Saturday, May 15, 2010

I want to buy some self defense items ?

I want to get some self-defense items ex. pepper spray,pen knife, etc. Where can i buy these items with using a check or put my check account numbers. I dont have a credit card. THanks.|||A lot of these objects can be improvised. I bought my first pair of brass knuckles off some old %26#039;Nam vet at a booth in a flea market when i was like 13 lol. Good luck.

Visit my blog for frequently updated close quarters combat information, and please support my work by noticing the advertisements.|||try learning krav maga for self defense. it is taught to the israeli defense forces, us special forces, and used by bodygards for high profile politicians. it is an international organization with many studios. if you can, go to your nearest one and learn about it, watch a demonstration if you can. learning this will begin helping you from the get go, in handling nearly any situation and multiple opponents, and still walk away standing.. it will keep you flexible and using fast effective methods.|||Nike, New Balance, Asic, Puma, adidas, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno,etc.

A good running shoe is a great self-defense product.|||I%26#039;m not aware of a martial art that teaches the correct use of pepper spray?

Can%26#039;t go wrong with a good pump action. If you live in America no doubt you can pick one up from most good retailers... |||Usually you can get both pepper spray and small knives at a good hardware store.|||Yes , best product is good running shoes . Keep practice running . Good luck

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