Monday, May 17, 2010

What are the charges of murder in self defense?

Say there was a man who had a history of getting in trouble with the law. He had been in trouble due to drug possesion and now he can be on death row for killing 25 people. All these people he claimed where pursuing the life of his girlfriend and the men all had intentions of killing her. He says that he did not kill the people at one time but over time. He has a 11 month old daughter that needs a father and he wasn%26#039;t murdering anyone because he wanted too. He did it because these people were trying to kill his daughter. What could happen to him and is does he have any chance of leaving freely?|||Twenty-five people were trying to kill his girlfriend eh?

I certainly hope you don%26#039;t believe that line!

It%26#039;s a bit too late to worry about the daughter...he should have thought about his daughter before murdering 25 people. The daughter would need a more positive influence in her life rather than a person whose been in trouble for drugs and murder.

This story just doesn%26#039;t nor wouldn%26#039;t wash in my opinion and I would hope he had NO chance of leaving!|||Thats a hard question to answer! If they confronted him at his home or at his place of employment and were there to do bodily harm when he killed them then I would have to look at that as self-defense. If he pursued these people and initiated the contact it would be considered pre-meditated murder most likely.|||Forgetting the idiotic statement and looking only at the top question: in my state when someone kills in self defense there is not charge. The report for the feds is called justifiable homicide.|||None. 25 people = serial killer.|||History of getting into trouble.

Due to drug possession.

All these people he CLAIMED.

All these (25 men) were pursuing his Girlfriend and all had intentions of killing her?

Wasn%26#039;t murdering anyone because he wanted too? (Serial Killers do this same thing, justification for killing-looked like my mother or ex wife or was after my girl?)

Has he been arrested for this spree of killings recently?

Would have to look into allegations made by him, any bodies left behind, or is he just spinning a tale or have the drugs of past finally caught up with him?

He has a daughter (11 mo) that needs a father?

Not my kind of Dad?

If none then would make for a good detective novel.

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