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What type of handgun do you recommend for self-defense/concealed carry?

I want a handgun with adequate stopping power, a relatively ergonomic grip, and as many worthwhile bells and whistles I can get for a relatively decent price. Any suggestions are welcome.|||Your choice depends a lot on your environment and your competence with whichever weapon you chose.

A friend of mine is a prosecutor for a large county. He gets threatened a lot and takes his personal safety seriously. He wears suits but often works in shirt sleeves. His carry gun is a S%26amp;W 640, a .38 spl., which he carries in a pocket holster. Some of the people that work in the office with him still don%26#039;t know that he carries all the time. He has a S%26amp;W 686, .357 mag. in his car (4 incher) and another 686 at bedside. Note that all the guns are revolvers and S%26amp;W. He trusts the absolute reliability of the revolver. He wants all his defense guns to work the same way, so they are all the same make.

Another friend works a large mountain ranch. He packs an old, well used Mdl. 29, S%26amp;W .44 mag. in a belt slide hip holster. His only concession to %26quot;concealment%26quot; is to throw on a light jacket if he is in town. It is the only hand gun he owns and he is scary accurate with it. He considers semi auto guns %26quot;gadgets%26quot; and does not want to learn another gun.

I have carried a handgun of some type all my adult life. My concealment guns were often snubby revolvers that I hid on various parts of my body. I still carry (on occassion) my S%26amp;W 940, a 9mm snub revolver, in a pocket holster. My usual carry gun is a Taurus 745, a .45 ACP compact, in a IWB holster. Which one I carry kind of depends on how hot it is outside. As long as I can cover the butt of the .45 it is the one I carry. However, the 940 is still a viable option.

Your concealed carry gun should be simple to use and absolutely reliable. %26quot;Bells and whistles%26quot; might be %26quot;cool%26quot; but often they are just things that get in the way at the worst possible time. Really, there are only two worthwhile options to put on your gun. One is a laser sight and the other is night sights.|||I recommend a S%26amp;W model 642 revolver. It%26#039;s 1 gun that can do it all. You can use it at home for defense. It is also small and lightweight and great for conceal carry. It is comfortable to carry and has adequate stopping power being chambered in .38 special. It is reliable and simple and requires relatively zero user maintenance. Unlike a pistol, it won%26#039;t jam and requires less thinking in a stressful situation. Just pick it up and pull the trigger. Some gun enthusiasts have called it the greatest conceal carry gun of all time. Here is a good link with more info:|||Your best choice for a handgun for self defense is the 357 Magnum %26amp; nothing less than that.* Its like getting two (2) guns for the price of one, because you can also shoot 38 caliber ammo in it.* I recommend either a Smith %26amp; Wesson, Colt or Ruger in a Revolver. Great value %26amp; Great handguns.* Deadly %26amp; Lethal for criminals.* New or used.* Its not what you pay for something that matters, its what you get for what you pay.*|||Any of the Sub-Compact Glocks will work just fine, And parts are never an issue with Glocks. They are cheap and available so you could keep a couple of extras on hand. Incase anything were to ever happen. Also For deep concealment Kel-Tecs makes some good guns, Although they may need a little bit of fine tuning to make the run 100%|||I love my Springfield Armory XDs. You can get any size firearm from the 3%26quot; sub-compact to a 4%26quot; compact with shorter grips for conceal carry to the full 5%26quot; tactical. I would suggest the .45ACP for stopping power. It is natural fitting to the hand and feels great on the wrist. Natural pointer. It comes with the grip safety similar to a 1911 and the USA trigger safety like Glock. It also has a striker indicator telling the gun is ready to fire and a load indicator showing a round is chambered. They come with three dot sights but can put Heinie on or fiber optics for that matter. The gun breaks down very easy for cleaning and comes in different color schemes. I have seen in my local shops the sub-compact go for around $520 to $550. Of course I live in IL in Cook County where the great state of Chicago determines how the rest of IL works so I am a little higher than other states. Good luck and happy and safe shooting.

