Monday, May 17, 2010

What things should women know about self defense to avoid being a victim of a predator?

I would think footwork, especially circling, along with sprinting might be the most important things. I do and teach martial arts (JKD), and wanted to get some perspectives from this group. I find that most women aren%26#039;t interested in learning how to hurt anyone, even predators, so doesn%26#039;t the approach need to be different? |||The most important thing to teach women in self defense is how to think clearly when they are in a terrifying situation. I know from experience that in a situation where a rapist has grabbed you, terror and shock can make your mind go blank. You have to be able to fight those paralyzing emotions if you are going to have a chance at fighting him off.|||I like SING :)

Stomach, instep, nose, groin.

Women need to GET OVER their obsession with being nice and not hurting anyone and learn to protect themselves...

Oprah actually did a great special on this a few years ago. She had on a guy that wrote %26quot;the gift of fear%26quot; who did had all kinds of studies on preditiors (rapists, stalkers ect) and it turns out that a decent majority of the victims were afraid of %26quot;offending%26quot; the preditor! The were nicer to him than even THEY thought they should be, ignored all the fun bells and whistles in their head saying %26quot;get out of here!%26quot; to avoid being %26quot;mean.%26quot;

Women need to unlearn this ladylike non-sense and learn to punch a guy and run if that%26#039;s what it takes to get out of a bad situation. It%26#039;s not the approach that needs to change, it%26#039;s the parent%26#039;s who are teaching their little girls to be nice rather than be rude and get away from some one who is scaring them that need to change.|||This is a really interesting question, because I%26#039;ve had some scary encounters and always told myself I%26#039;d take a course in self-defense, but never seem to get around to it.

For me, I know part of the reason is that I%26#039;ve been in quite a few physical fights, with a few men even, and handled myself well each time, so there%26#039;s a false sense of security there. None of the fights I%26#039;ve been in were too surprising, so I was prepared to some extent for each of them. If I were attacked, I know the chances are slim to none that I%26#039;d have any warning or time to prepare.

I know a few moves that concerned men have taught me over the years, but I honestly doubt I could recall them if I ever did need them.

This is something more women need to make a priority, including myself, so thanks for bringing it up =o)|||Tell them to get maze. You are not really suggesting the way guys treat women on the mat prepares them to deal with an agressor are you ? Martial arts is fine and well, but use maze first.

I do Judo and I had to work on myself to not just use my strentgh and uhm creative Judo against women, %26quot;winning%26quot;all the time. And I was like a yellow belt and they were black belts.

I put winning in %26quot; %26quot; because although I pinned them I wasnt practicing or learning Judo that way XD.|||Main one is not to think that kicking a guy in the crotch is the way to go...puts you off balance, it has to be a really effective sweet shot and women on the whole need to realise that footwear would play a part too!

As a teacher, you know all the techniques you outlined are important, but really please don%26#039;t fall into the erroneous idea that women are incapable of responding wih controlled aggression and be taught the desire to hurt to survive. What you must do is explain the reasons for defending themselves. As women we are conditioned to put others before ourselves, so it is a harder battle to convince us that we have the right to defend ourselves. I think you need to point out what they are defending themselves against...what does it mean to be physically assaulted, raped and the validity of fighting back? We get conflicting messages, don%26#039;t fight back, it will make him worse, etc...but when we are attacked raped asked why we did nothing to stop it. Women can fight, can be strong, physical just tell them by fighting they have actually a better chance of fending off the attacker if done in the right way. In my experience, I say learn to defend, to attack to fight and if the worse happens make sure that you overcome your fear and ensure he remembers his encounter with you! Just standing there with an outstretched hand and yelling NO will not convince many people to back off.

I do not know martial arts, but my father taught me to box, I%26#039;m not frightened of being hit, so know what to expect, and have an understanding of the reasons and principles that I would stake my life on. So, good luck with the group...I suppose what I%26#039;m saying is a great deal of discussion before the practical arts..good luck and thanks for the question.

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