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Buying a Samurai sword that can be used in self defense if needed. (not the ones for display)?

I want to buy a good samurai sword that can be used in a self defense situation. A good quality one, not the ones that will get rusted too quickly. I am not going to use it in combat or anything. Just as long as it can protect me if anyone breaks in to my house. At least around 120$.

Make sure it%26#039;s a good quality samurai, not the cheap ones. (you know what I mean)|||you are not going to get anything serious at those prices.

the cheapest functional carbon steel blades start at a price range of 200 dollars

on and why would you want to buy a sword if you can%26#039;t handle one

you are more likely to injure yourself with the blade than you would your opponent|||Ok, I%26#039;m gonna give you some sound advice.

I have a fair bit of real-time combat experience and would strongly advise you against storing such a weapon for self defence unless you are HIGHLY trained in it%26#039;s use. People who enter premises for illegal purposes are not the for an old fashion duel on the high seas!

Some tips:

1. indoors, if you are going to use a weapon, it needs to be short, a foot at the most.

2. I%26#039;d advise againt storing illegal weapons for several reasons, even if you use it in self defence, you will still get charged for it%26#039;s possession, and it%26#039;s more hassle than it%26#039;s worth, trust me.

3. ANYTHING can be used as an effective weapon in the right hands, familiarise yourself with your environment and what you have close at hand.

4. If you use a live blade in combat, expect to get cut, or worse.

Take care.|||12 gauge Mossburg pump with a fine bird shot. Won%26#039;t kill the intruder, unless you%26#039;re real close, and won%26#039;t shoot half way through your house. Not to mention the absolutly terrifying sound of a shotgun being racked. If you can%26#039;t (and it sounds like SHOULDN%26quot;T have a gun) go with a machete instead of a sword you don%26#039;t know how to use. And don%26#039;t forget the wild swinging. Unless you know what you%26#039;re doing, just hand the intruder your weapon and lay down.|||i think this link explains it all

-now as for the self defense aspect, are you planing are carrying this in the street a draw it when some one has a gun pointed at your head.

- in your home, how do you intend to use this if your in a hallway or are close to the furniture.

-unless you know what you are doing you are more likely to get this stuck in the ceiling, a wall or the person standing behind you that you are tiring to protect.

-you are in close quarters with a 36 inch razor blade basically, swing it wildly,

i agree with sensei scandle on this lamo|||Just to clarify--samurai used to take their long sword off upon entering a house. They would keep their short sword. The idea being that a long sword is not that practical inside as it is a confined space. That being said. There are a lot of things out there on the market. Also a huge price difference as well. You will really have to look around. A good combat ready piece does not come cheap. Sorry to say but one in your price range here will not be up to what you are asking of it.|||Buying a sword for home self defense?? LOL

Maybe this will help you and your friends.

Most burglars are armed with guns. Taking a knife to a gun fight is not wise. Especially when you don%26#039;t know how to use a sword.

Home Self Defense:

A big trained dog

home burglar alarm

a big gun|||A sword is an offensive weapon, not a defensive one. The only situation where one could be used for defense would be after getting attacked by stick-wielding robbers as you%26#039;re traveling down a road...500 years ago.

For home defense in 2009 it%26#039;s about as useful as a soccer bat.|||never ever ever think its a good idea to use a sword for self defense. honestly that a good way to get yourself stabbed or cut with a samurai sword. they have these things now called guns that pretty much win over swords and most people caught in breaking and entering are armed to some extent. its absolutely the worst idea for self defense and really paranoid.|||Hi there

Sorry but if you intend to use a sword as a weapon i would suggest that you simply CUT out the middle man and go straight to the cop shop because thats where you will end up!

Is this a silly question? Not for me to say just read all the answers you have got already.

The biggest advice i can give you is swords are not toys!

Best wishes

idai|||Im with Sensei S.


you%26#039;re only inviting serious injury or death with that attitude.

It will be taken off you and shoved up your backside.

The courts will most likely not accept an incident as self defense when your weilding a %26quot;samurai sword%26quot;.

get a baseball bat.

You jokers that are entertaining this question have NO CLUE of swordsmanship. Stormgry...%26quot;stainless steel%26quot; you must be freakin kidding me? I rest my case.

edit: I have 9 years of Kenjutsu/Tachi Waza training and my home defense weapon is a wooden shoto (short sword....made of WOOD)! live blades locked away.

no need to apologise for the question at least you%26#039;re listening...unlike most!|||A samurai sword is not good for self defense.

That said, if you want a samurai sword, do NOT get one that is stainless steel. Those are very low quality, as stainless steel shatters much more easily than other kinds of steel.|||why get a samuri sword when you can buy a gun....

if i came into your home to rob you, and i had a would you get close enough to kill me?

fight fire with fire, remember that...|||is that a question or you want to buy if need to buy go to|||LMAO!|||You want to buy a sword that is %26#039;functional%26#039;, %26#039;stainless steel%26#039;, and %26#039;full tang%26#039;.

Functional is a word meaning %26#039;this is not a display sword, you can use it.%26#039; It usually isn%26#039;t written or advertised, however, just make sure your sword doesn%26#039;t say /anything/ like %26#039;display only%26#039;.

Stainless steel means your sword will not rust, so long as you keep it clean and dry within reason.

Full tang means that the blade is one piece that extends into the handle. The blade does not screw on or anything lame like that, the handle is built around the metal that extends from the blade. It means your sword was built for self defense and not show.

I recommend %26#039;Bud K%26#039; for modern self defense. Swords don%26#039;t look traditional, they look modern, but they have excellent grip, are usually full tang, stainless steel, and are nicely weighted. Very practical.

Edit: Wow. You guys are all crazy. The man asked about keeping a sword for his home, and I answered the question. Then half of you go on talking about wooden sticks, the other half of you suggest GUNS while suggesting a sword is too dangerous. A sword is no better or worse than a bat for home protection, and both options are safer than guns for home protection.

I love how some people always believe they have special training and knowledge that defies all logic because someone let them into a class to swing around a wooden stick. We%26#039;re talking about a simple matter, and the man asked about a blade that won%26#039;t rust. And no, most burglars don%26#039;t automatically have guns unless they are really under the impression that you%26#039;re home and they can get away with killing you for your stuff.

I suggest some of you grow a little mentally before you bother stepping forward.

Would I recommend a sword for home protection? I%26#039;d rather use a knife. A bat is safer once you have to explain your case to a judge. That%26#039;s not what he asked.

Your silly pseudo-spiritual beliefs and/or delvings into samurai lore are not withstanding here. I love how whenever you mention katana, some fool has to step out of the crowd and start the who%26#039;s the biggest geek contest. The guy%26#039;s just asking the same question anyone asks before they buy a sword - Will the sword I buy prove practical? When you invest in one, you don%26#039;t want to spend $120 on a hunk of garbage.

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