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Why is the desert eagle a poor choice for a self-defense weapon?

I%26#039;m an objective person and I want to buy a self-defense weapon and I%26#039;m also willing to spend a pretty penny on one. And I want to hear people%26#039;s arguments on this.

It just seems to me that if the gun is so %26quot;clumsy%26quot; as people say, then why would the Israeli army develop one to supply their troops?

I know I should stop playing counter-strike and look at practical firing scenarios - so can you suggest a powerful firearm that doesn%26#039;t succumb to %26quot;clumsiness%26quot;?|||I held it once. It is too D*** heavy. Since then I have had no inclination to look at another D.E. I have a Colt Model 1991 A1 .45 calibur and I love it!!|||It depends on the distance you expect to shoot.

For 50 yards or less, a 12 gauge pump shotgun with an 18 1/2 barrel is a %26quot;powerful firearm that doesn%26#039;t succumb to %26#039;clumsiness%26#039;%26quot;.|||If you want a cool looking gun that is reliable, tough, will take someone out and you do not care about cost. Go for the Sig P226. Gun of the Navy SEALs.

Want something cheaper but still a really great gun. Glock.|||bulky, way overpowered and heavy. If you dont really know how to shoot the kick from it will hit you in the head... A 45 cal. H%26amp;K or colt would be the perfect high powered pistol. Plenty of power. A 38 is a good small, concealable weapon that is enough to be good protection.|||First, the Israelis didn%26#039;t develop the Desert Eagle for their troops. They developed it for commercial sale.

Secondly, while a magnum round will knock someone down, it will keep on going. You%26#039;re likely to penetrate your neighbor%26#039;s house and could injure or kill an innocent person.

For home defense you want a big, slow round, and a double action. If you use a 9mm instead, go with semi-wadcutters or hydra-shocks.

%26quot;Ranger%26quot;|||At home at night to defend your home, you want something that is simple and very fast. A revolver is the answer, just pull the trigger until its empty. No safety or slide to play with. Not too big of a caliber, maybe a .38 +p at least or a .44 special no magnum. You don%26#039;t want rounds going through the subject and clear through the house to your neighbors. Fancy hollow points, etc are frowned upon because juries could see that as premeditation.|||Any 45 cal semi auto should do. The 9mm is to fast and hot, it%26#039;s stopping power isn%26#039;t anything like the 45. Myself I like Ruger.. a fine weapon and easy on the wallet. For concealment you may consider a smaller 9mm or .380 I say that because they are so easily concealed. |||To become proficient with a large calibre firearm or even a small calibre weapon you must expend a lot of rounds.Yes, the see and point system does not use any rounds but to get used to the recoil of the weapon and your ability to regain a sight picture means you must fire live rounds.One reason the British defeated the French during the Napoleonic wars because they were the only army that trained it%26#039;s troops with live ammo. A conscript in other armies fired his weapon three or four times prior to battle.The musket(.58)used by both sides was a massive weapon that kicked like a mule and the few shoots fired by all but the British did not prepare the soldier for constant fire for hours that turned your shoulder to one big bruise.

The desert Eagle is %26quot;clumsy%26quot; because it is very heavy and even some expert shooters will react to it%26#039;s active and heavy recoil milliseconds prior to squeezing off the round.The same can be said about the 1911A1. This will affect the point of aim and with a pistol this will cause you to miss even if your firing at the torso as you should. Not might, will.

Heavier calibres are preferred by armies for pistols because they want instant take down. The Colt Auto in .45 cal. was adopted because of the US Armies experience in the Philippines. After defeating the Spanish and %26quot;liberating%26quot; the Philippines the USA decided to stay in country and help their %26quot;little brown brothers%26quot; a term produced by the then media.This prompted a active resistance. The US War Dept had adopted modern double action pistol with a swing out cylinder chambered in .38 cal to replace the S.A.A. Colt. These were issued to the troops occupying the Philippines. Everyone was happy until the first Moro attack. The Moro%26#039;s were Muslim tribesmen who really didn%26#039;t like the Americans. They would wrap red cloth strips tightly around their bodies and then attack the troops as they stood in chow line. The rifles would be stacked, everyone was relaxed when a screaming demon appeared among them slashing and stabbing with a kriss. Those with the newly issued pistol fired at the attacker. One officer fired 9 rounds at the attacker without seemingly hitting him. He was saved by a cook who hit the Moro over the head with a fry pan. It was found that the man had twelve rounds in his body and a finger shot off. These attacks diminished after the reintroduction of the S.A.A. in .45cal. When the call went out later for an semi-automatic pistol, the War Dept. specified .45 cal. only

When you choose your fire arm for self protection remember that the only function of that firearm is to kill the target. You may try to and should practise for safe shots but introducing a bullet into the human body in any area maybe fatal. But when your frightened or angry or both and the adrenal gland is working overtime aiming is very difficult.If your planning to use the firearm for home defence may I suggest the .410 shotgun with a larger bore piece of pipe fitted over it. Staring down a twelve gauge is like staring down the tunnel to hell and if the aggressor doesn%26#039;t back down a load of .410 bird shot convinces without being fatal.|||It%26#039;s overkill. Unless your being attack by a bull elephant, a regular 9mm will do just fine.|||First it is a large handgun not easy to conceal and doesn%26#039;t fit all hands well.

Second it is chambered for a rimmed cartridge cases (.357 Magnum %26amp; .44 Magnum) not the most reliable in a semi automatic handgun.

The Israeli army didn%26#039;t develop them for the army. Israeli Military Industry (IMI) developed the Desert Eagle.|||yeah pretty much what everybody else says

its wayy to heavy, can%26#039;t really conceal it, a ton of recoil, huge in size.. its cool in movies and video games %26amp; thats about it.. %26amp; it can put a big a** hole in somebody though if you can manage to aim it right

try a .38 or .40 or a 9mm instead|||Price

to much recoil

to heavy and large

1911 .45 cal will stop just about anyone, if the .45 has too much recoil I recommend a M9 with +P+ ammo hollow points

Vet-USAF|||It works great for some action movie %26#039;hero%26#039; but in the real world, way to big to carry concealed, too powerful (goes thru 2 perps, a car and the neighbors house) too hard to control the recoil. Now, if you wanted to go game hunting (wild boar, for instance), OK.

Many fine CCW handguns out there, 1911 firing 45 cal, 357 mag or 38 special with hollow points, 9mm with %26#039;hydrashocks%26#039;.

A no BS site for your info:

|||It is a clumsy gun. Terrible balance and hard to conceal.

Look at a Smith and Wesson 357 revolver. I%26#039;ve carried one for years. And I shoot often on my own range.|||The Desert Eagle is really nothing more than a novalty weapon.

It really has no practical use|||The Desert Eagle is expensive for a pistol. Ammo is also expensive. It is too big and heavy and unwieldy to be concealed or carried around a lot. It is loud. It holds only 6 rounds which is not much. The recoil is too great to recover quickly, meaning after each shot it takes awhile to recover before you can get off another shot. Overall, the negatives outweigh the positives. Besides the point, it originated as a sporting pistol (target shooting, hunting) and is not intended for self defense.|||It%26#039;s bad for self-defense because you%26#039;ll kill your assailant and the round will keep going, passing through a car or house and killing an innocent bystander. For self-defense try something like a .38 Special or .44 Special revolver. Use hollow-point ammo.

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