Saturday, May 15, 2010

What is the best personal security/self defense device for teenagers?

I would like to provide my teenage girls with a personal security/self defense device such as pepper spray, stun gun, mace, tazer, etc. that they can carry with them. Can you suggest the best one and where I might purchase it such as a retail store or website.|||A boyfriend and not a stranger do most damage. The best security you can give them is teaching them what a healthy relationship should look like, how to act in a relationship, and what to do if they start loosing their since of identity.

You also need to consider if they have any medical conditions. Asthma sufferers should stay away from mace %26amp; pepper spray. Tazers require significant amounts of training just like a real gun. Should you get one, you need to set up a 鈥榯azor range鈥?and practice lots. Here鈥檚 a web site 鈥?but again, the biggest threat is the ppl you鈥檝e already invited into their lives.|||On their car keys is a panic have them push it and it makes a loud noise great for any woman to know.|||Don%26#039;t bother. The very best deterent a teenage girl, or any girl for that matter, has is her lung power. If attacked they should scream, I mean really scream at the top of their lungs! And fight back! If they try to use those items you mentioned they would only get hurt worse. The assailant would simply turn the weapons on the kids. All young people, whether girls OR boys should just scream! Parents need to teach their children that they never have to go with any adult they do not know. If attacked SCREAM. I cannot emphasize it enough!|||This is going to sound crazy, but get them to carry a small can of hairspray.

Mace, tazers, etc., might be illegal where you live. Even if they%26#039;re legal, if your daughters use them, the attacker could then try to get THEM in trouble by claiming the mace or whatever is a %26quot;weapon%26quot;. Sad but true.

However, hairspray is perfectly legal.|||Common frigging sense. Don%26#039;t get into situations where you%26#039;re not sure of the people involved or the events at them. Situational awareness is #1. All else are technical questions.|||Enroll them in martial arts. Then they needn%26#039;t worry about something that can be taken away and/or used against them. They will always have their hands and feet with them.

And one thing they should learn in a good martial arts school is the potential to use anything as a weapon, or at least for defence.|||The first answer nailed it. Call your local police station and ask them if they know of a self defense class for women. This will teach them exactly what they need to know in a bad situation. If they are carrying something, then who says they will even have time to retrieve it. They should be taught exactly how to react if attacked.

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