Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Is a Good Shotgun for Hunting and Self Defense?

I want a shotgun for defense but also for hunting that can accept different chokes. Preferably with a barrel shorter than 28 inches. Most of the shotguns that I%26#039;ve seen that take chokes have 28 inch barrels. This shotgun will be for turkeys and intruders.|||Hi..... Mossberg makes a shotgun that is sold as a combo. Its a Mossberg 500 and 2 barrels are included. One barrel is for hunting and the other can be put on for home defense.... See Below...

Mossberg 500 - 2 barrels included...

Mossberg 500 specifications page....

Mossberg 500 info......|||I used to have a Mossberg 835 Ultimag it had a 24inch barrel and came with a few chokes and even a turkey choke.The nice thing about the 835 is it will use 12 gauge 31/2 inch mags,3in or 2and3/4 ammo.It even has a back bored barrel for a tighter pattern for turkeys.The only bad thing about this gun is that you can%26#039;t use slugs in it due to the back bored barrel,but you can buy a rifled barrel for that.|||Unless you have a HUGE house, don%26#039;t use a barrel longer than 18%26quot;-20%26quot; for intruders.

Turkey guns usually have longer barrels with tight chokes.

Ill second the Remington 870 recommendation, The swappable barrels will be great for your purpose keep the short barrel for home defense and switch to the other one with replaceable chokes for when you hunt turkeys.|||You can%26#039;t use the same barrel for hunting and defense.

If you try hunting with a defensive length barrel, you won%26#039;t have good results. Likewise if you try using a 26%26quot; or 28%26quot; barreled shotgun for home defense, you will be clumsier than a drunk gorilla in a gift shop.

You need a good pump shotgun with a 28%26quot; barrel with screw-in chokes, and an 18.5%26quot; Cylinder bore barrel for defensive use. My preference is the Mossberg M-500, but plenty of folks like Winchester M-1200 %26amp; 1300, or Remington M-870%26#039;s just as much as I like Mossbergs.

Doc|||Larry a Remington 870 is the all around best shotgun platform.

Buy one with a 18 inch slug barrel for home defense, then buy a fowling barrel of your choice for hunting.

I had 7 barrels for mine. There wasn%26#039;t anything I could not do with it.

Hardest thing you have to decide is if you want wood or synthetic stock %26amp; pump handle.

If you tight on money, go to any pawn shop, there are 87os all over the place.|||Remington 870 26%26quot; Express magnum %26quot;Turkey%26quot; shotgun.

Rem Chokes, already camo, 26%26quot; barrel. Mount a scope or ghost ring sights.

THATS THE TICKET|||12 or 20 gauge pump shotgun Mfg. by Remington, or Mossberg.* Use number 4 bird shot for in home defense.* New or used.* A New shotgun doesn%26#039;t shoot any better than a good used one.* Buy used and save $$$.*|||It is very common for Mossberg to sell their 500 versions with two barrels. Mine came with the 18 attached and the 28 in the box. Was very inexpensive too, like 399$. I agree that it is hard to beat an 870 though.|||I would recommend a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, good quality, excellent for home defense, and good for hunting too.|||Remington 870 Mossberg 500/590|||Get either a mossberg 500 or remington 870. Both have tons of accessories for them.|||Mossberg 500/870 in 12Ga. W/ 00 or 000 Buckshot.|||12 gauge.|||O that%26#039;s fair! A poor animal that%26#039;s never done anything to you and virtually no defense against a gun. Sure, a creature that has nothing but their mouth and claws to defend themselves, and you want to basically snipe them.

I understand self defense, but hunting is for cowards. Why don%26#039;t you go out there in front of the poor animal and try to hunt it, on fair grounds? Because, whereas you%26#039;re worried about your self-defense, you don%26#039;t seem to mind taking away any that poor thing may have, now do you?

My answer is, you shouldn%26#039;t use one at all. Against another human being with at least the ability to handle one maybe, but an animal that has no chance from afar, you should be ashamed!

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