Monday, November 16, 2009

Is it legal to carry a knife as self defense?

I know theres a rule of the size of a knife for self defense, but can any1 tell me about it, something happend tonight to my brothers girlfriend, someone was following her she had to run and call my bro to get her, what are the rules etc.?

thanks|||I%26#039;ve provided two links to Texas Law below. It must be less that 5.5 inches, single edged, folding, not a throwing knife, and not a switchblade or butterfly.

Now that I have given you the answer you sought, time for some very important commentary:

These other folks are very on the mark: Do not use a knife for self-defense! Use Pepper Spray, and buy a good brand too, or a taser if legal in your jurisdiction. Blades are offensive weapons, meant for killing or maiming, not stopping another person from attacking (that%26#039;s why cops do not fight with knives).

I have been stabbed during a robbery attempt, but it took me 10 full minutes to go down, and by then I%26#039;d already severely beaten my attacker unconscious with my fists. I never even felt the stab wound until I woke up in the hospital. If I%26#039;d been blinded and was coughing uncontrollably, I probably would have been screwed.|||Call your local police; they%26#039;ll get you squared away ASAP. You CANNOT rely on any information you get from this site. I mean, really, let%26#039;s say someone here tells you you can carry up to a 6%26quot; knife and it turns out that the law in your jurisdiction is really 4%26quot;; what%26#039;re ya gonna do - tell the arresting officer %26quot;Well, gee, officer, on YA they told me...%26quot;?!?|||A knife is mostly considered an offensive weapon and is a pretty lousy self-defense tool. She%26#039;d be better off, both practically and legally, carrying pepper spray or a tazer. At least if her attacker takes it away from her, he can%26#039;t kill her with it. But the best defense of all is for her not to walk around alone in the first place.|||You have to have a concealed weapons permit if it is over a certain length. Go to the police station and ask about it.|||It all depends where you are. Like in a school is illegal and im also sure in a bank.

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