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What Martial Arts are good for for self defense? Taekwondo?

I am considering learning Taekwondo, in part for self defense. Is it good for this? I know there are much better martial arts for self defense, but where I live Taekwondo is all that is offered. So if it good for self defense? Thanks.|||MMA is not a style, its a quota under which a niche group of styles are used (Karate, Sambo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing/Kick-boxing). So if you want to learn self defense with rules, go ahead to that.

However, if you want to learn to defend yourself in a non-sport way, certain martial arts can teach you effective methods. Some of them are: Krav Maga, Keysi Fighting Method, Close Quarters Combat system, Jeet Kune Do (provided you have a good and knowledgeable techer) and Wing Chun kung fu.

Traditional martial arts teach to excellent techniques and skills, but they lack the strategy to use them correctly. An example of this is usually evident in a quaint stance that is too wide and fighting with hands open too often. In order to learn effective self defense, first learn a good martial arts style, then study how to fight AFTER the fact. Surprisingly, there can be a difference between martial arts and effective fighting.

And all you taditional martial artists out there prepared to attack me, stand down! I am a traditionalist as well, I am just stating that in order to use the superior skills of a traditional martial art, you must learn to employ them through non traditional methods.|||MMA is best self defense, as normal fights will usually play out like MMA fights, not like martial art movie fights.

Most important thing is to practice taking people down and getting on top of them. If you can do that, there%26#039;s really not much they can do, and they%26#039;ll be dizzy and disoriented after a couple seconds.

I%26#039;m not sure if there%26#039;s a name for the take down and mount fighting style, but it%26#039;s definitely the most effective self defense. You should still practice stand up striking a bit. Strengthen up your legs so you can take people down easier. You could probably google up some info on the best techniques to ground and pound. Or watch some UFC fights with randy coture/ josh koscheck

They tend to do that a lot. There are many others but no names seem to come to mind (I haven%26#039;t watched any in a while)

If there are 2 or 3 guys, you better run. Real life is not like Walker, Texas Ranger. They don%26#039;t wait and come one at a time and wait for you to take each down. They all come at once. Unless they are significantly retarded or physically challenged people, you%26#039;re getting your *** kicked. Don%26#039;t wasteyour time on martial arts for show if you want self defense.|||TKD can be used for Self Defense and it has been proven to be good at it (otherwise the style would not have been around as long as it has) but if you join a school, gym, club whatever that does not teach it properly ( aka a McDojo) then it is better that you don%26#039;t learn it at all.

If TKD is the only style that is around then by all means have a look at the school and see what it is like. I used to do TKD and it prepared me quite well for when I started learning Muay Thai. But if it is the only school then take it and when other have opened up or you move then try looking at them.

Styles like Akido, Jap Jiu Jitsu and combat Tai Chi Chun (if you can find it) would be better for self defense then TKD. For those who say take MMA, that is all well and good but if you have read the question TKD is all that is being offered at the moment.

My advice is take TKD, learn how to use the kick that are taught and then when you can (if you have moved or whatever) branch out and learn something else like Judo, Muay Thai, BJJ, Sambo, (which might give you a better understanding of moves then MMA at the moment) Karate or some style of Kung Fu. TKD is a good style to learn but there are other styles that are out there that can provide more then TKD can in self defense.

Edit - Martin D - I think that you are talking about a single or double leg takedown at which point you can use a suplex and then transfer to a side mount or whatever.|||Any martial arts will help you with self defense as long as you apply yourself and want to learn. I%26#039;m taking Taekwondo and we learn self defense techniques and yes it is good. We learn how to block someone who is trying to attack us (becuase that is first we never attack a person only as a last defense) and if we need to we learn how to immobilize that person so they cannot fight back (grab their wrist or punch them etc) Good luck.|||There is a common misconception that TKD is just about sport sparring and has no self defense.

Most TKD schools will have classes that will rotate the following aspects of training:

1.) Cardio training, endurance, stretching, physical fitness

2.) Forms, known as Poomse, Hyung or Kata, these are pre-set patterns that simulate an attack from multiple directions. They help you develop some footwork and technique and concentration. The higher the belt you are, the higher the degree of difficulty for the form.

3.) Self Defense, as in, how to escape from various holds or bad positions

4.) Punching Defense, Also known as 1 step sparring, this is basically a set of trained reactions to a sucker punch.

5.) Sparring - this is usually done as sport or competition sparring for beginners. This is you, 1 on 1, against an opponent and is used to develop your speed and reaction and fitness. As you get more advanced, your sparring may simulate real situations instead of a sport competition.

So the answer is yes, TKD will help you learn self defense, and many other things too!


EDIT: To the 2 posts above me. Ground and pound the best form of defense? What if the guy has 2 or 3 friends around him? What if you are already in a hold? There are rules and padded mats in the cage, their are no rules, and no refs, and no padded mats on the street.

I%26#039;ve been at it for 22 years, and I have studied many styles. All of them have strengths and weaknesses, but all of them also have good aspects.

Check this:|||Any martial art can be, it all depends on how hard you worked at it and for how long you trained. TKD can be, if you trained as hard as you can all the time. Just like all martial arts.|||If you want to learn high kicks and stretch by all means do taekwondo.

If you want self defense consider finding - Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Jeet Kun do.

Taekwondo has rules - there are no rules in the streets. High kicks in the street work only if your opponent is drunk. If I wanted to learn self defense I wouldn%26#039;t learn taekwondo.

It will boost your self confidence though so there are some benefits :)|||TKD can be good just like any other martial art if you get a good instructor. Make sure the school teaches Hapkido self defense, which is a Korean self-defense that is the best and most realistic sefl-defense training you can get (yes it does include ground work).|||ATA is the best kind of karate i take it and i am a 3rd degree black belt ive been doing it since i was 4 it is the best kind you can take it teaches you how to be safe( self defense) and keeps you fit|||Okey dude, listen to me.I ve been a martial artist for 6 years.

Tae Kwon Do, will NOT help you AT ALL.You will get beat down so dont choose it.

I suggest:Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga, and generaly full contact sports.|||Taekwondo is a very good for self defense. I have been taking it for 9 years now and it also helps you with self discipline. So in my opinion, taekwondo is a good choice.|||TKD sucks! Do karate!

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