Monday, November 16, 2009

What is the best self defense move if confronted? Is it the throat punch?

What do you think the best self defense move is if confronted...

Have you ever had to use it?|||my rape defense class at my college told us to go for his %26quot;parts%26quot; because that will subdue almost any guy, to stomp as hard as we can on the instep of their foot, to hit them in the throat, to try to poke them in the eye and to yell FIRE not help or rape because people are ten times more likely to call the police or try to help if they hear the word fire than a simple call for help

i have used the inner foot stomp before and it is quite effective. luckily i was able to get my mace out and he thought twice about going after someone who was armed. |||If you hit someone with a closed fist or the hard part on the palm of your hand on the side of your opponents neck. Put your hand or finger on the bottom of your ear lobe and go straight down until you get to the middle of your neck. That is the place where you want to hit someone HARD at.

Also if you hit their throat. It causes them to choke and possible black out.

Fingers in the eyes is a good defense move

and Of course if it%26#039;s a male if you can kick his %26#039;jewels%26#039;

But men have learned to protect that area really well so I would try the neck or throat punch first..|||A mans balls are his weakest spot but you have to make certain you can get in a good kick or knee. If you miss you could be in for trouble and won%26#039;t get a second chance. If you are close enough you can grab them and squeeze or slap them real hard, either way he will feel lots of pain and it%26#039;ll take the fight out of him if you get my drift. Then run! He won%26#039;t feel like chasing you. :)|||throat, eyes, knee caps. whichever one is wide open to attack.

i would never go for the balls. all men are not easily fazed by it.|||That could work...poking them in the eye could be pretty effective too. Theres so many...take a self defense class and theyll teach you a bunch of stuff.

Nope never had to use any self defense moves...yet.|||i have found great success in the %26quot;ball kick%26quot; if you get what i mean :)

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