Friday, May 21, 2010

How effective is 7 star Mantis as a self defense system?

I know that any system trained by a good teacher can be effective, but how effective can this system be? I know almost nothing about the art. Thanks|||If you are going for a real self defense style,take up an old existing proven system.Krav Maga is truly one of the best out their.This system teaches you life or death situations.The Elite Military Special Forces uses this to train.|||Conceptually, you could develop a martial art around pencils, and say it could be effective as a self defense system.

Look, a style should only go as far as to teach the fundamentals and spirit with which to defend you. Once it becomes about you doing the style, it%26#039;s not really effective anymore because the style now limits you. Styles are a springboard and a stepping block to being able to completely defend yourself due to your integration of mind, body, and spirit.

So yeah, if trained properly, 7 Star Mantis can be extremely effective as a self defense system. But so could a system based around throwing haymakers or sand in someone%26#039;s face. Do you catch my drift? Worry less about the system, and more about what the system is based upon:

THE DRIVE AND SPIRIT TO FIGHT AND SURVIVE. Cultivate and research that and you%26#039;ll be way beyond these fools jumping around in Kung Fu pajamas.|||perhaps you should go to a class and find out. if the instructor has a good amount of emphasis on free sparring his particular class will probably be good. if it is all form and no contact sparring then his class could get ya hurt.|||it all depends on the instructor.

but generally it is very good. but dont just go and continue going because people here said u should go try it if you like it continue if you dont quit.|||Learn it and then you tell us.

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