Saturday, May 15, 2010

What are your thoughts on preemptive self defense?

For instance, if a vision told a woman she would be raped by a specific stranger, should she kill the person before he had the opportunity to commit the crime, and would the vision be an acceptable defense? Would John Edwards be a good witness? What about Jim Edwards?|||I think that is called murder. In any case there is nothing justifiable to attacking someone for what they may do.

Have you ever seen the Minority Report?|||i agree with dr. Wu don%26#039;t kill that person because of a dream, but if it is making you uncomfortable have you considered caring around pepper spray? or a stun gun?|||no but to be on guard and when he actually attempts that attack open up with both barrells|||Preemptive self-defense Is fine if the action you take is to remove yourself from the situation before you find it necessary to deal violently with someone who may attack you; or to arm yourself against a perceived potential threat.

Violent preemptive self-defense isn%26#039;t defense at all, it is by definiton unprovoked assault, and can%26#039;t be justified in any court (unless you%26#039;re a police officer and you claim you thought your life was in danger, that almost always seems to work).

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