For custom work on the XD:|||My all time favorites are the Colt. 45 auto, and the full size Glock model 22 in .40 S%26amp;W caliber.|||In all things we do we should remember KISS, aka keep it simple, stupid. There are many fine pieces available; I own more than I care to think about but cannot bear to part with any as they keep going up in value. But, for everyday carry I simply use a Kel Tec P-11; light little piece, ten round mag, double action only, easy to carry, simply made, in 9mm with serrated HP ammo it does the job, cost was 242 frogskins. The main thing is it is light and easy to carry and it is reliable. If they make you walk lopsided from the weight or gouge a hole in your side you get a little tired of it at the end of the day; the KT P-11 does not do that. Take a look at one.|||It depends on your level of experience, however because you asked this question I believe you are relatively new to handguns. If this is your first handgun I would suggest you get a revolver and this is why.|||I like the Ruger SP101 with the crimson laser grips

here is a link|||45 great stoping power|||Kahr K9, small conceilable, use corbon hollow point. You can get internal laser or mount with Trijicon night sights, total cost about 500 US

Next choice would be a small Glock 40 S%26amp;W or even a Glock 19 (9mm with same Corbon rounds)

You want more stopping power in a bigger frame, then I suggest the Glock 30 45 ACP but you better have big hands and a big belly to hide it, however, what (if) you hit, it usually stays down.

And don%26#039;t forget,......Practice practice practice.|||Not sure what a deent price is for you, The SIG SAUER P232 is a great handgun .You can have all the bells and whistles added by the factory|||this is one question that almost everyone will disagree. their gun is always the best.when you get a gun you have to look for a few things.reliablity,easy to clean, easy to take apart if necessary.that really limits the numbers.then can also look for guns who will fire when dirty if necessary.about the only gun that rates high in all catagories is the have all the calibers.the gun issued to most police departments in the glock mdl 22, is a great round with great stopping will also shoot under water.there is very little that will ever go wrong with a is a smaller body gun and will fit great in even a womans is also very accurate. it is a very ugly gun but do not get a gun for looks.

----retired texas deputy sheriff----|||You don%26#039;t need bells and whistles for a self defense handgun. Keep it simple...Get a revolver or a reliable and easy to maintain semi-auto. For revolvers, look at Ruger and Taurus. For semi-autos, look at Glock, Springfield XD, Sig Sauer, H%26amp;K, Kahr, or Browning Hi Powers. Sig will be the most expensive followed by Brownings, H%26amp;Ks, and Kahrs (get stainless steel not polymer when it comes to Kahrs). Glocks and XDs will be the cheapest. All are good. As far as caliber, get a .357 magnum revolver (it can also fire .38 Specials) or if you want a semi-auto, go with the 9mm, .40 S%26amp;W, or .45 ACP.

Here is an article on purchasing your first handgun:|||hehehe, adamk you are one funny dude!

Why dont you try that %26quot;mark%26quot; **** on me and lets see how effective you are?

Anything .357 or better is perfect. There are many an adamstopper that can be gotten for $350 or so.

Frankly, in a life and death it%26#039;s all about the man and not the gun anyway.|||Just a stupid question - ever think of the legal and financial consequences of putting a man down on the street?

Also, if I were to attack some one, my weapon would be out before the mark knew what was comming. Besides losing your cash and pantaloons I%26#039;d be off and running with your

600$ Watchamecallit. If you wanna shoot go to a shooting range where you won%26#039;t get into trouble that you don%26#039;t wanna be in.|||i dont think a gun but a pocket knife is good.|||you can get a special liscense for concealed pistol carrying rights, which pretty much means you can carry around a pistol in your pocket/bag/purse/holster anywhere you go legally. and you have to be a certain age in some states to own a pistol.

so after you meet these needs then just get a small .22 cal revolver, easy to clean and handle, you can get a box of 550 bullets for 10-20 bucks, small too, tiny recoil, the smallest caliber gun you can get,

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