only if you were able to get that improved ammo to function flawlessly.

Hope this helps|||what else is there to do the job, you asked? Nothing is better than a good hollow-point.

what you want is good expansion, good penetration, large wound cavity and (most important) reliability! a LOT of hollow points plug up with clothing and do not expand at all or very little, especially when being fired through a jacket or thick clothes. search for ammo tests with clothing, you%26#039;ll be shocked!

the best round that has the least compromise is the corbon Pow%26#039;RBall! it has a soft plastic ball protecting the hollow cavity that almost guarantees great expansion every time, even through thick clothing. the ball also increases feeding reliability in picky guns.

don%26#039;t get too carried away with gel-tests because shooting jello is a lot different than shooting a clothed human with bones inside.

also, hornady will be coming out with a similar product so keep your eyes peeled. they already have it in .380 and that%26#039;s what i carry in my little kel-tec!|||Go here for some ballistics data and pictures and ammunition sales.


I run MagSafe JHP 84 Gr in my Glock23(.40cal), they cost around $2 per round.

But Ive ALSO shot ALOT of Lawman FMJ 165Gr ammo, and it fires AWESOME at the range, NEVER a single jam, fires hard but fires smooth....i can feel how perfect it shoots.(V.S. other brands and types)

So if I dont have my JHP homedefense rounds in the gun, I got the Lawman Training ammo....since I KNOW FOR SURE it will fire....and if I somehow miss my target, the muzzleflame will surely give them a heart attack.

9mm is good for penetration and accuracy, but its NOT generally an acceptable stopping round by most police departments,FBI etc,......

They DO make some good rounds for the 9mm, but you need to know what those are..(i dont, since i dont shoot 9mm, I just heard from some people)

If you want stopping power for a pistol, you Atleast want a .40 caliber pistol. Ive run ballistic test myself in the field, and it has incredible penetration and power at close range, and usually has MORE chamber pressure than a .45 caliber.

(well atleast in the Glocks)

Check out that website.|||Hydrashok|||Hornady TAP FPD|||not to be condescending , but 9mm hollow points , or you could buy just regular 9mm and make a x it the tip , close to the same result, a bigger hole in them.|||As far as I know it%26#039;s only one type of hollow pint for 9mm I don%26#039;t know.

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