Monday, November 16, 2009

Which of these are good martial arts styles combinations for mma,street fight and self defense?

which and how many style should i take and combine in a mma and self defense training?muay thai,kyokushin,tkd,judo and bjj?|||A successful street fighter will usually rely less on submission and more on control and damage. Therefore, a competent stand up game utilizing either kick boxing or Thai boxing (or both preferably) is necessary. Also, in a street fight you will need to be able to take your opponent to the ground as well as defend a take down. Therefore, knowledge and training in wrestling or judo is advised. Once these basics have been accomplished, I would work on choking submissions (rear naked and guillotine) as they are the most effective in real life scenarios.|||There are many eclect Judo/karate/jujutsu styles out there from the 1950s and 60s.

Wado Ryu karate taught in Japan is a combination Karate/Jiu-jitsu style mixed martial art.

JUKADO invented by Bruce Tegner in 1950 is Judo, Karate, Aikido mixed martial art.

You want something that teaches striking, throwing, wrestling, and joint locks for self-defense. So you can chose any mixed martial art or study any three seperate styles.|||Muay thai, kyokushin, judo, and bjj all have a great reputation for being the combat arts that actually work. (I would throw sanda and sambo in there too, and I would consider wrestling a better TD art for self defense than judo).

All of these arts are about functionality over form (unlike TKD) and pride themselves on working against resisting opponents.

I would say choose one stand up art and one grappling art (the TD experience you gain in BJJ WILL be sufficient for self defense purposes). You can probably get away with just a grappling art, as you will be able to control the phase of combat better than a street assailant (you will be able to get it to the ground because you will know how and he will not).

However I would not suggest doing just a striking art as you will be screwed if ever tackled or knocked down. If anyone watched the Contender Asia, they witnessed that PRO MUAY THAI FIGHTERS when caught in an altercation with each other outside the ring, actually ended up in the ground phase of combat IMMEDIATELY.

As for mma the basic martial arts combo most guys study is: BJJ, Muay Thai, and wrestling.|||In all respect to Greg i do not see a 5%26quot; 100 lb person taking down a 6%26#039; 8%26quot; 300 lb person in any way shape or form if the bigger guy has any athletic training at all. not saying it%26#039;s not possible, but realize take downs are the weakest part of the BJJ arsenal. once it%26#039;s on the ground it is awesome, but getting there you would better be served doing judo.

See jswent were not that different. I can appriciate a quality Martial art for it%26#039;s strenghths. It%26#039;s just the poser%26#039;s I have aproblem with, even within my own style.|||mma, street fighting, and self defense are not the same. just because someone is good at fighting dosn%26#039;t mean mean they can defend their life against a common criminal with with a knife at their throat. for mma bjj and boxing. as for the street i think you need to find out for yourself. for self defense vee arnis jitsu, and krav maga . also check out|||visit %26quot;American Combat System%26quot; even thinking of doing free instructional step by step videos, until then read this link

Shameless advertising..............|||Any of them would be good for MMA and I would suggest muay thai for street fighting. As far as self defense goes I think the best is brazillian jiu jitsu because it teaches you to take a 6%26#039;8 300 lb guy down even if you are 5%26#039;0 100 lbs.|||For once I agree with Katana, BJJ is great once you are already on the ground, but unless you have some incredible wrestling or Judo you aren%26#039;t taking a 300lber anywhere.|||Tkd is better in that combination but if you want a real challenge try out the crane style

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