Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is it legal to use a switch knife as self-defense in the state of washington, specifically seattle?

I carry my switch-blade only at night, particularly when I am walking home from school at 3 in the morning. Would I be in great trouble if I ever used it in self-defense? I dont mean using it against someone who wants to jack my ipod but rather in response to realy physical threat. Does seattle police enforce the no possession laws or do they excuse it? I%26#039;m not a hoodlum that would be involved in any type of crime; I just want the choice to use it when necessary. What do you think about carrying one around?|||switch blade is illegal and also in some states (such as Oregon) carrying a knife with a blade more than 3%26quot; is illegal regardless of the release mechanism.|||It is illegal to carry a switch blade on your person, or in your vehicle IN THE USA! It%26#039;s federal law. If you get stopped and searched, you will go to jail.

=|||You can use anything in a self defense action, including an illegal and unregistered gun...anywhere in the USA.

Protection of your life is paramount and it only has to be the impression that you are to be attacked, no actual attack needs to take place. First strike is legal....and preferred. Lethal force is preferred. No warning shots or wounding.

Best if they are cold afterwards.

Like Israel bombing Lebanon or USA killing suspects, you only have to think there may be a you feel lucky?

Shoot now and ask questions of the next of kin later. Tragic but true.|||its illegal to carry a knife with the blade larger than the palm of your hand, but in self defense, a regular legal knife can do alot of damage if you know how to use it right, but remember in self defense of what ever you use u must prove in court that you felt beyond a resonable doubt that deadly force was being used against you and you feared for you life.|||All switch-blades are illegal through out the US.

Heres a few tips regarding knives:

Avoid using spring blades (i.e. switchblades, stilettos) when knife fighting. They are inherently dangerous for the following reasons: (1) The internal spring can malfunction in a time of need; (2) The structural integrity of the knife is usually poor; (3) The hand grips are usually too thin and often slippery; (4) They look menacing and have a criminal stigma attached to them. Remember, if your knife fighting altercation is later taken to court, the jury will not look unfavorably at you even though you may have been justified in killing your adversary.|||It is illegal to carry a switchblade. Period.|||What makes you think you will be able to protect yourself with that blade.

Get training in self defense. It is also good exercise. Maybe they can teach you to use a gun responsibly. Without training don%26#039;t carry and don%26#039;t walk around without a co worker or someone else. Trust your instincts and use your common sense. Sounds like you need to be careful and take precautions. Be safe!|||Why cant you get a ride?

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