Monday, November 16, 2009

In self defense, why must women always kick, knee, or even squeeze a guy where it hurts the most?

I believe it%26#039;s wrong for the weaker sex to target it, and it should never be taught in any self defense class !!!

It%26#039;s extremely humiliating to the male sex and could cause infertility !!!

It%26#039;s vicious and unfeminine for the female of the species to cause that kind of excruciating pain and temporary paralysis to a guy - especially when kicks to the shins, knees and insteps are just as effective !!!|||%26quot;Weaker sex?%26quot; Is that what you call females? Who%26#039;s the one in pain again?|||The only guys who will be kneed in the balls are the ones who deserve it. It would be best to make clear in a class to only use these techniques when necessary. Women are often repressed because they are often weaker, and they get abused, which is not fair. This technique is perfectly acceptable if it is necessary for their safety. And i think many will agree with me that ladylike manners are not required when your safety is violated. Kicks to the shins might be just as effective against some men, but if you are faced with an extremely strong man who is not affected by the other techniques, kicking a guy in the balls is best.|||If it is in genuine self defense then so be it. That is a legitimate target while defending yourself.

I am a man and strike that target when defending myself. And for smaller people it is an even better target.

When defending yourself they key is to cause your opponent as much pain as you can as quickly as possible and then get away from the attacker.

Severe pain saps the will of an attacker. And the quicker you inflict the pain the less harm you are likely to take.

On a male that spot tends to be the testicles as men tend to be taller making the eyes a tougher target.

On a woman the eyes and pubic area are also very tender. But kicking a woman in her pubic area if done improperly can result in a broken foot so I would suggest soft targets such as her breasts.|||Probably because they want to defend themselves!

Easy way to avoid it - don%26#039;t attack women and try to rape, kill or hurt them.

Self-defence means a serious life or death situation, who wouldn%26#039;t hurt their attacker to try and save themself?

I%26#039;m sure a man being attacked would also try to kick his attacker there.

Harriet|||If it%26#039;s in self defense, the guy deserves it. If it%26#039;s just being mean, punch them in the boob and see how they like it.

But it doesn%26#039;t cause excruciating pain or temporary paralysis. You just have to know how to block it out. It%26#039;s also a very easy spot to stop somebody from hitting.|||if they%26#039;re defending themselves, that means they%26#039;re using the force necessary to get away from their attacker. what are they supposed to do, stand there and get beat up? thats like someone saying okay, theres a door right there, im gonna punch you, you could escape or you could let me bruise you up. its kinda a no brainer...

i wouldnt go up to a guy and kick him in his spot just for the hell of it, but if a guy had a knife to my throat, hell yeah i would do it.|||Probably because they don%26#039;t know how to fight.

I only go for the groin if I need to because he%26#039;s overpowering me, which has hardly ever happened.

That said, I probably have been in quite a few more %26#039;street fights%26#039; than the average female.

If I hadn%26#039;t, I%26#039;d probably just go for the groin.

Self-defense sorta means they were hit first, so...the guy should%26#039;ve thought of that before hitting her, if he didn%26#039;t just get racked outta nowhere, he can%26#039;t complain.|||It%26#039;s our natural advantage!

When a rapist exposes his aroused penetrating weapon, he also has to expose his weakest and most vulnerable part - his balls !!

I was taught in my self defense class to kick, knee, or squeeze the life out of his nuts.|||Its self-defense. I%26#039;ll hit, kick, or even bite whatever the hell I have to to defend myself. If you don%26#039;t want to get kicked there, then don%26#039;t provoke a woman into feeling she needs to defend herself against you.|||It is the most effective way for a woman to defend herself from a male attacker. Don%26#039;t attack a woman and you wont have to worry about it.|||I%26#039;m 5%26#039;1, at a whopping 110 lbs.

any dude that comes after me is not looking for a fair fight, and you can be damn sure that i will not hold back for fear of being %26quot;vicious%26quot; or %26quot;unfeminine%26quot;|||All is fair in love %26amp; war. I don%26#039;t play nicey nice when %26#039;m defending myself. If you don%26#039;t want your johnson twisted like a pretzel or kneed in the nuts w/my high heels then doh..don%26#039;t attack me. Simple!|||Well, i guess causing pain %26quot;there%26quot; is more effective. Self defense like that should be used only when necessary (necessary is NOT to be abused)|||Because if you are attacking me, I supposed to go there because of the temporary paralysis. Don%26#039;t want to get kicked or punched there? Then don%26#039;t attack anyone!|||I would recommend TALKING to your dates before jumping on them like a horny goat. If you do that, your chances of getting kneed in the nuts will decrease dramatically.|||In self defense, why must women always kick, knee, or even squeeze a guy where it hurts the most?

In self defense...hurts the most?

You just answered your own question.|||I know high school is rough, dude, but your female friends will all outgrow their ridiculous anime phase that makes them think it%26#039;s %26quot;cute%26quot; to beat up on boys. Give it time.|||men can be vicious too

for example:|||Let me get this straight: you want me to be merciful when I defend myself against a ruthless assailant and choose an alternative for him?|||Because women are the weaker sex and have no other ways of defending herself.|||Don%26#039;t do the crime if you can%26#039;t deal with teh punishment. If you are causing someone to need to defend themselves then it%26#039;s your problem.|||Well, if you don%26#039;t plan on going out and attacking any women, you have nothing to worry about|||Well...

If u look at it that way...

Its the same thing as socking a girls boob...

I think it can cause breast cancer...

Either way both genders have a weak spot. :(|||Having trouble with ur G/F again, rocky ????|||Shins? Screw that...

A quick palm to nose, is likely to break it...and guaranteed to tear up the attackers eyes.|||why do u keep asking this question over n over again ?|||If your wife, daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend or significant other were being raped would you suggest she tap the rapist on the shoulder GENTLY and ask him to quit.

If the women in my life are attacked and have the opportunity they know how to best stop a man. And they have all been trained NOT to STOP as long as their attacker is able to do anything at all and that includes breathing.

Your recommendations are NOT as effective. Which of them will render an attacker unconscious in a matter of less than three seconds. Your nuts in a vice damn sure will. Grab hold, pull, squeeze, twist and don%26#039;t stop til he drops.

I%26#039;ll tell you something Rocky; if you decide to jump one of my daughters and she gets the upper hand for even a second humiliation will be the least of your problems.

In this corner, 6%26#039; 4%26quot; and 225 pounds of muscle. And in the other corner 5%26#039; 5%26quot; and 115 pounds. Now HITF is that supposed to be a fair fight??? IMO self defense is to the death and I hope it is the attacker and not my wife who dies.

BTW, if you kick me in the shins I will break every bone in your body. That is such a weak attack I wouldn%26#039;t suggest a rapist at 6%26#039; 4%26quot; should use it to control a 115 pound woman.

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