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When men hit women back- what are the laws re: self-defense when a woman attacks a man she knows?

Are there laws against a man over-defending himself from a woman? Similar to the notion that if you self-defend with a gun against a knife, you have the advantage of further range and can be punished?

This has to do with the fact that my son has been raised on his father%26#039;s time to beleive that:

A man can and should hit back as hard as need be when attacked by a female, even to a small degree.

Now most men I know feel that it is wrong to ever hit a woman, although restraining a woman to the point that she bruises herself while struggling is perfectly fine.

Self-defense, then, consists of doing just that.

Now, if we%26#039;re talking about an Amazon woman attacking the artist Formerly and Now Once Again Known as Prince,

hey, you know what?

I%26#039;ll throw this rule out, too!

But before I go trying to tell my twelve-year-old to change his views about women before he dates (and hurts someone!), I%26#039;d like to know if there are real-life consequences, to bolster my argument. Thanks!|||My dad taught me to respect anyone who is smaller and/or weaker than me, as long as that person respected me. But if they challenged me by attacking me, then to do whatever I had to do to defend myself. His exact words were %26quot;When they decide they want to be a man, you fight them like a man.%26quot; I%26#039;m not saying that this is the right or wrong thing to teach a child, but that%26#039;s what my father told me. I can honestly say that I have never struck a woman. Even in my career as a police officer, I have had to defend myself many times and some of those were attacks from females. So far, I have always managed to successfully defend myself without actually hitting one.

All throughout my dating and now years of marriage, I have never had a physical confrontation with any of my partners. My wife and I have a mutual respect and very seldom even argue. Even when we do argue, it never even escalates to shouting. I%26#039;m telling you all of this personal stuff because I was taught to defend myself, but have never physically abused a woman or child. So your son will not necessarily grow up to be a wife-beater.

As far as the law is concerned, everyone has a right to defend themselves from an attack by anyone else by reasonable means. A woman can hurt you as much as any man. If she is armed with a knife, she can kill you as quick as a man. I%26#039;m not sure what you mean by %26quot;over-defending%26quot; ones self. A knife is a deadly weapon. You defend yourself from a deadly weapon by another deadly weapon. The one who has a better weapon, or can better use the weapon if they are equal; lives. If a woman slaps you and you beat her to unconsiousness or death, then that would be %26quot;over-defending%26quot; yourself.

I have a pet-peeve for people who abuse those who are weaker than themselves. Men who beat their wives, children, or even animals. Violent rapists, child predators or molesters, anyone who abuses the elderly or sick. I am not like one poster on Yahoo, who accused all police of saying that %26quot;a woman deserved it%26quot; when she was assaulted or raped by a male; far from it. But having worked a lot, A LOT, of domestic violence cases, I have arrested many women who assaulted their husbands. We are trained to detect the primary aggressor from the victim by the nature of their wounds. While the male is usually the primary aggressor, there are many, many women who are as well.|||Equality of the sexes. Self defense is self defense, and it works regardless of the sexes of the parties defending themselves.|||The laws are messed-up. Go by your heart...YOU know what is wrong. A man has to show some restraint and good judgement.Your husband? ex-husband? sounds like a jerk.|||Stating the obvious, if a relationship has resulted in physical abuse, not matter what the gender, then they have a major problem and should end it. With that being said, woman have been known to attack men and the men will fight back enough to fend her off (most men, not the mentally challenged). All that doesn%26#039;t matter! When the police arrive, they almost always take the side of the woman just do to they are the smaller and weaker gender. My advise is to tell your son, if she attacks, to walk away and never go back to her, he will be the one going to jail. Good Luck!|||Man hits woman - man goes to jail.

Woman hits man - man goes to jail.

Funny how it works here.|||Laws do not make any difference between the two sexes. If a woman strikes a man it%26#039;s still considered to be assault. I%26#039;m not sure where you%26#039;re getting the notion that defending against a knife with a gun is wrong. Being attacked with a knife is considered to be deadly force and can be met with deadly force; the idiot shouldn%26#039;t have brought a knife to a gunfight. The law allows you to use an appropriate level of physical force against another person to defend yourself and only until the threat is no longer present. An example of this would be a woman slapping a man in the face. Is he justified in punching her back so hard that she loses teeth? No. Actually, my advice to the man would be to leave and seek charges on the woman. Getting into a slapping contest with anyone, male or female, will only result in charges being sought against both parties.|||The self-defence defence is allowed regardless of gender. Though self-defence must be justified; which means that you can fight back with enough force to subdue the attacker. For example: if the woman attacks with a knife, by all means he would be allowed to shoot her. If the woman attacks with her fists, then it depends on the size of the man. If they are pretty much the same size, then it is a fair fight, but if the man is bigger, then restraining her is probably the best bet. If the woman is bigger, then there is almost no limit. The key is to not overreact.|||rule #1 dont hit

rule # 2 hit BACK

that turn the other cheek crap doesn%26#039;t work

you have the right to defend your self no matter what

BUT in texas they charge you with domestic violence and take you both to jail|||A man should avoid a violent woman at all costs. Many men are prosecuted for defending themselves against a woman who instigated the fight, if there are no witnesses. Juries don%26#039;t believe men who say that the woman started the fight unless it can be proven that the woman has a violent nature.

Basically, men are screwed when they end up in a fight with a woman, so avoid it if possible. But do not let a woman just beat up on you; do whatever is necessary to protect yourself.|||Is your son is hitting you and his dad is teaching him to? I would have it out with him in a full-blown fight. Kick the sh*t out of him while you still can. Teach him ONCE that you won;t back down - from VERBAL abuse. Then I would take away every privilege he has and keep it that way until he learns to never a lift a finger on his mother or treat you rlike crap whichever one. One will lead to the other in the end. Stop seeing him if you have to and tell hm why. Tell him straight you wont take it and then DONT. You dont deserve it and its ruining your life. I would bet that that one factor of abuse if dragging you right down. By taking it, you are teaching him its ok to do it just as much as his dad is teaching him.

At the age of 12, you can press charges against him. Tell him that. Take him down and talk to the cops. Explain to him what his dads problem is. What a slap in the face to have your son come home from this idiot acting like this. What rights does that guy have to taeach him this garbage. Your argument up there is not that strong.

Teach him about self-defense by teaching him how to defend himself against the LOSER teachings of his father. Chances are your son doesnt respect you because you dont show him how stupid his dad is. Your sone needs someone to show him his father is a stupid man.|||How very odd that in thinking about your son dating, your thoughts go to beating them up.

Regardless, the self defense laws are not related to gender.|||I%26#039;d say there%26#039;d better be a witness to this beating your son suffers. No one will believe him otherwise.

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