Monday, November 16, 2009

If I was being attacked and stabbed my attackers in self defense, would that be unlawful?

If I was being attacked by a gang of six, they were beating me I fell to the floor where I picked up a knife and on facing them trying to blow me in the head I waved the knife around which cut a number of them in the torso area, was this unlawful, say the knife had killed one of them, would I be liable for murder or manslaughter though my intentions were purely self defense?|||Likely, you could use the %26quot;defense of necessity%26quot; in any state, if you truly believed that your life was in danger.|||Kill all witness%26#039; (gang members). I have been a martial arts instructor for a few years and I was involved in a situation were my buddy had seven guys that surrounded him. He managed to beat one so bad the attacker later died in the hospital but the other six were beaten to a pulp with broken arms and legs. The other six sued him.

Pretty messed up right? They manage to lose in court only because I witnessed the whole thing (along with three other people), But imagine if he was all by himself and that same situation still applied?

Great all American society!|||Self defense is a legal justification. Justifications are like saying %26quot;yes I technically committed a crime but I shouldn%26#039;t be held legally responsible because of the situation.%26quot;

Self defense only works as a justification when the self defense is commensurate to the threat. For instance, if someone walked up to you and said %26quot;give me your wallet or I%26#039;ll punch you,%26quot; you can%26#039;t shoot him because your response was much greater than the threatened force.|||It does depend on the state you live in and whether it has a %26quot;Stand Your Ground%26quot; law or %26quot;Duty to Retreat%26quot;. You also have to prove that you feared your life was in danger, which is difficult to do without witnesses.|||depends on the state you live in, proof and all that..

have you ever heard of the burglar who broke in through this lady%26#039;s chimney injured himself and the lady got charged because it occurred on her property?

messed up|||You would be a hero in any state other than socialist California. There you would likely go to prison and have to pay for all the medical expenses of your attacker.|||In Oklahoma we have a Make My Day Law they would investigate but if found it was done in self defense you be let go.|||not if your life was in danger

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