Monday, May 17, 2010

How much does self-defense classes cost?

Does anybody know of any good places where self-defense classes are provided? How much do they cost??

Thankz!!|||Some schools are 40 to 100 a month!! I wouldnt pay no more than 60!!! If i was in cal and dan inosanto wanted 200 a month and i could pay that i would!ha If you can pay top dollar do it if there good!! My dad had his school from 70 to late 90s and it was 25$ And some people may not be that much but they might be better than the 120 school|||Depends where you go and what you want to do (probably also where you live). When I took Kempo (years ago) it was about $125/month, When I did Krav-Maga it was like $150 per 2 month session, When I was taking brazilian jujitsu it was $140 (keep in mind it depends who you train with, as bigger names cost more $), the previous MMA gym I was at was $100 per month, and the new one I%26#039;m about to join is $115 (with 2year contract). Keep in mind you%26#039;ll typically spend $100 or so as a processing/sign up fee, depending on where you go, it may or may not include a uniform (which can be on average $150).|||Tons of different types of %26#039;%26#039;self defense%26#039;%26#039;. Its gonna take some research for you to find out what you like to specialize in.|||it depends on the trainers. if theyre famous or almost famous or not then its expensive.

i know someone who charge 75 bucks a month for self defense.

but most of them charge 100-120 a month!|||there are many places to learn self defense. price varies between them. you%26#039;ll just have to check around i your area

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