Friday, May 21, 2010

What are some self-defense techniques I can practice at home?

I%26#039;m a total novice. My main problems are balance, focus and timing. I had my first training today. It was horrible! I hate it when my instructor puts on that frustrated face. Pls help? Anything I can do to prepare myself for next training? Thanks!|||Wear shoes that you have to tie and untie. Take them on and off while standing up every single time, including tying and untying. But if you are serious about taking responsibility for your own safety, then start with awareness and avoidance. This will help to you avoid the the need for the physical skills.

Yet the physical skills are still needed. Concentrate on understanding a concept more than understanding a technique itself. Take a self defense class but be wary of them. Many so called self defense classes will teach just enough to get yourself hurt.

Your primary targets are soft body tissue. This means the eyes, throat, the solar plexus and the groin. You must also realize that in most instances your attacker will be larger, stronger, and more aggressive than you. This means that once you decide to act, you must fully intend to do that person damage and you put 110% effort into that. Now the chances that you will actually do permanent harm to someone is there but it is slight. If you hesitate or hold back your chances of success are greatly reduced. Mindset is very important and commitment to act and act with everything you%26#039;ve got as important as any technique you may learn.

Good luck|||Try to be focus and don%26#039;t let the look of his face make you frustrated and they tend to work that way that in real trouble you have to prepare yourself quick...|||You should practice staying on one foot and bringing it down very gracefully. Start off using your hands to balance and then try without them. It will help a lot because i myself have done self-defense for 9 years.|||pepper spray on a guy

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