Monday, November 16, 2009

What is the best self defense load for the .40 s&w round?

I just bought a Springfield XDm in 40 caliber, and I would like to know the best grain weight for self defense. Should I go with the light 135 grain, the middle 155 and 165 grain, or the heavier 180 and 200 grain bullets?|||any quality bullet in 165-185 should work if you do your part. doin your part if it comes to it requires 2 rounds to impact center mass of the target... and follow up if your threat is still threatning.

Two thing you want to see ... a bullet that expands and transfers energy... that screws up the nervous system and created systemic shock

The expanded bullet needs to retain its mass as it cuts the big hole deep enough into tissue so the hole stayes open and the assailant bleeds... without passing through the body.

i cannot stress that enough... shooting people is more about mindset that the equipment used. Mental awarness and a willingness to do what the situation requires without hesitation has made folks sucessful with %26quot;obsolete%26quot; handgun rounds like 158 grain 38 special for years now

200 grainers tend to over-penetrate...

Evan Marshall ( he hits early on goodle keyword searches) is still doing work regarding expansion comparisons for service bullets|||The heavier you go the more knock down. I would stick with the 180-200 in a hollow point.I know if my life is on the line i would want who im shooting at to feel the punch and get knocked down. The mid weight 155-165 wouldnt be too bad either. In reality they will all make a guy fall if you shot them but i want knock down. If its me thats what i would go for|||I have Cor-bon 135 gr + P in my 40 Browning High Power. I%26#039;ve always felt that the higher velocity of the lighter bullet=higher Kinetic energy.

Isaac newton told us that

E = Mass x Velocity(Squared) + gravitational constant.

Because velocity is a squared function, you get a much greater rise in energy for an increase in velocity.

But, hey! That%26#039;s me: a man of science.|||This was my service pistol for a few years. Heavy- but reliable.

A very good tested round is the Remington 165gr JHP. It has a 94% 1 shot stopping rating.

A near close round is the Federal Hydra-shok 180gr JHP with a 89% rating.

Jack|||The Winchester Brand 165 Grain SXT bullet; uniform expansion, excellent accuracy, reverse taper jacket design.* 1,130 Feet per sec muzzle velocity.*|||I stacker the rounds in my glock first round is a Glazer Safety slug second is Federal hollow points third is Federal ball|||Check out Corbon DPX in 155 Grain.

It%26#039;s a heat treated all copper hollow point.

These are what I carry in all my defensive guns.|||165 grain|||I keep 4 full clips of Federal Personal Protection packed at all times for my XD40.

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