Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the best self defense product for a pedestrian on foot?

mace, tazer, anything else?

What is the best one?|||The Tazer C2 (I think)

Its basically a ladies model tazer. It is designed to shoot out prongs like a police-style tazer, then shock for 30 seconds while you drop it, and run away.

Costs around $350.|||Running! Just kidding go to they have tasers for a good price that really work.|||rottwiller|||I prefer a compact .45 ACP.|||If space or weight is not an object, a 20 inch barrel Remington 12. gauge, pump, synthetic stock shotgun. when I walk with my kids, I carry a Glock 27 in a belly band and a Taurus .38 snub nosed titanium, hammerless revolver in my pocket. I don%26#039;t agree with people who don%26#039;t fight back. this just enboldens the attacker and he will escalate his attacks. You don%26#039;t have to stand tall in this world, but you do have to stand up.|||A handgun.

Studies show that people who resist attacks suffer fewer than half the injuries of people who do not resist, and people who resist with handguns suffer fewer than 25% of the injuries of people who do not resist.

If you have the misfortune of living in a place with severe restrictions on handgun ownership, you will have to improvise. Sadly, most of the jurisdictions that severely restrict handguns, also ban private use and ownership of mace, tear gas, OC gas, or tasers, They are either banned outright or you have to have all sorts of permits and permissions to have them on your person.

Your best bet for a defensive weapon that is not restricted anywhere is a cane. And I don%26#039;t mean a flimsy aluminum cane. You need a stout cane that will inflict pain and injury if you need it for a weapon.

Cold Steel markets a line of canes they call City Sticks. These are made of laminated fiberglass with several choices of heads.

Cold Steel also markets a cane called Walkabout XL, this is a nice ball ended ash cane. And an African Walking Stick, which is a synthetic version of the knob kerry a combination walking stick and war club.

My preference is for a more traditional crooked cane from CaneMasters.

I carry a teardrop shaped hickory cane with a single fang, it think they call it a birdhead horn now. The teardrop shape features a sharp striking edge, and as Master Mark Shuey told me when I placed my order, %26quot;It%26#039;s called teardrop because it you lay that striking edge across someone%26#039;s shins, it will bring tears and probably blood.%26quot;

Both Cold Steel and CaneMasters offer instructional tapes to teach you the fine art of cane fighting.

So, if you can%26#039;t carry a handgun, carry a stick. If possible, carry both. Generally, I carry four layers of defense. First my wits, and tongue, I try to be aware of my surroundings, and I will talk my way out of trouble if possible. Second, I have a cane in my hand. Third, I have a good knife on my belt. And finally, I have a handgun in my pocket, on my belt, or in my sporran. Not every incident calls for deadly force. You should be prepared to use the appropriate level of deterrence and be prepared to escalate the level as needed.

Doc|||I am with GOLDEN......right on....big doggie!!!|||You must consult a professional both in self-defense and the law for the real ...... of the gun on the body for more pedestrian reasons: guns are heavy, ...|||Hmmmm! Never thought of a tazer but I LIKE IT!! Seems like it would be a good one. Incapacitate the one who is looking to do harm. Have your cell phone, a loud whistle, a little container of mace and a nice strong tazer to knock them on their butt. Where can I get one?????|||Get a cattle prod.|||a gun|||little hand held taser, pepper spray or mace is pretty ineffective and will blow back on you.

.38 will do it, too.. that%26#039;s what I carry.. :)

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