Monday, May 17, 2010

How did the war in Iraq turn from self defense to an investment?

I thought we went to war to defend ourselves. I watched the media briefing in Washington and the people in charge of the war in Iraq kept talking about our investment there.|||It%26#039;s hard to get away from that word when the corporate welfare from no bid contracts to the military industrial complex is taken into account.

I warn you in advance that this is a pro-Ron Paul video, but I think you%26#039;ll enjoy it, and it explains the %26#039;investment%26#039; angle:|||because the good ol boys are the ones making money from this war|||so true we went in to get the weapons and get rid of sadam to investing in a country hole infrastructor to lean our way....just as kuwait did we hoped|||it was always an investment

the bush administration first had to find a way to explain it to the national public...he is a LIAR|||The %26quot;Self-Defense%26quot; justification for war fell through when they couldn%26#039;t find any stockpiles of WMD%26#039;s. Now our presence is measured as an investment -- are the results of our occupation worth the cost in American lives?|||It was an investment from the beginning. They pulled the wool over everyones eyes because they were caught up in 9/11!

In order to defend you must be attacked. Iraq never attacked us!!!!

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