Monday, November 16, 2009

If multiple women are attacking a man, is it ok for him to hit them in self defense?

If multiple women are attacking a man and are trying to seriously injure him (hitting him in the face, going for his private area, etc) is it ok for him to punch them in the face in self defense? If you saw a man punch the attacking women the face, would you step in, and if so, would you help the man, or would you help the women? If the cops came, would you tell the truth and say that the women attacked the man, or would you say that the man attacked the women first, so he gets in trouble?|||a woman could hit a man only in situation where she is protecting herself...|||i always support the weak and the underdog. in this case, i would help the man get out of their clutches.|||All those women could kill him. I dont see why he shouldn%26#039;t defend himself...especially if it wasn%26#039;t much provoked...I would support neither, but break it up if I could....which as I think of it would probably drag me in on his;d be good at that point for both of us to run.|||Yup, because if it was in Self Defence then its allright.|||No, no hitting back.

Use a gun/knife instead....|||no. a man must die before hitting a woman. unless she is unattractive|||Legally, you%26#039;re allowed to do anything in self defence.|||Even if it was one why wouldn%26#039;t he?|||Even if only one woman is attacking a man he should hit her back. Progress the cause of equal rights I ay!

In response to whoever it was up there that saud legally you%26#039;re allowed to do anything in self defense - you can%26#039;t. You%26#039;re only allowed to do enough to ensure your own safety. In some places this means that you%26#039;re not even allowed to hit them if you can escape, but even where %26#039;stand your ground%26#039; legislation is in place, if you pull a gun or something and they back off, you aren%26#039;t allowed to shoot them unless they actually pose a threat.|||Equal rights.|||In self defense...yes.|||It%26#039;s absolutely ok to fight back in self defense.

Would I help? Yes. I don%26#039;t believe that mob vengence is acceptable. Once things calm down, the police can sort things out.|||yes|||There has to be a limit to everything. If the guy did not deserve to be attacked in such a manner then he has all the right in the world to self defense. I would try to run from them, but that is just me. If he tries to defend himself and the police came, I would certainly testify the truth, he was being attacked by multiple %26#039;female individuals.%26#039;|||If any woman tries to hit me, I will hit her back. I will not let some whore try to put her dirty claws on me.|||Well it is essential that we know what the mank did to get attacked by all those women. I mean if he was a rapist then he got what he deserved. Facts are necessary before we can pass any real judgment on this issue.

However, if the women are some sort og gangsters than yeah, he shud defend hiself.

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