Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where can I download FREE vedio lessons for learning self defense?

can any one give me any website that I can download vedio lessons for learning SELF-DEFENSE -KARATE- BOXING..etc, PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!|||google and youtube have plenty of videos

video%26#039;s and books are for reference only.

they do not make good teachings and cant not tell you if you are going it right or wrong.

you need to find a good instructor|||It is extremely difficult to learn anything effective from video instruction alone. You need to go to a gym and work with a competent instructor. There are usually many low cost or even free options available for good self defense instruction. Join your high school or college wrestling team, find a local Judo or Boxing club. All three of those are usually cheap and very effective.

If you are absolutely determined to be self taught then I suggest the following books: The MMA Book of Knowledge by BJ Penn, Wrestling for Fighting by Randy Couture, and Muy Thai Unleashed by Erik Kraus. Also the BJJ for Beginners Book %26amp; DVD by Mitsuyoshi Hayakawa.

That should get you started with some good resources. You will also need several friends, preferably who are in good shape physically to practice with. Buy some decent 16oz boxing gloves, some MMA gloves, some shinpads, a mouthpiece and a groin protector. Make sure you have a decent surface to practice on, wrestling mats or at least some kind of exercise mat. Keep safety in mind at all times and try to find other people with martial arts experience to come work out with you.

But mostly I recommend that you find a good MMA school instead.|||Don%26#039;t waste your time, you need a qualified instructor to teach you properly. I%26#039;m sure it%26#039;s not what you want to hear, but it%26#039;s the truth.||| but some of them are more stupid than the Youtube and Myspace ones. You need to find an instructor...sorry but learning it wrong vs. learning it correctly can mean victory or defeat.|||google it

youtube...dailymotion...mega video..muvee

i dno

otherwise you have to pay for real classes

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