Saturday, November 14, 2009

Self defense?

k I%26#039;m a 23 y/o guy and my girlfriend is 21 y/o. She told me at her community college there was an attempted rape attack last week on the campus at 9 pm at night (she wasn%26#039;t there, but her friend who had a night class was). And also at the same campus last summer the same thing happened...I don%26#039;t if it was an attempted rape or just a man attacking a female student, but anyway it was at...get this... 1 (one) PM in the AFTERNOON by the math and science buildings. Right in front! Near some tree, picnic table, and candy machines. Summer time at community colleges are usually not crowded as not as many take summer classes.

Anyway me and her looked up some self defense classes taught as martial arts. She wants me to sign up w/ her and I%26#039;m all ready to do so.

Just wondering if some girls could inform they teach kicking/kneeing in the groin? And do the students do it to the other students (with a cup on of course)? Just wondering what to expect from this regarding my family jewels...|||I do not teach but you should a. ask your girlfriend or b.just come fully prepared|||For one thing, your g/f can call campus security for an escort after dark, or should walk to her car with classmates.

As for your jewels, while the knee/groin connection may be taught, they won%26#039;t use full force on willing participants. You%26#039;ll be fine.|||No one is going to actually kick you in the nuts. That is just silly and it is also battery.

But, really, if you want to learn how to defend yourself and she does as well, then take real martial arts classes at a local dojo/place if possible. Those Community college classes seem lame.|||honestly... the only way for a girl to protect herself from a guy is to kick in the balls. Men are just too strong and to all of you women out there about to give me a thumbs down, you need to wake up and get kicking a real mans *** aint happenin...

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