Saturday, November 14, 2009


I live in a quiet town. Recently, though, a man was trying to %26quot;abduct%26quot; girls while they were walking. Needless to say, I walk A LOT. And I%26#039;m worried because this happened only a couple streets away from me and I have to cross it to get to the other side of town....Yikes! So, my question would be what are some good and (semi)easy self defense moves that I could use on an attacker? Ideally, it would be something that I could do to make someone unable to use strength against me (temporarily paralyzed? Does that sound wrong?) and make them stay put while i got help, called someone, etc. etc., depending on the situation. Thanks!|||Know that if you decide to use self defense measures you need to be 100% committed to be willing to inflict pain. No halfway measures. If that is where you are, aim for the most vulnerable parts of the body. Stomp down HARD on the instep. Kick HARD into the groin. Use the palm of your hand and thrust it upward HARD into the nose. The key here is to do any of these moves with FORCE. The fact that you fight back at all will likely buy you a few seconds. If the move is effective, you will have a few more. Then RUN. Leave the area. Do NOT call, stop and look back or anything else, until you are safely out of range. And SCREAM all the way. LOUD and long. Yell FIRE, do not call for help. More people will respond to a call about fire.

P.S. All of this assumes the attacker is unarmed. If he is armed that changes things a LOT.|||The best self-defense move is not to look like an easy target by being alone. Try to walk with a friend or a big loyal protective dog, or stay near wel-lit and populated areas. Even skilled martial artists prefer to stay out of dangerous situations in the first place.|||I%26#039;d suggest getting some pepper spray, This won%26#039;t paralyze them, but it will sure stun them enough for you to defend yourself...

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