Monday, November 16, 2009

Is it ok for men to hit women in the private area out of self-defense also?

Not trying to offend any women here but I%26#039;m curious..

Since it is ok for women to hit men in the private area(groin) out of self-defense, is it ok for men to do the same? Is it ok for men to hit women in the private area out of self-defense also? Or would it consider %26quot;sexual assault?%26quot;|||Like Wendy says ---- Yes, if it%26#039;s necessary and the perceived level of threat warrants it. Kick away. If you feel that your life could be in danger, do what is necessary.

But I believe that striking a woman in the busters is a lot more effective than going for the vagina area. Women are different. (BTW, be sure to wear a kevlar codpiece to protect your balls.)

But, better still, it would be better if men and women didn%26#039;t fight at all.|||Try it|||If it is needed in self defense, although it wouldn%26#039;t have much effect.|||Why are you, and so many others on GWS fascinated by the idea of women kicking guys in the groin, and men hitting women in the privates?

It%26#039;s not okay for ANYONE to hit ANYONE in the privates!

Got it, now?|||Of course. If a woman attacks you, do whatever you can to stop her.|||Self defense, is self defense but, if you want to risk your chances and hit a woman in her private area? You%26#039;d better hope she%26#039;s not pregnant and pray that the result of your blow does not cause her to have a miscarriage.

As they say on Judge Judy, %26quot;don%26#039;t take matters in your own hand, you take them to court.%26quot; lol....|||The question is entirely too general to give an answer that will fit all situations.

In some instances, yes, a man must protect himself, just like any person. However, I have to reiterate that the circumstances dictate the answer.|||If his life is in danger and he%26#039;s being overpowered by her and is in danger of losing the battle and his life, then . . .

Wait a minute. This is a ridiculous question. He%26#039;s certainly justified in defending himself, but a swift kick to the groin will not disable a woman like it disables a man. If he does, will he then dance around and congratulate himself on his cleverness? Did you get this off one of your angrylittleboy blogs? A woman would use this last-ditch tactic to disable her attacker if her life were in danger, and run away.

It%26#039;s not the same thing.

And you ARE trying to offend people. You always try.|||lol guns...lovin the headgear. in self defense all is fair and i can tell you from experience it is maddeningly painful.|||It was depend on the situation if the women are to much and very nugger and never stop then i say Yes its Ok to hit it.

Or when men patients are full it was ok for me infact it was my experienced already.

I hit my Girl friend in the bathroom when we are having fun.|||actually guns..its not actually ok ...

but in self defense we do happen to remember in a moment of panic where to hit you to bring you down.

and this is rather helpful if the man happens to be much stronger than the women and is beating her..

when women do this in self defense it may just be a last ditch effort to save her own life..

and since men are actually stronger if he must defend himself most likely hitting a woman in the privates wouldnt even be neccessary really.

more than likely if a man hits a woman he is more than likely to knock her out and may even break her jaw..

but if a woman hits a man more than likely she probably wont knock him out...( unless she knows exactly where to hit and is strong enough) and most likely will just anger him. Thus we go back to that moment of panic that woman experiances and the reason she would most likely hit a man in the groin.

its just common sense.|||ya if they do it first, in self defense or to not be imbarrased and get them back....yes...though I would just sue her....but if you do hit her it%26#039;s justified and it hurts them just as much

I posted a video of a girl getting punched in the VAG and she was all kinds of hurting|||It%26#039;s all based on the context, just as it would be in the case where the man was hit. If it%26#039;s really meant for self defense, then it wouldn%26#039;t be considered sexual assault. However, due to the comparative lack of exposure of female genitalia, it would make little sense to use that as a defensive move.|||Which private area are you speaking of? I mean, if you slammed a car door on my boobs that would definitely hurt like hell. Then again, kicking me in the nether-region may be painful too. I think just demanding that I have a mammogram is bad enough. Would you like your pp squashed between two plexi-glass plates? I think not. Oh wait, self-defense. Dude. Don%26#039;t y%26#039;all just slap us? Why go for private parts?|||Yes, absolutely.|||Yes, if it%26#039;s necessary and the perceived level of threat warrants it. Kick away. If you feel that your life could be in danger, do what is necessary.

Ya know, it%26#039;s just really hard to take you seriously, much less be %26quot;offended,%26quot; when you sound like Tonto from The Lone Ranger...I can%26#039;t help but giggle.

EDIT-And poor Daniel B sounds he%26#039;s had a severe brain injury. Tsk, poor thing!|||I guess, if she%26#039;s assaulting you, but wtf would that do? You do realize the effect would not be the same as hitting a man in the privates? I don%26#039;t want to sound chauvinistic, but I really doubt too many men will have to resort to hitting women in their private areas out of self defense.|||The chances that a groin hit is the most effective way to stop a female attacker is pretty slim. Most men don%26#039;t use groin hits on each other in a real self defense fight, because an attacker is going to minimize that target without thinking about it.|||Get your a%26amp;%26amp; to the slammer.|||If shes tough enough to hit shes tough enough to get hit. Thats where I stand.|||It doesn%26#039;t hurt nearly as much for a woman to get hit there so it wouldn%26#039;t be as good a self-defense move as hitting her in the eyes.|||I hope so|||Sexual assault is where someone is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts. It can also include being exposed to sexual situations against a person%26#039;s will. Sexual assault can include rape, incest, indecent assault, child sexual assault and sexual molesting. Taking that indecent assault, which includes being kicked in the privates, yes it is sexual assault.|||If it%26#039;s really self defense, anything goes.|||the only time a woman should over power you is if you%26#039;re looking down the barrel of gun. then you%26#039;re probably screwed. so you shouldnt get into a posistion where the need to hit a girl. i personaly believe that you should never hit a girl. no matter what. maybe grab her by the arms or something if she%26#039;s hitting you or there%26#039;s violent behavior, but never hit. i view women with high respect even though i might comment on their looks and areas of their body but hey, i%26#039;m a guy.

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