Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for a good quick way to learn self defense/close combat from home?

does anyone have a good FREE website that is a good learning tool for self defense/close combat techniques?|||I have three suggestions for you:

Try not to learn from home, you will not learn what you need.

IF YOU MUST, here are two resources; (find the 1001 submissions link, its a great book)

or go to the ; lots of videos there

|||1) Do not learn from Television, this includes any of the %26quot;real%26quot; fighting shows. UFC etc..etc..

2) it is extremely difficult to learn from home without a Sensei (teacher)

3) You can learn some BASIC self defense like arm locks or wrist locks, or even how to punch properly.

In terms of techniques, I wouldn%26#039;t advise learning this from home.

I am a martial arts instructor, I work at a dojo, its what I do. Even watching The master%26#039;s do a technique, without the understanding or principal, you could badly hurt yourself or others.

Its like any other skill, its best to learn from someone who knows.|||look up techniques on line and throw on some gloves and you and your friends kick the crap out of each other. I think this will help you defend your self from maybe 30% of the population. if you are for real about defending your self you have to take classes|||There are no quick ways, and unless you find an instructor that will go to your home, you can%26#039;t learn from home.

You can learn theory, that%26#039;s pretty much it.

good luck!|||1. Watch the UFC

2. Read about and get books on Amazon.

3. Look for videos of basics on utube.

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